Sour Diesel Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Big Head Seeds

Big Head Seeds Sour Diesel Feminised Cannabis Seeds is the legendary cross of a classic Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91.

  • Type - Sativa/Indica (Sativa dominant)
  • Environment - Indoor/Outdoor
  • THC - 20-25%
  • Flowering - 9 weeks
  • Effects - Euphoric, Creative, Energetic, Dreamy

Sour Diesel Feminised crystallised sticky buds deliver that unmistakable diesel aroma with an underlying herbal citrus taste.

  • Sour Diesel Feminised effects comes the energizing, uplifting Sativa transitioning nicely into creative dreamscapes, a perfect harmony of mind and body and nature.
  • Sour Diesel Feminised is easy to grow indoors and outdoors, this nicely structured cannabis plant yields dense, resinous buds of great quality and quantity.
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