Award winning CBD dominant cannabis seed bank

In 2014, the founders of Medical Marijuana Genetics first learnt of the therapeutic properties of the cannabis plant whilst desperately treating the symptoms of one of their mother’s late stage pancreatic cancer.

Not long after her first dose of cannabis oil, she was able to move around relatively pain free, enabling her to tend to her beloved garden, in the weeks leading up to her death. The benefit that the cannabis oil had given her was clearly visible to those around her and awoke a passion and deep interest in the use of cannabis as a medicine.

Candida Green was battling late stage pancreatic cancer. Hours after her first dose of cannabis oil her pain was greatly reduced and in the following weeks her quality of life dramatically improved.

Shortly after, the informational website was born and subsequently, a concept to create cannabis strains with the most beneficial therapeutic effects; whilst at the same time raising awareness as to their potential. Through the organisation’s interaction with patients and cannabis communities worldwide, it quickly became apparent that access to cannabis genetics high in cannabinoids other than THC was severely limited.

As a result of this, Medical Marijuana Genetics was formed with award winning breeders and caregivers from the Basque region of Spain, with the initial aim of creating a line of CBD dominant cannabis strains. Using genetics from Cannatonic, Jaunita Lagrimosa and the well-known AC/DC, Medical Marijuana Genetics successfully created Candida (CD-1), named after the founder’s mother and meaning ‘bright light’ in Latin.

Early laboratory tests of this strain showed very promising results and helped maintain a strong passion in the project. And although Medical Marijuana Genetics have not yet stabilised this strain it shows some consistency in its CBD:THC ratio as well as out-performing any similar strains. To this date, Medical Marijuana Genetics have had results ranging from 20.65% CBD with 0.7% THC to 10.65% CBD to 0.39% THC.

These percentages represent the highest known consistent ratios in a CBD-rich seed strain ever created in Europe.

Following the overwhelming success of their first strain, Medical Marijuana Genetics created a further 12 elite strains using Candida as a parent. For their launch, Medical Marijuana Genetics have selected their favourite four of these to release alongside their flagship Candida strain.

Fewer Strains, Higher Quality

Green Doctor - A cross of CBD-dominant Candida and a famous Haze strain, Green Doctor harnesses the incredible medical properties and award-winning cerebral effects of both respective parents.
Nightingale - An indica dominant strain with beautiful red and purple flowers, Nightingale is an incredible CBD-dominant strain, bred from a cross of Candida and the legendary Shiskaberry.
Hiydrow - A hybrid 2:1 cannabis strain, Hiydrow has been bred from Candida and Girl Scout Cookies and has the ability to help with a number of medical conditions.
Txaki - Txaki is bred from a cross of CBD-dominant Candida and a rare Mexican sativa, Tijuana, a cut that is exceedingly popular with connoisseurs of the cannabis plant.

These have been selected to provide access (within lawful jurisdiction) to the widest range of therapeutics that the cannabis plant, and CBD in particular, has to offer. Research continues at Medical Marijuana Genetics to create strains that contain beneficial amounts of CBD as well as other cannabinoids and terpenoids.

Medical Marijuana Genetics are one of a growing number of seedbanks that encourage customers, who are legally permitted to grow, to publish laboratory results of the cannabis they have produced, and to provide detailed feedback of cultivation and medical results.

In 2017 three of MM Genetics strains were recognised at Spannabis. The awards included a gold for the best CBD strain and both silver and bronze for Indica strains. 

Medical Marijuana Genetics seeds are available to purchase in 3, 5 and 10 Seed Pack at