8 Miles High Regular Cannabis Seeds

8 Miles High Regular Cannabis Seeds is a fragrant, uplifting Sativa that delivers quality harvests indoor & outdoor.

  • This Regular cannabis plant has proven to be very reliable under various environmental stress factors such as abrupt changes in light and temperature and can be moved from indoor and planted out with no adverse effects
  • 8 Miles High Regular cannabis plant is easy to grow and has no special requirements
  • The Indica type females have minimum branching, medium tall growth, and are excellent for small spaces or cultivation in close rows
  • 8 Miles High cannabis plant has a great calyx to leaf ratio and slim leaves that make trimming the buds a quick job
  • 8 Miles High Regular Cannabis Seeds During flowering a slight brush against the plants releases a wonderful sweetness with an earthy undertone,this delicate aroma is followed by the more dominant piney freshness
  • The smoke delivered from this Regular cannabis plant has a fresh minty taste and lingering sweetness to it
  • 8 Miles High Regular Cannabis Seeds lifts off straight to the head and triggers a lot of cerebral activity with flashes of insights and long episodes of trippy visuals when you close your eyes and switch to auto pilot
  • 8 Miles High Regular Cannabis Seeds Medical use:Good potential against lethargy & depression, stimulates appetite

8 Miles High Regular Cannabis Seeds | Mandala Seeds

  • Flowering time outdoor:1st week Oct. (south), mid October (north)

  • Flowering time indoor:60-65 days

  • Recommended light intensity:400-600W HPS/m2

  • Yield (dry weight):400-450 gr/m2; 800-1000 gr. per plant outdoor in the ground

  • Plant Height:medium

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