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At Cannabis Seeds Store, we have put together the best auto flowering cannabis seeds which any auto lover would love to grow.

Auto flowering is such a popular choice as You will not have to worry about light cycle or removing male plants as the majority are Feminised. While with regular seeds growers will need to carefully monitor the hours of light their plants get in order to force them to flower, auto flowering seeds will do it all on their own.

If you still need swaying on whether to try auto’s or not, then here are some more reasons why you should.

  • Built for Speed
  • Fantastic Yields
  • Stealthy – Low Grow and Less Stinky
  • "Set and Forget Seeds" - No Worries
  • No Light Cycle Changes
  • Multiple Harvests Per Year

Now I have the best auto flowering cannabis strains for 2021 which you can buy from us directly at Cannabis Seeds Store.

Hindu Kush Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sensi Seeds

Hindu Kush Automatic is an auto flowering release of famous indica genetics. This is an easy-to-grow cannabis that inherits all the best from her parent including potency and stability.

The strain demonstrates fast flowering of 7-8 weeks. It develops a robust, bushy, and quite compact structure. Hindu Kush Automatic is ideal for small spaces, SOG, ScrOG. The plant grows well both indoors and outdoors.

The smoke brings long-lasting stone-body high. Its soft calming effect is ideal for stress and pain relief. The aroma and taste contain earthy sweet notes with light touches of pine, sandalwood and incense.

Hindu Kush Auto is nice indica smoke, heavy and good for the body, this grew out really nice and the plant did what it was supposed to do, I made hash out of most of it, thanks sensi seeds, I made her into some hash, and she was really smooth, before I knew it my lungs were full. this happened four times as the smoke was so smooth and you get really big hits, well got me pretty stoned and I must say again, thank you sensi seeds Get this now people this strain is great, flowers in just 56 days, and she can be yours, great smoke and makes good hash, I will be running this again.

Excellent for the night consumption, feeling a deep relaxed while at the same time high! It is worth mentioning that this time around I never used any pest control sprays and fed her nutrients only when she needed them!

The high is on the body high of the spectrum, definitely good for using before going to sleep, relaxing the body muscles. She grew really well considering she is my first from seed to harvest experience. The growing was really easy and even under harsh conditions (check week 6 when she almost died on me). A tip for my future grows is to not make frequent selective defoliation and rather defoliate only at the beginning of flowering and maybe in the middle of flowering some more even more selective defoliation.

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White Widow Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

White Widow Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is one of the best and most popular strains in 2020 around the globe! Auto White Widow Feminized seeds are a reliable choice for growers because its auto flower properties save you a lot of time, you will get to enjoy the cannabis even sooner.

In the small time of 6 weeks, you can be enjoying your marijuana! White Widow auto is known for the easiest strain to grow so you cannot go wrong.

At Cannabis Seeds Store, we sell White Widow Auto by different seed banks, I am going to talk to you about Royal Queen Seeds.

The White Widow Automatic is a cross between the classic White Widow and Ruderalis. This is a world-famous variety. The strain has a balanced indica and sativa content with 20% Ruderalis.

The plant was cultivated for several years and received stable genetics. It is suitable for both novice growers and experienced commercial producers. The strain has an indica structure with wide branches and resinous buds. It has a compact structure and can grow up to 100 cm. The flowering time reaches 75-85 days, after which the strain yields 400-450 g/m2 or 190-240 g per plant outdoors.

The variety has the effect of a stone body, woody, earthy aroma, and taste.

Reviews of White Widow Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Simply amazing plant. She resisted the heat stress and giving me juicy and fresh buds.

A compact strain with a strong main bud. A strain with a strong odour and a lot of crystal.

Rapid germination strong and resilient, Awesome veg growth produced some real dense buds with a lovely, sweet aroma.

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Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm.

Tangerine Dream Auto is a sativa-dominant auto flowering strain based on the popular original Tangerine Dream. THC and CBD levels are slightly lower. Just like the original variety, Tangerine Dream Auto has a small growth and compact dimensions. It can reach only 70 cm in height.

This is easy-to-grow strain that yields 500 g / m2. The flowering period is 70-75 days. This is an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced growers who want to get a consistently large crop without much effort.

The aroma and taste are sweet citrus with tropical berry notes. The effect gives a balanced brain buzz and physical relaxation.

Genuinely nice tangerine smell on the first plant, the other one is still drying. Relaxing yet uplifting effect, really balanced. Really satisfying genetic in sense of both quality and quantity.

Tangerine Dream Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a fun girl to grow and to smoke. Allows you to play with LST and even topping. Even if she is Automatic, she will not fell it, for a day. I topped one of them and she will harvest at least 10% more than her sister.

If to speak about the growing phase the plant was developing without any problem. To tell the truth, it is one of the easiest strains to cultivate I ever had, but one of the hardest, when it comes to its effects=))
At the pre-flowering stage a small catastrophe happened: I snapped the plant's top, but it somehow handled it. I am sure that it has influenced the final mass, but also because of this it took me only 52 days from the seed to harvest.

Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take photos of the tangerine's dream harvest, because it was smoked by my friends and me in 12 days. One of the most powerful auto flowers I ever smoked. One joint makes stoned even those who are very experienced smokers. I could barely stand up from my bed until I became more tolerant to it and the stuff was about to end. In general, it is a super auto flower that is resistant to mold, defoliation, and even some injuries. I am satisfied with the result and can recommend it.

Growing these plants was mostly a pleasure. They really like being topped, as the only one I did not top ended up smaller than the others!
I think they did well with 18 hours of light, the buds were great to look at and they all have a medium density except plant #6 whose buds are denser and heavier than average.
Plants were small however, and the total yield is underwhelming with about 120g of dried buds for 5 plants.

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Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Great plant, the two was remarkably similar in structure, colours and smell. The flavour is the well-known pine and haze. At the first puff, memories of Amsterdam came to me.
The High is very energetic and cerebral and exceedingly long lasting. I tried it with only one week of curing in glass jar, so this going to be better and better. The buds are not the hardest and compacts.

The AM #1 yield 33g of great buds, and some 15g of trimming and popcorn buds (with a lot of resin).

The AM#2 yield 38g of great buds, and some 12g of trimming and popcorn buds. With the Trim and Popcorn, I am going to make Oil. It was a pleasure to grow them, they respond super nice to Topping and LST, and I grow this strain again.

Here is the review from the grower.

Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds
2/2 germination. Great plant, the two was remarkably similar in structure, colours and smell. The flavour is the well-known pine and haze. At the first puff, memories of Amsterdam came to me.

The High is very energetic and cerebral and exceptionally long lasting. I tried it with only one week of curing in glass jar, so this going to be better and better. The buds are not the hardest and compacts. 
The AM #1 yield 38g of great buds, and some 12g of trimming and popcorn buds (with a lot of resin).
The AM#2 yield 38g of great buds, and some 12g of trimming and popcorn buds.

With the Trim and Popcorn, I am going to make Oil. It was a pleasure to grow them, they respond super nice to Topping and LST, and I definitely grow this strain again.

(Note: I had to modify the light setup to 170 watts because I have a 340 watts setup for the 2 AH and the 2 RG. And added to the final weight the trim and popcorn buds because it is useful material, full of trichomes)

Every hit comes with a truly psychedelic head high from Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Amnesia Haze Auto is a well-maintained plant growing just over a metre tall, to about 1.2m. She can be grown outdoors but will require hot weather like Australia, North Africa, and California, however, may need to be grown in a greenhouse due to her long flower period. Amnesia Haze Auto is one of the best yielding cannabis strains, producing 70-80 g per plant with up to 600g per metre squared under a 600w light.

Let us look at Amnesia Haze Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds harvested.

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Black Lemon Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Exotic Seeds.

This auto-flowering variety is the result of a selection of a strain of Black Haze Auto crossed with the Skunk Auto variety that Exotic Seeds have already used in previous auto-flowering genetics.

 The main characteristic of this hybrid consisted of a marked citrus aroma that was expressed with greater intensity in those individuals who showed flowers of dark colours. Hence, Black Lemon auto.

Regarding the aroma and flavour of its flowers, they are of a marked citric character as we have already mentioned previously.

To all this we must add a complex effect, being more active at first, indicated for creative and social activities, to be more physical in its final part.

Reviews of Black Lemon Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

A beautiful, stoned feeling, without a couchlock! Still, it is not too trippy/cerebral, so perfect for the end of the day while it is not too strong.
Additionally, the colour of those flowers is absolutely amazing.

Good comments: this was the most beautiful plant I ever grew, gorgeous colours, extreme frost, great bud/leaf ratio, unique taste! Extremely easy to grow! Will grow her again.

Aesthetically it is beautiful, probably my top 3 looking grows ever, downside is that it grew 1 branch straight up and nothing towards the sides, could fit 12 of these in 1 room.

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Auto Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Female Seeds.

Auto NL is an Auto flowering version of the original Northern Light that was crossed with a ruderalis. This famous genetics has an exceptionally long history of selecting, changes, and testing.

The strain has energetic growth and fast flowering of 11-12 weeks from germination. The harvest brings high yields of sugary buds coated with white crystals. The plant grows up to 40-80 cm in height and demonstrates momentous results both indoors and outdoors in different climate conditions. The strain is ideal for SOG.

The strain inherited the taste and aroma of the original Northern Light. The effect comes fast and brings strong indica high.

The grow was as simple as can be. No issues with the plant whatsoever. I perhaps would have left it for another week before harvesting but I am away, so it had to be now.
Auto NL Feminised Cannabis Seeds is the nicest smelling plant I have harvested it almost smells like lilt (the soft drink) it is so fruity.
I am seriously looking forward to trying this strain once it has dried and cured.

All of the buds on both plants were very frosty, just covered in trichomes. Not super aromatic growing or drying, but always had a wonderful pine scent whenever you took a sniff. They dried very dense and hard and they grind easily. The smell of the ground is just wonderful with a strong mint mixed in with that earthy pine background. It takes me back to 90's and camping in May long, smoking menthol cigarettes.

The high is nice, in a word I would say... happy. I would probably put this one in the hybrid category. I like it best after supper or anytime you just want to hit the recliner and relax or relieve some stress. The body stone is very relaxing, though I would not use this as my sleepy time smoke. The effect is uplifting, and it can very quickly strip away any stress the day has brought and leaves you... well, happy.

Beautiful reddish-purple colour. Smell is sweet with a nice kushy aroma, and it taste almost as good as I think Bubba Kush does. Got a clone going from her, I will be glad for a second round. This plant also put up with me learning a lot too, so I would highly recommend it.

I am extremely happy with the end results with this plant. Great cannabis for anxiety, stress, and to help with sleep. Really a classic indica feel and a very heavy stone. Still good for creative and daytime use but recommended for nighttime use. Buds are dense, sticky, and covered in trichomes. I would guess that it has a bit of CBD content because of the look of buds and feel of stone. Great medicine and this are the kind of strain you can smoke regularly and not get tired of it. Good smoke and colour too!

Genuinely nice little plant, it grew fast, and regularly, super rich smell and taste, first fruity and then quite dank, almost diesel. Really relaxed with a nice buzz in the head. Easy before to sleep, but not right before going to bed.

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Auto Malawi x Northern Lights Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Ace Seeds.

We present ACE Seeds' first 100% Auto flowering strain - Auto Malawi x Northern Lights. Sativa/Indica hybrid of excellent vigour and structure, producing a huge main cola and powerful side branches loaded with well resinous buds, its production and quality will surprise even the most experienced Auto flowering growers.

The first version of this hybrid produces three main phenotypes. The first, more Indica phenotype matures in just 8 weeks since the flowering is started, producing an average yield.

The second phenotype (the most interesting in our opinion) produces potent Sativa/Indica plants (with a flowering of about 9 weeks and a half), of huge yield, overly complex terpene profiles, abundant resin production and excellent flower/leaf ratio.

The third and last phenotype develops in flowering an almost pure Sativa expression (so it usually needs about 10 weeks of flowering), allowing the Auto flowering growers to experience with very Sativa African phenotypes, quite rare in current Auto flowering strains.

The terpene profiles are fragrant and complex. The aromas in flowering can vary between Petit Suisse and strawberry yogurt (in the more Sativa Purple Malawi phenotype), and fruit juice (pineapple, pear, peach) in the better yielding green Sativa/Indica phenotype.

The most extreme Sativa phenotype have woodier aromas and a longer flowering time. As usual with Auto flowering strains, Auto Malawi x Northern Lights starts to flower after 4 or 5 weeks from germination, regardless of the indoor photoperiod or outdoor season, allowing it to mature properly in latitudes far from the equator, where the photo dependent strains start to bloom too late to mature correctly.

It can also be cultivated in mid-latitude climates, finishing in summertime when it is started in spring, being able to help in flowering from the longest days with highest light intensity and warmer temperatures, finishing months ahead of the usual autumn harvest of the photo dependent strains.

Experience: I have been growing for the last 4 years, mostly in indoors, under a 250 W light in both hydro and organics. I have run 3 outdoor grows with little success (lots of pest and mould problems). Nevertheless, I think I have learned the basics of outdoor growing so I am confident that I will be up to the challenge.
· Location: The grow will be performed in a location 42º North, under an Oceanic climate (Cfb). The plant will have approximately 6-7 hours or direct sun every day (from 9 am to 16 pm).
· Medium: The growing medium will be a mixture of Bio-Bizz All Mix (80%) and perlite (20%) in order to enhance ventilation.
· Set up: The seed has been sprouting the 24/05/2017 and put into the definitive container: a 19-l smart pot. The 26/05/2017 the two cotyledons came out from the ground.
· Fertilizers and others to be used:
o PH down
o Power Roots (Plagron)
o Fish Mix (Bio-Bizz)
o Bio bloom (Bio-Bizz)
o Top Max (Bio-Bizz)
o PH and EC measurement device.
o Neem extract
o Propolix
o Banana te + melaza (in flowering period)
o Garlic soup mixture (when needed)

Looking for some psychedelic like Sativa smoke Well I found some with this Phenotype of Ace Seeds Malawi x Northern lights Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.
I knew from the looks of her buds that she was mostly sativa in appearance and the final resulting potency was outstanding.
It has got a nice slow onset bit of a creeper then I am as high as a kite. I also experienced audio hallucinations which is first for me from weed. so, it seems My plant was mostly Malawi because it really has that "High" feeling to it. 10 /10 Bloody Brilliant!

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Dark Purple Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Delicious Seeds.

Dark Purple Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is the result of the crossing between the powerful OG Kush and the beautiful Purple Kush Auto. This is mostly indica plant with unique aroma and medical properties.

The plant demonstrates amazing purple hues during the flowering. It develops compact structure with biff central stem and few side branches. The strain has a resistance to mould and pests. The time from seedlings to harvest takes only 7-8 weeks. The strain is ideal both for indoor and outdoor growing.

The resinous buds deliver sweet and complex aroma. And the smoke offers intense, sweet, fruity taste and relaxing effect.

Reviews of Dark Purple Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Super strain, quality, brutal colours and smoke effect, Top Strain 10 out of 10.

While the outcome of the buds was incredible, I would give this strain a 9 out of 10.

More on the contemplative side than the euphoric experience (unless you smoke a blunt worth.) This weed pairs well with beer (three beers and a bowl of this stuff makes me happy as hell.

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Glueberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Expert Seeds.

Glueberry is another exceptional cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and Blueberry, this 50/50 hybrid has a great structure during grow stage with a Indica structure, then once switched to bloom she starts to stretch.

 The aroma is very distinctive of a strong Blueberry and Pine, (so be sure to take NOTE!) she produces medium to large dense buds which are covered in trichomes and gives you a strong body high with a great stone effect which makes this strain great for pain relief.

Reviews of Glueberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

More out weight the Sativa dominant with thick dense buds smell great from veg highly recommended to anyone! I love this strain!

Smells grapey, looks great. My favourite strain to grow. It is a must try for anyone.

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Blueberry Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Garden of Green.

Blueberry Cookies Auto is a cross of two existing auto-flowering strains, viz. Blueberry Auto and Girl Scout Cookies Auto. Both parents are strong indica-dominant strains and together they are even better with elevated levels of THC. Quite easy to grow, even for beginners.

Blueberry Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a robust and vigorous plant which becomes covered in resin-exuding trichomes at maturity. It will reach a height of 80 - 100 cm. producing 500 gr/m2 indoors in a life cycle of just 8 weeks. Outdoor/greenhouse grown plants will yield up to 700 gram each. in warm climates it is possible to grow all year round.

Berry Cookies with a rich sweet and pleasant fruity smell. A vigorous and high yielding Auto that is easy to grow. Expect impressive results indoors and out.

Reviews of Blueberry Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

This plant resisted mould. For most of the latter grow it seemed to have a nutrient deficiency, grown in the same medium as auto blue - which did not.

ABC grew tall and bold, beautiful aromas and generally pretty awesome.

More resilient than Seedsman Auto Blue and a tall grower! This plant just kept growing and if I had not had to harvest early, she would be the highest yielder by far. As it stands, she delivered me around 8oz wet, so I am estimating 2oz or so dry from this beauty.

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