Congo Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds

Congo Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds.

  • Type: 70% Sativa, 30% Indica
  • Genetics: F1 Hybrid (Bangi Congo X Congo #3 X Pakistan Chitral Kush)
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
  • Harvest Time: 2nd/3rd Week October
  • Yield: Average-High
  • Resistance Against Spider Mites: Average-High
  • Resistance Against Mildew: Average-High
  • Resistance Against Botrytis: High
  • Resistance Against Cold: Average-High
  • Aroma: Flower Petals, Wild Strawberry
  • Effects: Positive, Energetic, Creative, Active
  • THC Content: 15-20%
  • CBD Content: <1%

Congo Regular Cannabis Seeds | Ace Seeds.

The hybrid Bangi Congo Regular, a rare African landrace on the brink of extinction, has been expertly combined with the fast-flowering and compact Congo #3 strain, known for its delicious taste and energizing high. To reduce its height and final flowering period, a touch of Chitral Indica has been added.

Congo is a pure Sativa strain that delivers a sociable and uplifting effect when smoked. Although it is quite potent, it is still suitable for less experienced smokers. Unlike other Sativa strains, Congo's high is not overwhelming and can provide inspiration without a strong psychotic hit. Additionally, Congo is beneficial for stress relief and has a pleasant taste with fruity and spicy notes.

For DJs, artists, and designers struggling with creative blocks, Congo can unlock new levels of creativity. It is also effective in boosting mood and appetite, making it the perfect strain to enjoy with snacks nearby. It is recommended to smoke Congo during the day as it may cause sleeplessness at night. With a lineage that is predominantly South African, Congo has a tall and slender structure, reaching up to 150cm in height, with loose and spiraling colas.

The leaves are wide and thin, allowing for light to reach the lower branches. However, it is not an easy strain to grow and requires patience and skill to be successful. Topping may help control its height, but it may take some practice to perfect.

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