AK 49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Vision Seeds Review

Take no chances - arm yourself with AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Vision Seeds!

 AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds bring extreme power to the fully autoflowering world with 20% THC ratings, rapid speed & very generous yields. AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds finishes in just 9 weeks from seed - no matter what!

AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds  is a real killer that delivers top-rated power on schedule without any hassle. These fully autoflowering marijuana seeds fire on cue in just 9 weeks with up to 20% THC and 50 gr/seed. With this kind of performance, why choose anything but Vision Seeds AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds?

AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds must sacrifice something to gain speed & maintain power? Not this weed seed! The smell is just as spicy fresh or cured, the resin is still extra thick & the energy just keeps on going.

AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a definite must-buy!

If you enjoy the ride almost as much as the flight, slow it down a little with Vision Seeds AK-49, the photoperiod version of this fine weed seed. It has the same power rating, but you control the start. The end is a very mellow 84 days - plenty of time to contemplate the meaning of life or whatever else makes you tick.

So why not try AK-49 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Vision Seeds and buy yours directly with us Cannabis Seeds Store!