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Top Indica Cannabis Seeds 

The number one question when picking cannabis seeds is Indica or Sativa. Indica Cannabis Seeds strains are known for deep relaxation of your entire body, a fantastic pain reliver and very calming for anyone who struggles with stress.  

If you are looking for a fire Indica strain, then I have the top Indica Cannabis Seeds strains available from us at Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Indica Cannabis Seeds strains tend to have elevated levels of THC and are very potent so here you can check out these amazing cannabis seeds we have to offer.  

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2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Cannabis Seeds by Heavyweight Seeds. 

At Cannabis Seeds Store Heavyweight 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Cannabis Seeds is a bestselling weed seed. The Heavyweight team had a task here how to improve on the best auto flowering strain available anywhere now Fast and Vast. 
Taking great care not to lose any quality at the expense of yield they took a beautiful example of a Northern Lights auto and crossed it with the Fast and Vast Cannabis Seeds. 
Although the huge yield of fast and vast Cannabis Seeds has been retained the addition of the heralded Northern Lights genes have produced a mouth-watering masterpiece.  

The entire plant is covered with resin, even the stem and branches, the smoke is pure with a fruity edge, the effect is a beautiful high (with giggles) and then a deep relaxed stone, giving the effect that is so hard to find, yet so sought after. 
Well, here it is at last, it is the finest auto they have ever produced, making even the most dubious critics of autos think again. 

Here are some great reviews on 2 Fast 2 Vast Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

This is my second grow first time using auto flowering strains! I decided to go with heavyweight fast and vast! I have 8 seedlings in 18ltr pots I have 2x 1.2x1.2x2.0 grow tents with 600w hps light in each tent! And 2x 4'' extraction fans with carbon filters! I am using the whole plant magic range from the plant magic soil supreme and I am the soil grows and soil bloom! My lighting schedule is 18/6 my temperatures are quite high during the days, So I run the lights at night I did start off with 10 seeds and the rest are looking good! I cannot wait to see these baby's shoot up.

Blue Gelato 41 Cannabis Seeds by Barneys Farm.  

Blue Gelato 41 Cannabis Seeds is a wonderful Indica-dominant hybrid of Blueberry, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. The plant reaches a high size in 63-70 days and produces fat resin buds that are blue or purple in colour. Producers of extracts will like it.  

The Cannabis Seeds yield reaches up to 700 g / m2. Outdoors the plant can reach 2 meters in height. Blue Gelato 41 Cannabis Seeds is easy to grow and resistant to moisture and mould. The strain has a piquant earthy, citrus, and sweet flavour.  

When Smoking, there is a feeling of euphoria and happiness. Brings a clear energetic effect. 

Here are some great reviews on Blue Gelato 41 Cannabis Seeds. 

Blue gelato is top end smoke, the high from it is incredibly strong, smells of dank and then smells of memories of Amsterdam when being smoked, will grow again. 

Blue Gelato 41 is an amazing plant, I got the pleasure to grow this wonderful plant. 
Very beautiful plant, you can see incredibly beautiful purple blue colours. 
Structure like Indica, but I was incredibly surprised that the effect is a perfect 50/50 hybrid. 
Blue Gelato 41 have a compact like a stone frosty bud. 
The smell not so strong, you do not need a filter. 
The smell very amazing smells like berries, cookies, and orange liqueur. 

Smoke: Blue Gelato 41 looks prettier than any real gelato tastes. It is so beautiful; I was hesitant to put her through the grinder. 
Blue Gelato 41 has a smooth, superb, sweet, flavour like a weed flavoured ice cream 
Blue Gelato 41 extraordinarily strong strain 20% THC exactly, sure you need to be careful. 
This is the strain you MEDITATE on! euphoric medication that will fix everything and enhance anything. It brings a floaty, dreamy bliss that I find conducive to meditation. 


Critical +2.0 Cannabis Seeds by Dinafem Seeds. 

Critical+ 2.0 Cannabis Seeds is an Indica dominant improved, moisture-resistant strain based on Critical+. 

 The Cannabis Seeds plant can be grown in temperate climates and adverse environmental conditions due to its resistance to moisture and plague. 

 It produces large yields of dense smelly buds in 45-50 days. These yields can reach 700 g / m2. This is an undeniable advantage for commercial manufacturers. 

 The variety has a strong smell, so you will need filters. The leaves are light green in colour. Outdoors, the strain can reach 2.5 m in height. 

Critical+ 2.0 Cannabis Seeds has a fresh lemon and pine aroma and taste. The effect gives a feeling of happiness and euphoria, and then relaxation. This strain will help you cope with stress, but it will not knock you out. 

Reviews of Critical +2.0 Cannabis Seeds. 

Critical + 2.0 Cannabis Seeds is an unstoppable beast!! During mainlining she grew fast like a train; it is an easy grow for all kind of growers! 

The buds at the top are dense but hybrid style the buds where the light did not reach that easy are very fluffy not that dense smoke it is very enjoyable it is for daytime or any occasion in the beginning you feel like sativa high as weird as it sounds and after 23 minutes or more Indica hits you but not overwhelming is a genuinely nice smoke. Ideal to have her family or friends and they can be used for day and night very enjoyable smoke with a fruity spicy flavour and a hint of skunk great genetics from dinafem. 
Taste 10 out of 10 
Aroma 10 out of 10 
High 10 out of 10. Day or Night. strong THC. 
Yield 10 out of 10. 

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds by Original Sensible Seeds. 

With colossal potency levels of over 22% THC and incredible flavours It is no wonder Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds is one of the most popular varieties of marijuana available on the planet today.  

OG Kush and Poison Durban Cannabis Seeds combine to create this dominant Indica plant which obligatorily has compact resinous buds' structure of tinted purple leaves. 

Whether grown indoor or outdoor fits so easily that even the novice grower will achieve remarkable results.  

And you will not have to wait long either indoors it will be finished after 70 days of flowering while outdoors you will reap this powerful head stash in early October. 

what an abundant harvest she will bring 500 gr m2 interior and exterior 700 gr per plant. With a spicy, fruity flavour the Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds effect is well-balanced, starting with a high enthusiast who will evolve into a vaporous drowsiness of pure relaxation and well-being.  

Pain and depression will quickly dissolve away and those suffering from nausea and eating disorders will also discover the benefits of GSC Cannabis Seeds. Not only is always this Cannabis Seeds strain one of the hottest but also, as the name implies, she is also one of the sweetest. 

Reviews on Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds. 

Nice smoke and easy to grow, Overall happy with the results. 

No Curing for this bud as its simply not viable Instead I will smoke it all Today. I have already had two bongs and yep, it is good. 

Incredible Bulk Cannabis Seeds by Dr Krippling.  

Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this Cannabis Seeds plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower before it is 2 feet tall, or else it can be difficult to maintain indoors.  

Almost impossible to hurt this Cannabis Seeds plant – Incredible Bulk can take a massive range of nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement.  

This Cannabis Seeds plant mutates and adapts to its environment - one perfectly grown; the big plant can produce up to the same yield of twenty plants of normal size. Boxing-glove sized buds are to be expected on perfect large plants grown in Hydroponics. 

Reviews of Incredible Bulk Cannabis Seeds. 

Really easy, took a beating and had a few issues with having to move them but they bounced right back. 
Would recommend to new growers but can see the full potential for someone who has more experience. 
Massive yielding. 

Great smoke though. Really stinky, you feel nice and strong buzz. Harvested while was 50 milky 50 clear. Had some amber but only from damage while touching. Nugs are nice and dense, defoliation helped with trimming Aswell. I imagine this strain is for result and it will deliver for the man who knows what he is doing. 

Extraordinarily strong night stuff with a nice sweet citrus smell to it. Really does bulk out very nicely. Would love to try this again in a bigger grow and see its full potential. 

Original Grand Daddy Purp Regular Cannabis Seeds by Grand Daddy Purp. 

Original Grand Daddy Purp  Cannabis Seeds is a unique medical cannabis strain. This is an Indica Cannabis Seeds dominant strain with extremely dense and puffy buds and unbelievable potency.  

The Cannabis Seeds plant develops beautiful buds with unreal colours and incredible flavours.  

It demonstrates amazing purple colours and light neon green hues. The shiny coat of crystal makes this plant more attractive. 
Grand Daddy Purp Cannabis Seeds has excellent medicinal properties. It is a great remedy for appetite stimulation, pain relieving, insomnia, nausea, and migraines. 

Reviews of Original Grand Daddy Purp Cannabis Seeds 

This was an easy phenotype to grow. Likes ph. a little lower. I kept it at 5.5. 15 degrees lower at night. Harvested when the trichomes were cloudy and few ambers. I like to even it off with a little head high with the natural body high this Indica's terpenes provide. Turned out great. Hung dried for 11 days at 50% humidity and 62F. Read that temps above 68F start to destroy terpenes. Happy with the results. 

That is my top Indica Cannabis Seeds which are all available to buy at Cannabis Seeds Store straight away! So, head over to our seeds store now and purchase your Cannabis seeds at the cheapest price on the net! 

Thank you for reading.