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 Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminised cannabis seed,is the most Sativa Auto flowering strain.

  • Critical Neville Haze Feminised cannabis plant produces a sweet metallic taste that will blow all of your senses and a resin production higher than most other Auto strains
  • It’s a cross between a World of Seeds Neville Haze Auto and Il Diavolo Auto
  • 90% Sativa dominant with a very special 10% Indica twist from the Il Diavolo which shortens the flowering stage of the Neville Haze Auto, cutting the total life cycle and making the height more suitable for indoor growing
  • This Feminised Auto cannabis plant will grow 4 weeks after germination and flower during 70 to 75 days more when it'll be ready for harvest and give you a unique pleasure
  • The taste is the same as Neville Haze but with a hint of Critical that characterises the normal Feminised version
  • The bud and trichome production levels from this Feminised cannabis plant are very high for an Autoflowering strain


Critical Neville Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Delicious Seeds

  • Lineage: Critical Bilbo Auto x Neville Haze Auto
  • Grow method: Indoors/ outdoors      
  • Flowering time indoors: 70 to 75 days
  • Flowering time outdoors: Auto (70 to 75 days)
  • Yield: 600g/m2 indoors, 2500g per plant indoors
  • Taste: Metallic, sweet
  • Effects: Euphoric
  • THC: 21%

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