Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds

Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds is famous in the cannabis world for producing one of the best hashish from Pakistan.

  • The Pakistan Chitral Regular cannabis plant is an excellent pure Indica, which began to be cultivated in the Iberian Peninsula in the mid 90s
  • Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds has been selected and grown for over 5 generations while seeking the best hash plant expressions and maintaining a broad genetic diversity in the population
  • Pakistan Chitral Regular cannabis plant is an explosion of colours, flavours and aromas, with two main phenotypes, one green and the the other very colourful
  • Both types produce cannabis plants with an excellent adaptability, rapid maturation and high resin productions with a relaxed and potent hash plant effect
  • The "green" phenotype may produce plants that are a bit more potent and resinous, while the colourful plants are a true spectacle because of its berry fruit aromas and its pinks, reds, and purples that it takes on when ripe
  •  Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular cannabis plant is an Indica, resistant to fungus and rain
  • Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds terpenes, colours and resin production and resistance and adaptability to different types of crops, are easily passed on to their hybrid

Pakistan Chitral Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds | Cannabiogen Seeds

  • BREEDER Cannabiogen
  • GENETICS Pure indica from Chitral, Hindu Kush, Pakistan
  • VARIETY Indica
  • FLOWERING TYPE Photoperiod
  • SEX Regular
  • YIELD Medium
  • GROWS Indoors, Outdoors
  • FLOWERING TIME 8 - 9 weeks
  • TASTE / FLAVOUR Berry, Strawberry
  • EFFECT Relaxing

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