Gorilla Blue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Advanced Seeds

Gorilla Blue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Advanced Seeds. 

  • Genetics: Gorilla Glue #4 x DJ Short Blueberry
  • Sex: Feminised
  • THC Level: 24%
  • Yield: 550 – 600 gr/m2
  • Height Indoors: 80 – 100 centimetres
  • Height Outdoors: 2.0 – 2.5 metres
  • Flowering Period Indoors: 55 – 60 Days
  • Harvest: End of September

Gorilla Blue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Advanced Seeds. 

Gorilla Blue is an exclusive Feminised Cannabis Strain available only in Female Seed Packs. It is a remarkable Indica variety with dense, indica-shaped buds in bright green color, adorned with dark red pistils and hints of purple and blue shades. The buds are loaded with crystals, giving them a fluffy candyfloss-like appearance. When dried, the harvest has a pleasant sweet and sour aroma with a tropical Berry Cookies flavor that has woody and slight melon undertones. With its strong scent, proper ventilation is necessary when cultivating Advanced Gorilla Blue.

This well-balanced strain has a higher Indica content, making it slightly more sedative with a stronger body effect. Indica strains are preferred for its ability to quiet the mind and induce relaxation, making it ideal for spending some alone time. Despite its high sativa content, Gorilla Blue won't fully immobile you, but instead, keep you in a calm and active state.

Perfect for social situations, it can also lead one into deep introspection. It is a potent strain with a THC content of over 25%, so caution is advised, especially for inexperienced users. Gorilla Blue is recommended for stress relief and muscle relaxation, without causing a vegetative state. Its high THC levels make it useful for various medical conditions, but we cannot provide specific medical advice due to legal restrictions and the need for further research.

This strain may not be the best choice for fatigue, as it is more of a relaxant than a stimulant. Advanced Gorilla Blue is a mostly Indica-dominant strain with genetics from the Hindu Kush and Afghanistan Hash regions, with a small percentage from South African Sativa. It typically grows up to 90cm tall, with thick stems and large fan leaves, and takes about 10 weeks to flower. It is considered a moderately difficult strain to grow, requiring a bit of patience for optimal results.

About Advanced Seeds.

Advanced Seeds has a reputation for breeding superior marijuana genetics. Specializing in reg and fem  Skunk and Kush hybrids, crossed with the more potent American and Dutch pot seed strains, for example, Diesel, Ice and Jack Herer lines, they also produce auto-flowering cannabis seeds.

Advanced seeds produce all of their marijuana seeds using organic cultivation methods with only natural fertilizers and pesticides being used in cultivation. Their seeds are bred under strict controls in isolated rooms to ensure the identity of each variety and they use a completely safe method to obtain feminized seeds without any kind of genetic manipulation.


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