Tips to Help You Grow Old Cannabis Seeds | Cannabis Seeds Store

Do you have old cannabis seeds that you are uncertain what to do with? Or are you wanting to purchase cannabis seeds but aren’t sure how to grow them if they’re order? There is a simple way to go about this – germinate these seeds to grow new plants. It can seem overwhelming at first, and you may be impatient as you wait to see if they will sprout. Of course, the process is made easier if the seeds were stored properly in a refrigerator.

Getting started with the germination of old seeds may be frustrating for many people. There is a hard shell covering the seed that will not allow water to permeate at first, so it can seem as though nothing is going to happen with the seeds. However, they will swell and break open to begin the process of growing. If you take your time and follow these top 5 tips for germinating old seeds, you are sure to experience great success.

Acid Mixed with Water Is Key

Take about 33 oz. of water, and use it to dilute about one teaspoon of Fulvic acid. This is the mixture that you will place your seeds in.

It is recommended that you soak the seeds in a paper towel that has water or some mixture such as the one above, if you have seeds that are at least 3 years old. This is especially the case if you have seeds that are dry and losing their germination power. Newer seeds have cells that contain adequate water already, so they can bloat and begin to rot before germination can occur. With older seeds, there is less water in the cells so they can handle soaking in water longer without risk of this happening.

If you decide to go the paper towel route, wet 2 of them and place the seeds in between. Spray some water on them daily for 3 or 4 days. At this time, they should be starting to sprout.

Sand Paper Helps

You should take sand paper and scuff the seed’s outer shells. Place the piece of sand paper down, then shake the cannabis seeds over it. They will develop some micro abrasions, which in turn will allow them to let in more water.

An alternate way to help break down the shell is to soak the seeds in a 3 percent solution of hydrogen peroxide for about 10-20 minutes. This actually should dissolve the shell, making it an excellent solution if you want to get started fast.

Carbonated Water

One option that you can use instead of the regular water, is to put the seeds into some lightly carbonated water. The Co2 in it will make it possible for the water to penetrate the seed easier.

Seed Booster/Enzyme

A light enzyme or seed booster can be beneficial when dealing with seeds that need some extra help with germinating. It accelerates the germ cycle of the seed for a greater rate of success by restoring the germination capacity of the seeds. Some seed boosters even protect against fungi and bacteria.

How to Use the Seed Booster

Shake the booster well before you use it. Place 7 drops into a litre of water. You may do this in every water supply for the seeds until they are ready for the growth phase.