Cannabis Seeds Store and Trustpilot

In January 2021, Cannabis Seeds Store created a profile on Trustpilot as we believe this is a great way to make sure our customers have a voice, and a place to speak freely about their genuine experiences with Cannabis Seeds Store.

Up until November 2021 we had reached 52 Reviews, 90% of them being excellent.

The image below shows our profile on the 25th November 2021:

Cannabis Seed Store and Trustpilot

On the 25th November 2021, we received an email from Trustpilot stating:

Removal of from Trustpilot

At Trustpilot, we are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. That commitment means that we only work with businesses that align with our values and core beliefs, as set out in our Code of Ethics and reinforced by our commitment not to do business with companies we consider to be a “Bad Fit” for Trustpilot.

A bad-fit business can cause or create harm and doesn’t share our value and core beliefs — please see our Action We Take policy for a list of the types of businesses we consider to be a bad fit.

We’ve assessed that is a bad-fit business that we simply don’t want on Trustpilot. Therefore, it has been removed.

Our policy has changed over time and we do intend to remove all companies selling cannabis seeds from our platform although it is a painstaking process that obviously takes time.

Best regards

Trustpilot Content Integrity Team

We asked Trustpilot to explain specifically what we have done to make us a bad fit after 3 years, no response was given.

Below are the types of businesses that Trustpilot would consider to be bad-fits:

  • Aid businesses or individuals to manipulate news, reviews, documents and results;
  • Promote hatred, violence, terrorism, xenophobia or any form of discrimination against any individual or group;
  • Offer illegal products and services; illegal drugs, prescription drugs sold on the illegal market;
  • Provide or facilitate the provision of escort services, mail-order brides, prostitution or any form of forced labour or human trafficking;
  • Offer or produce any sexual abuse or explicit imagery, and any material that presents children or animals in a sexual or illegal manner;
  • Organize illegal animal fights or sell products made with endangered animal parts
  • Facilitate criminal activities of any sort, including those carried out by means of computers or the Internet;
  • Are engaged in financial scams such as pyramid schemes, credit card fraud, mortgage scams; or, otherwise operate illegally; for example, selling fake or unsafe goods and services, or generally mis-sell.

We firmly believe that selling cannabis seeds, which is 100% legal in the UK, does not fall into any of the above categories.

If you have any views, issues or concerns about Cannabis Seeds Store, please email us direct using the Contact Us page.