Cannabis Seeds of 2022 - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Cannabis Seeds of 2022 - Cannabis Seeds Store.

The first thing you will notice when browsing any online seed bank is that the selection is just huge. Overwhelmingly huge, especially if you are a new cannabis seeds grower.  

With all the different types cannabis seeds, strain names, breeders, and even strains with the same names but different breeders, it can get confusing fast! 

There are regular cannabis seeds then there are feminised and after that, there’s auto flower cannabis seeds. Some are sativa while others are indica. Some will do better indoors while others will only get worthwhile yields outdoors. # 

Then there is the flavour, effect, flowering time, plant height, yield, potency and so on. With so many options, how can anyone choose the best cannabis seeds to buy online? 
This is where this cannabis seeds blog come in, I will give you our top cannabis seeds for 2022 available for you to buy from Cannabis Seeds Store. 

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First, what makes a great cannabis seed? 

With so many great cannabis seeds strains out there, how do you choose the absolute best? Well, while everyone has different preferences when it comes to things like effects, flavour, and grow setup, everyone wants great yields and potent buds, right? 

Right. That is why cannabis seeds strains on this list have all been ranked and reviewed based on these three factors: 

Potency – Who wants to go through all the work of growing and harvesting just for some weak weed? No thank you. Strains that make it on to this list must be potent. 

Yield – Growing low-yielding cannabis seeds is about as pointless as spending an entire day in the kitchen slaving over a single chocolate chip cookie. If you are going to put all that work into making something, you want to get a lot of it! All the strains on our list pump out great yields. 

Popularity – Some things cannot be measured exactly, which is why we also rank these strains based on their general popularity. Sometimes, a strain can seem like nothing special on paper, when you are just looking at the numbers, but when you experience it yourself, it is different! The popularity category accounts for that special “x factor” that some strains have. 

With all these cannabis seeds to choose from, I have given you some reviews from real cannabis seeds growers and you can choose which is best for you. 

Gelato Cannabis Seeds by Black Skull Seeds. 

Gelato cannabis seeds is often hailed as one of the best cannabis seed strains to buy and grow in 2022, and part of that comes from its lineage as part of the well-known Girl Scout Cookies family. 

Gelato cannabis seeds is the best of both worlds. It is extremely potent, with THC level of 25% and higher when grown with plenty of light and space! The high you get from this strain is almost immediate, with a sense of calm, relaxation, and giggly euphoria will wash over you after the first few puffs. 

Not only is it potent, but Gelato cannabis seeds is also one of the best tasting strains out there. In full flower, it has a flavour reminiscent of berries and candy. Some also report faint hints of citrus as well. 

Gelato cannabis seeds is suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors, but it can be a little bit tricky. We would call it about a moderate difficulty. Not the most difficult, but it might give you a tough time if you do not have at least a few grows under your belt. 

Yield can go up to 500-600 grams/m² of dense, sticky buds with the right conditions, which is well worth the time and effort it takes to grow. 

When you grow it indoors, it has a pungency that you may need to cover with air filters or fans. Outside, it requires consistent warm and humid temperatures. 

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds by Anesia Seeds.  

One of the most popular seed strains in 2019. The modern Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds strain is an American multi-generation hybrid and one of the best cannabis seeds strains to buy online. 

 In terms of potency, it is just as strong as its namesake, with THC levels of up to 30 percent! It takes some skill to grow it at that level, but even if you miss the mark, you can see levels around 22-25%. When it comes to high THC seeds, these are some of the bests for inexperienced growers and old hands alike. 

Even though the THC is crazy high, this cannabis seeds strain will not keep you couch locked all night. You are not necessarily going to be dancing around either, but you will get a powerful sense of clear-headed euphoria. This strain can also be used medicinally, and it is great for relieving stress, pain, and anxiety, while keeping you functional. 

With a flowering time of 7-9 weeks, Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds has two defining traits: 

The first is its generous size. If left untouched, you can see heights as high as 220 centimetres! As a result, while you can grow it indoors and outdoors, you need to give this plant a wide berth and stay on top of trimming it. Outdoor growers should note that this is also a very hardy plant due to its multi-generational heritage. 

The second major point is the sheer stickiness of the buds. The amount of resin this strain produces is another reason for its name, so you would better wear gloves when you harvest your sticky bounty. 

Bruce Banner #3 Cannabis Seeds by Big Head Seeds.  

This sativa strain is the most popular of the 3 Bruce Banner phenotypes and combines some elements from the classic OG Kush cannabis seeds with the taste of Strawberry Diesel. The taste and potency are what have taken it above the other two. 

Many people report that Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds has the powerful taste associated with its Diesel lineage, with a general lemon-lime aroma that also has a slight element of sweetness at times.  

When smoked, the aroma tends to relax a little. 

However, the most notable element when it comes to Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds is its THC potency. Levels of 25% or even higher have been noted in optimal growing conditions.  

This strain is perfect for a nice wake and bake. After a few hits, it will leave you feeling uplifted and euphoric. You will also start to feel a full body buzz and increased creativity. The perfect way to start your day! 

Bruce Banner #3 cannabis seeds reaches heights of 180-200 cm, so when growing indoors – you will need to give it enough vertical space to properly grow unless you are familiar with plant training / trimming. 

 Along with this, it has been known to be demanding in terms of nutrition. It does flower quickly, though, between 8-10 weeks. Overall, this would be classified as a moderate difficulty grow, best suited for at least intermediate growers, or brave beginners who are not afraid to either ask for help or accept below-average results. 

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds by Garden of Green.  

Originating in Northern California, the Cannabis Cup-winning Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds has become one of the best and most popular seed strains among cannabis growers. 

 With a combination of top flavour and potency. It’s also a favourite starting point for blending new strains, and a few of the strains on this list even have a little Girl Scout Cookie in ‘em. 

The name of this indica-dominant strain is no exaggeration, as its flavour is truly reminiscent of a chocolatey, baked treat. In terms of consumption, this is a great strain to get started with. Whether you are using it recreationally or medicinally, the experience is pleasant from start to finish.  

The affects you can expect include a fast-acting head high followed by a more well-rounded body buzz. Make sure you have some actual girl scout cookies on hand when you smoke this cannabis seeds strain, because chances are good, you will be wanting some! 

In terms of potency, you can expect a THC level of around 22% on average, though numbers as high as 24% have been reported with the right growing conditions. This indica-dominant hybrid is believed to combine elements 

Wedding Cake Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.  

This indica-dominant hybrid is a combination of the classic Girl Scout Cookies strain and Cherry Pie.  

The result is one of the best cannabis seeds around, that is big on flavour, yield, and potency as well. 

But do not let its Cherry Pie lineage fool you, that is not what the flavour is really like. Instead, most people report a heavy sweetness, with an element of vanilla- like a wedding cake! When smoked, you can expect earthy undertones with an element of pepper. 

The Wedding Cake cannabis seeds strain is sometimes known by other names, including Birthday Cake or Pink Cookies. Hey, we told you cannabis seeds can be complicated! 

Whether used for recreational or medicinal purposes, Wedding Cake cannabis seeds is high in THC potency, reaching levels of 25% at the upper end of its range. It is great for aches and pains as well as regulating mood. 

Wedding Cake cannabis seeds eases you from an uplifted high to a balanced body buzz- but it may also give you a bad case of the munchies, so be sure to have some snacks on hand! 

Wedding Cake cannabis seeds is a good fit for beginner growers. This is because it is very resistant against diseases and pests. It is also not that tall in terms of height, hitting a range of around 100-150 cm. It flowers after around 8-10 weeks. 

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.  

Durban Poison cannabis seeds, an award-winning strain, is notable as a pure sativa strain originating from South Africa.  

It is also easy to grow, so it is incredibly popular with experienced and novice growers alike. 

You can expect your Durban Poison cannabis seeds plants to give you THC levels of around 19-22% at the maximum. Most people find this to be the perfect range of potency to get the maximum effects of energy, an uplifted feeling, and greater creativity without ever feeling “too high.” 

 It is classic sativa in terms of effects, and a great one at that! 

It is not too difficult to grow if you know the basics of what you are doing. 

It has a longer flowering period of around 12 to 14 weeks, making it easier to manage alongside other plants.  

However, one of the most appealing traits is how well the strain does well under artificial light. This means that people who are limited to indoor growing do not have to worry about compromising quality in any way. 

The one issue you may encounter with Durban Poison cannabis seeds is its height. On one hand, this potentially means more buds can grow, but your growing area needs to have the vertical space, and you may need to spend time trimming and bending the thin branches. 

Durban Poison cannabis seeds yields up to 500-600 grams/m² with optimal growing conditions. 

Strawberry Cough Cannabis Seeds by Dutch Passion.  

In 2005, this sativa-dominant strain won the High Times Strain of the Year Award. If you thought it was popular before that, winning such a prestigious award only made this strain more popular! 

As more cannabis lovers have grown and smoked this strain, its popularity has solidified it into one of the top 12 best weed seeds out there. Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds is one of those seeds that is ubiquitous everywhere, and lots of breeders have tried their hands at their own special versions of it. 

The “strawberry” part of this strain’s name is well-earned, with the taste instantly recalling sweet berries and summer fruits. There is an added complexity here with a sour fruit underpinning as well. 

In terms of THC content, you can expect numbers between 19 and 22 percent. The effects are a good blend of indica and sativa characteristics, producing a euphoric high without feeling racy. This cannabis seeds strain can also be great for reducing anxiety. 

This plant can thrive well in indoor and outdoor settings, but there is one specific trait you need to be mindful of: the branches. Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds tends to have branches that grow extremely far out. However, this robust structure helps to support the larger-than-average buds and this strain works well with sea-of-green setups.  

Overall, Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds is a newcomer-friendly strain. 

Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds by Seedsman.  

If you have been in the marijuana scene for any length of time at all, you have certainly heard of Jack Herer cannabis seeds. You may have even smoked it without realizing what it was! 

This is another one of those cannabis seeds strains that is just everywhere, with everyone having their own versions of it and different hybrids using its genetics coming out all the time. The original still cannot be beat though! 

Jack Herer cannabis seeds is one of the best cannabis seed strains out there, period. And it is won plenty of awards. 

In terms of THC content, you can expect potency of 15%-18%. Effects of this sativa-dominant hybrid strain are medicinal. Jack Herer cannabis seeds is great for relieving depression and anxiety. This cannabis seeds strain has changed people’s lives! 

It is no wonder that tons of people would want to be able to grow this strain at home. Being able to grow your own medicine is a powerful thing! This is an easy strain to grow, but it does have a few quirks that might push it into the intermediate difficulty range if you are not careful about them. 

First, the flowering time is 12 to 14 weeks, a bit longer than other strains, so you will need to make sure that you time your grow right, particularly if you are growing outdoors. You would not want to be without your medicine for weeks while the buds finish or have an early frost wipe out your crop, would you? No way! 

Another major point of concern is the fact that Jack Herer cannabis seeds is one of the taller strains out there, reaching plant heights of around 180 cm all the way to 200 cm. When harvested, the average yield is around 400-500 grams, but it can often be lower. Even with a lower yield, this strain is worth the effort! 

Purple Urkle Cannabis Seeds by Goodbuzz Genetics.  

Purple Urkle cannabis seeds are a pure indica that has taken the medical marijuana community by storm. It is highly coveted for its unique, almost narcotic relaxing effect that is invaluable in the treatment of sleep disorders and chronic pain. 

One of the most striking traits of Purple Urkle cannabis seeds is its distinct, arresting appearance, with the traditional indica leaf configuration as well as an indigo hue. 

The more the plant flowers, the deeper the hue turns. In terms of potency, Purple Urkle cannabis seeds give you a THC content between 15% and 18%. 

Purple Urkle Cannabis Seeds plant takes between 10-12 weeks to flower and provides a yield of 400-500 grams. It is also suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, but you need to be mindful of how the plant tends to grow when setting up a space. 

This cannabis seeds strain grows in a bush style, only reaching heights of around 100-180 cm. There are a lot of broad fan leaves around the plant’s bottom, with a large coda in the centre with the bulk of the actual buds. In addition, it tends to grow slower outdoors, no matter the light levels. 

Purple Urkle cannabis seeds are a moderately difficult strain to grow, especially if you need to grow outdoors or you are used to more sativa strains. If that is the case, or if you are just a newer grower, you may want to give Jack Herer a try instead. It is a medicinal strain too, but it is a bit easier to grow. 

If you are going to go through all that effort to tend your plants as they grow, you will want to start with the best cannabis seeds possible. That way, you will get a finished product that is worth all the time and attention you poured into growing it. 

Buy today with Cannabis Seeds Store for the cheapest cannabis seeds online which you will love.