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Big Freeze Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Big Head Seeds

  • Type - Indica/Sativa.
  • Environment - Indoor/Outdoor.
  • THC - High 15-20%.
  • Yield - High 500-600g.
  • Flowering - 6-8 weeks.
  • Harvest -  Sept-Oct.
  • High - Positive. Uplifting. Happy.
  • Sex - Feminised.






Big Head Seeds Big Freeze is a re-worked, teeth-meltingly delicious Sweet Tooth that was discovered in British Columbia.

It expressed such massive, sugary crystal production that they worked on breeding it with the frostiest White Widow imaginable - our White Knuckle SC.
This was then finally bred with BigHead #1 creating a plant that produces enormous, dramatically dense Big Head buds that look frozen with the abundant mass of glittering crystals that weigh the entire plant down.
Big Freeze reminds us of a tall, snow covered Canadian pine when ready for harvest, with that classic Christmas tree shape and it grows a dense, central kola that seems to get harder and harder towards cropping time.
 The smell and taste is earthy with sweet vanilla and even subtle banana and the effects are brutally powerful and cerebrally uplifting, promoting a feeling of deep purity and cosmic positivity.
It is a great strain for the SOG Method, providing a glacial ocean of connoisseur grade buds for those who are serious about big yields and fanatical about frost.

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