Critical+ Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice
Growers Choice Critical+ Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds are an Indica dominant strain combining to create a herbal, spicy flavour - super critical. Genetics: Critical Sex: Auto Feminised Type: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica THC Levels: 14 – 16% CBD Levels: Medium Indoor Yield: 30 - 40 gr/plant Indoor Flowering Time: 10 Weeks Height: 40 - 70 cm
Critical+ Auto Feminised is a new generation and is more productive and faster than earlier ones, therefore, you will be able to harvest a few days earlier. The most interesting feature of Critical+ Auto Feminised is without a doubt the intense aroma and taste that it produces. The effect of Critical+ Auto Feminised is really intense from start to finish and a real pleasure to smoke, leaving a great after taste. Critical+ Auto Feminised has a lot of side branching with a short internodal distance which improves production.
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