AK 49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds By Vision Seeds Review

If you love original Vision Seeds AK-47, get ready for Vision Seeds AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is super-potent feminized seed reaches all the way to 20% THC for full-bodied Sativa effects that'll permanently unglue your ass from the couch. Never try extra-strong AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds during the day unless you're extremely tolerant. AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a killer!

Consider yourself warned! Vision Seeds AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is strong enough to deep-fry your brain! This is hardcore stuff and goes way past Vision Seeds AK-47 potency levels to a full 20% THC for lasting highs that'll turn you into the energizer bunny. AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a real killer, but what a way to go!

AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds are a rock-solid, Sativa-dominant mix of Columbian, Thai, Mexican & Afghani genetics with outstanding quality & compact, dense nuggs coated in a thick layer of hairs & resin. AK-49 Feminised Cannabis Seeds smell spicy & taste surprisingly sweet. These cannabis seeds take 84 days to finish, but good things definitely come to those who wait!

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