Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds Stocking Fillers - Cannabis Seeds Store

Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds Stocking Fillers - Cannabis Seeds Store

If you are new to cannabis growing or an experienced cannabis connoisseur and you are wanting a new hugely famous cannabis seed bank with fantastic weed strains with incredible reviews, then Barney’s Farm is the one for you.

At Cannabis Seeds Store we offer many of Barney’s Farm cannabis seeds at great prices. At Cannabis Seeds Store our prices are unbeatable and we are the cheapest online so after reading this Barney’s Farm blog you can head over to store to purchase your cannabis seeds.

Here is some information on Barney’s Farm.

The unique nature of the beginnings of a company like Barney's Farm only adds to its already vast popularity. The winner of countless awards and a never-ending desire to produce 'new and exciting' strains of cannabis, it is no wonder that there is an international demand for Barney’s Farm creations.

 Over the last decade, Barney’s Farm have produced some of the world’s most popular varieties of cannabis, Winning the Cannabis Cup and Indica/Sativa Cups with G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream and many more, and Critical Kush becoming a bestseller within months of release.

Despite a history spanning nearly 30 years, Barney’s Farm’s popularity has never diminished. New strains are frequently released, allowing for an ever-increasing audience to continue to enjoy high quality seeds from a company that started, literally, at the top and has remained there ever since.

Reviews of Barney’s Farm Cannabis Seed bank.

Many years ago, I began growing Cannabis seriously! My go to shop was and still is Barneys Farm. They have numerous years' experience breeding! Have had great results, with minimal hassles! Some people blame the breeder, for their own mistakes. Barneys Farm did not win so many cannabis cups awards, for nothing.

Very good strains, have no problems with germination straight from soil.

Never had any problems with Barney's seeds.
Matter a fact I got some Barney's Critical Kush from Cannabis Seeds Store from the 420 promotion they had. I am looking forward to trying them. I love their Holy Punch and their Sweet Tooth too.

Peyote critical. A plant with a high THC content. Yield super.

Barney's farm is just the best seed bank.
100%germinate seed and super quality research for the newest strain that they put in commerce.

Love Barney’s Farm! I’ve legit had 100% success rate start to finish on every seed I have ever popped. Never had a male to date and that says a lot! Customer for life, always support quality products and this in one of them!

Barney's is great and I have had nothing but success germinating and achieving huge yields with their seeds.

Now, let us look at some cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm with growing reports, reviews and photos of what you could get from your weed when buying Barney’s Farm from us at Cannabis Seeds Store.

Barney’s Farm Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

PURPLE PUNCH Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe with another USA west coast powerhouse of a strain PURPLE PUNCH Cannabis Seeds.

The delicate fusing of its Indica dominant parents Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Seeds has supplied a real tantalising gem. The exquisite smooth sensual tastes of Baked Apple Pie with cloves glazed with caramelised blueberry and cherries blend perfectly with the sedative calming effects that PURPLE PUNCH Cannabis Seeds oozes.

Expect a Short stocky plant with many astonishing trichome laden, high yielding branches just dripping with resin tested at 25% THC.

Super happy with the results. Buds smell and taste delicious Yield was not the most impressive but that is entirely my fault. Had a bit of run with her as it was my first one. With the amount of stress, having this quality of buds is impressive. Top from Barneys.

Amazing strain. Pulled out 320g of dry nugs and 30g of 150-micron dry ice has. Overly aggressive grower and drinks a lot. Let these veg. for a while. My plant had a minor thrip infestation on last three weeks of bloom and did not care about them as you can all see. Recommended. Thanks Barney's!!

Very earthy and sweet with a hint of berries.

The effect is a genuinely nice body numbing buzz with an equal amount of mind numbing cerebral. Works great for muscle aches and pains and insomnia at higher doses.

Purple punch was great. By far the biggest yielded and most dense buds with lovely strong smell. I could have left this one a bit longer, but it done great cannot wait to cure properly and get this flavour to its best.

What a wonderful strain! Unfortunately, it never really gained bud size/width height to the buds which I have never seen a plant do. My setup is very capable of growing plants properly so I believe this may be strain specific and I am incredibly excited to try to grow it again to see what results I gain! Now it may have yielded lighter but who cares!? This stuff is authentic you guys!

This works incredibly well on extremely severe migraines, coming from a patient of mine that has 0% percent light no movement type of headaches! I personal notice extreme sedation (the highest I have felt through cannabis) and a very euphoric high it brings me back to when I first started smoking on how high I get from it (daily smoker)! I am not allowing any usage from patients if they plan to drive so this is seriously for those with some bad ailments or a night-time toke! Flavour is uniquely different than I have ever had and incredibly hard to put a touch on, from my best guess I would say grape with an herbal diesel after tone however no sweetness to the grape unique!

Grew nice and even with no issues throughout, short stocky plant with nice sized dense buds covered in resin as described by barneys cannot fault it dominant taste of the granddaddy purple in there.

Barney's Farm - Cannabis Seeds Store

Barney’s Farm Wedding Cake Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The results of melding Wedding Cake and BF Super Auto #1 Cannabis Seeds, this plant will not disappoint with elevated strength from the Skywalkers OG traits in our super auto, creating increased resistance to bugs and stress while the root structure bursts into life from day 1.

For lovers of white strains with crystal covered buds, WEDDING CAKE AUTO Cannabis Seeds is a real treat. Indica dominant 65% studded with bud, this plant has very tight node spacing. Only a few weeks after planting, weighty buds shimmering like jewels in the light, will start to take form.

After only 70-75 days these gleaming grapes flavoured gargantuan flowers packed tightly together will be perfectly formed, ready for harvest, at a final height of 90cm, 500 gr/m² is easily achievable, up to 750 gr/m² outdoors.

Plant was small, and everything is going too fast and funny. Finally, I have got wonderful buds. Maybe this is my prettiest plant.

So far best strain I have grown yet.
A very tasty smoke. A night-time one for sure as it is a happy couch lock stone. Maybe watch YouTube for 4 hours stone.

Nice dense trichome filled buds. I would definitely recommend others to try and grow this strain. It is an amazing strain to grow and extremely easy if you are a beginner like me.
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Barney’s Farm Mimosa Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

The long-awaited release from the lab at Barneys Farm has finally happened and our twist on these monster genetics have their seal of approval.  Arise MIMOSA Cannabis Seeds!

Evolved from a famous Emerald Triangle cut originally bred by Symbiotic Genetics now supercharged with our priceless Orange Punch from the Barneys Farm vault.

This 60% Indica dominant Cannabis Seeds favourite is packed with Large frosted buds, rich in star studded cannabinoids and terpenes.

Growers will adore her zesty tropical lemony citrus taste with hints of berries to accompany the euphoric yet restful effects. MIMOSA Cannabis Seeds is real food for the brain, expect floaty feelings that will stay with you through the day.

THC levels are possible up to 30% by a grand master but 24-26% is more than enough for the indulgence of mere mortals.

Well, my second Mimosa Cannabis Seeds grow shows a bit more of what this strain, and the genetics, are capable of. Think I will try more of Barneys genetics after this grow.
A healthy veg cycle allowed for proper training of these girls with amazing results. Buds are massive and look amazing! Harvest was tremendous with a total of 50+ crowns. Got some hand sized buds from this grow, biggest colas I have managed to grow yet!

Strong, uplifting sativa dominant strain. Great flavour and the citrus came out in both smell and taste after curing for a month. My new favourite sativa!

Super Frosty buds. Great citrus/fruity smell.

Def the strongest Cannabis I have ever smoked! I have planted two plants and due to my bad HST early on one recovered so much that it outgrew the other plant!

Mimosa dense buds smells lovely and a is a strain I will certainly run again I am the future.

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Barney’s Farm Triple Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Triple Cheese  Cannabis Seedsis a mostly indica cross between Blue Cheese and Old Cheese, created in a long selection process. It has a high THC level.
The Cannabis Seeds strain has an indica structure, easy and fast to grow. This is a great choice for a beginner and not just for them. The variety is undersized and grows no more than 100 cm in height. You may need to use filters to prevent the smell from spreading.

The yield reaches 600 g / m2 in about 50-60 days. Outdoor Triple CheeseCannabis Seeds will be ready by mid-September.
The Cannabis Seeds variety has a dominant cheese flavour with hints of blueberries.
This Cannabis Seeds plant showed some interesting smells throughout was very sceptical of this very cheese smell, but wow am I impressed on the smell that transitions to taste. Beefed up pretty nicely in last weeks.

Real strong genetics... I almost killed the seedling sprout but she came back strong! Tastes very sweet and the buzz is nice. Barney's genetic is as good as always.

She was easy to grow. There was some sort of nutrient deficiency or toxicity in late flower but did not seem to negatively impact quality or aroma. Smells of blueberries and sweet cheese. The buds are not the biggest but not the smallest either. Where they lack in size, they make up for in density. I have run and smoked this strain before, and I may be making a premature judgement. That said, if the smoke warrants, I may adjust my rating. I did enjoy the smoke, but felt the smell outshined the taste when smoked. If the flavour is improved this run and more closely fits the smell and/or increased potency... then this will surely earn a higher rating.

Pros: Wonderful blueberry aroma with some cheese notes that become more noticeable when smoked. The taste is very pleasurable. It is a quick finisher with dense buds.
10/10 the smoke is amazing! Great 80:20 Indica-Sativa combination! I am really satisfied with her to grow, to smoke so I really recommend it.
She had hard start as I needed to remove and place to another house. She was even outside for several days in less than 10 Celsius.
The 4th week I stopped growing and just placed her outside and then to my friend's house. After she recovered and became a beautiful strong plant.
Nice to grow LST is good for her I think she could be good with a good Topping as well. She is not a very sensitive plant, she is hardy.

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Barney’s Farm Strawberry Lemonade Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Strawberry Lemonade Cannabis Seeds is a feminised sativa dominant cross between Lemon OG and Strawberry. The THC level reaches 20%. The Cannabis Seeds plant reaches 120-150 cm in height when grown indoors and produces a huge yield, reaching 700 g / m2, in 60-70 days. The variety is easily cultivated. It easily copes with mould and pests.

This Cannabis Seeds is a good choice for novice growers.

The Cannabis Seeds strain helps to fight light pain, gives cheerfulness, energy and creativity. It is suitable for daytime smoke, but if you smoke too much, it can have a stone effect. The smoke really has a sweet strawberry-lemon taste. This is real strawberry lemonade!

It grew even through the toughest of environment. She sure is a wonderful stain. Will be regrowing in spring. She will get the while greenhouse this time.
I love the Strawberry Lemonade genetics. I am growing a mother plant now so that I will be able to fill the whole room with an army of strawberry smelling plants and a sea of huge buds.

This strain is easy to grow and have a huge yield potential. I got 2 phenotypes with quite different smell. The first Phenotype have a very hazy smell and the second one has a very sweet fruity berry smell with hints of OG.
The effect is definitely sativa dominant and I would describe it as uplifting and energetic.
Hands down my favourite strain. Such a great pheno I got to grow - looked different from other grows with the same strain. It grew fast and big - unfortunately, I really did not manage the training aspect too well and it got too big for the space and light. It showed wonderful purple leaves and buds - absolutely covered in resin glands. Incredible strawberry scents whilst hanging to dry - not like weed at all.

The smoke is very strong... halfway through a joint you well and truly feel it creeping on and it does not stop for a few hours. Exceptionally smooth through a vape (@180*C), with less full-on effects and tastes wonderfully fruity and pungent.

Nice taste nice high, for me it's day time use, it's nice and smooth with a fruity smell and a taste similar to Kalimist indica pheno (the taste you get at the back of your throat when you use Autoglym car polish)
It's one of those strains that taste different to how you expect from the smell!)

Strawberry Lemonade is a slightly sativa dominant strain that will surpass all your expectation. This hybrid is all about that uber-sweet and sensational experience that can offer up a stimulating yet relaxed high at the same time, balancing its effects perfectly.
This hybrid was created by crossing two hybrid giants in their own rights, Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG Kush, thus resulting in this tangy and body heavy strain. Strawberry Lemonade is instantly recognizable by its aroma, which is so fragrant that it helped this strain land the 1st place in the High Times Denver Cannabis Cup of 2015 as “Best Sativa Concentrate".

Amazing strain but not for beginners. She is a hungry beast and once you understand how much trichomes production occurs with the strain your feeding schedule needs to be on point to follow the plant's regime. Once I had all those things dialled down the bud quality speaks for itself. To date this is my new favourite strain leaving you with a calm, extremely happy and energetic feeling. Great for daytime and for a productive day. Thanks Barney's Farm for this exceptional strain!!!

Barney's Farm - Cannabis Seeds Store

Barney’s Farm Dr Grinspoon Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Dr. Grinspoon Cannabis Seeds is a 100% Sativa Feminised strain. The plant was named by cannabis researcher and advocate Dr. Lester Grinspoon Cannabis Seeds. The origin of this hybrid is unknown. The THC level reaches 26%.

The flowering period of this variety reaches 90-100 days. The crop reaches 350 g / m2. The plant is compact in size, but it grows thin and tall. It produces reddish-brown buds.

Due to the high content of THC, the Cannabis Seeds strain gives a strong long-lasting effect and energy buzz. The Cannabis Seeds buds have a lemon, floral aroma. The smoke has a tropical fruit flavour with honey notes and rich pine nuances.

This is my favourite strain so far, usually I don’t grow a strain multiple times, but this one is a keeper.

The effect is so delightful, giving a creative and thought-producing high which lasts for hours but is then gone without any tiredness. To me it is a top-shelf cannabis strain which should be grown by any sativa-lover.

Definitely a day smoke, wake and bakes were never this great. Tastes (and smells) like Aniseed, a lot of citrus and herbs, almost minty after hit from the aniseed.
The main reason I chose this strain, my wife has ADHD, when I was looking for 100% Sativas I found Dr. Grinspoon thinking it might kickstart focus and an action impulse so she could stop taking the "Lysdexamphetamine" prescription that she was given, and it seems to be working, or at least, she seems to be enjoying it a lot.

Belongs on the top shelf! I let her go to the later end of breeder recommended flower time and it is pleasantly stoney! Very potent medicine, indeed! It is not lethargic, yet its Indica dominance is more than apparent.

Definitively great daytime smoke, no body at all and almost no hangover when it fades away, the effect it's not overly strong but it stays up for a while and it can cut through other strains smoked before, on the other side bag appeal is terrible, it looks like hay, the smoke is very light and hardly will make to cough, not very rich in flavour as other strains but this was expected, I tried the original thing many years ago, the infamous "bead" pheno, neither that was the tastiest strain on earth, maybe a little more diesel/astringent and hazy flavour than the one I've grown which tastes more like floral/herbal which is nice too.

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Barney’s Farm Blue Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds, also called Blueberry Cheese, is an indica-dominant cross between Original Cheese and Blueberry Cannabis Seeds. One of the best varieties in the market. The THC level is 20%. The Cannabis Seeds plant reaches 90 cm in height in a brief period of about 52-57 days.

This is a stocky plant with a stable structure, a large Cola and strong side branches. The yield reaches up to 650 g / m2. The variety is easy to grow, so it is suitable for growers of all levels.

 Thanks to its parents, Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds has an intense cheese flavour with a sweet blueberry aftertaste. Smoke brings a powerful relaxing effect.

All 3 phenotypes go in the Indica direction. After a noticeably brief time, a strong, oppressive high occurs It is perfect for going to sleep in the evening.

The taste of the 1 phenotype is built like I smoked it for the first time 12 years ago at Barney's Farm. I can recommend the strain to everyone

Cut branches, wet trimmed, and dried 6 days in tent on hangers. Buds cut off branches and put in turkey bag with humidity range of 60-65% and burped thrice daily. Jarred with 62% boveda in quart masons after two weeks in the turkey bag. Popcorn buds were 46 g of the 155 totals. All the popcorns decarbed on a cookie sheet enclosed in a turkey bag (really cut down on smell) 45 min at 240 degrees. Crushed up buds and immersed into a quart of mct oil in a mason jar in a crock pot filled with water at low setting overnight. Strained into a fresh mason jar and got about 25 liquid ounces which should be about 20-30 mg per teaspoon for a total of 150 1tsp “doses”. Smoke is super smooth after curing with that berry and cheesy flavour. Great mellow body high that you feel in your stomach and chest.

Amazingly easy plant to grow, dense nugs, I recommend a scrog or trellis to maximize your potential, Soil or Coco...She's also extremely easy to clone.

I am not going to lie; this has by far been one of my favourite experiences I have had. This strain was great! Easy to train, forgiving when nutrients are involved, and I genuinely enjoyed spending time with this strain! If you are a new grower, like me, this would be a great strain to start with!

Blue cheese she took 80 days, she is tastes awesome sweet berry on the inhale then the cheese starts coming through on the exhale. Buzz is so relaxing but with a happy vibe. Brilliant for slowing the brain just before bed.

Love this strain and producer. Throughout he grows this was the strain I enjoyed the most. If you put into 3 gal smart pots it will produce a suitable number of buds. I will be ordering more as I have 1 seed left. Not a heavy feeder and it will take an extra week or so to really bring out the colours.

Barney's Farm - Cannabis Seeds Store

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