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Lemon AK-47 Auto is a Fast Buds take on an all-time classic. The original AK-47 strain was created in Holland in 1992 by combining landrace genetics from Mexico, Columbia, Thailand, and Afghanistan. This Sativa-dominant hybrid came to the US just in time for the Cali Medical Cannabis boom and quickly became a staple strain in dispensaries up and down the west coast thanks to its high THC levels.

Fast Buds' version of this legendary strain adds a touch of lemon flavour to the earthy flavour of the original along with our Autoflower magic. Fast Buds Lemon AK-47 strain packs in all the stimulation and euphoria you'd expect from a Sativa landrace cross with an unforgettable taste.

Lemon AK-47 seeds explode out of the ground, perhaps a bit too eagerly. During early growth, foliage can grow faster than the stem can support it. You'll want to provide a support stake in the first week to prevent it from collapsing under its own weight. If growing outdoor, you'll also want to shield it from the elements.

A massive rainstorm can destroy a plant during its fragile first week. Stem growth catches up in the second week, but the plants produced by these Lemon AK-47 seeds remain top-heavy throughout, creating massive, lemon-scented colas.

Indoor growers will find that Fast Buds Lemon AK-47 strain will soak up as much light as you can give it and responds well to intense light cycles of 20 hours or more.

Growth finishes around week nine, and the result is a citrus-scented Christmas tree, giving you a Lemon AK-47 yield of 300 grams proving the value of its old-school genetics.


Seed Type: Autoflowering

Gender: Feminised
Grow Room:  Indoor or Outdoor
Genes: Mostly Sativa
Genetics: AK-47 Autoflowering
Flowering: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: XL
Height: 70-100 cm
THC: Very High
Taste: Citrus

Lemon AK-47 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds Review

The lemon notes of Fast Buds Lemon AK-47 cannabis strain come from a little terpene called limonene.
You'll find this flavourful miracle in other Fast Buds strains like Blue Dream'Matic and in addition to taste, it adds a light, relaxing, anti-anxiety, effect that take the edge off what would otherwise be an over stimulating Sativa with little CBD.
One of Fast Buds most energetic strains, Lemon AK-47 provides an uplifting, yet balanced experience. Lemon AK-47's is a fantastic daytime cannabis strain that will have you jumping off the couch with energy.

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