The best and cheapest cannabis seeds. 

If you are struggling with money but you are still keen on cannabis seeds growing, then I have the best and cheapest cannabis seeds for you. 

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Seed Stockers. 

cannabis seeds store

Seed Stockers is a breeder from Spain that produces the best of the Spanish and Dutch cannabis seeds. It has the high-quality Dutch Passion inheritance.  The company uses the prize-winning genetics from the famous breeders. The result product is a top-quality cannabis seeds with attractive price. 

Seed Stockers have a fantastic range of Cannabis Seeds which we sell on our online seed store which pack potency for every cannabis smoker. 

Let’s take a look at some great strain reviews, photos of cannabis seeds and more information on Seed Stockers. 

Amnesia Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Amnesia Auto Cannabis Seeds is one of Seed Stockers best-selling autos. It's an easy auto to grow, she grows well indoors or outdoors with heavy harvests and a resinous THC-rich result with a super strong Haze smoke.  

Indoors this auto does well with 20 hours of daily light and takes around 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Under optimum indoor hydroponic conditions Amnesia Auto flower Cannabis Seeds will produce several hundred grams per plant. 

 This variety is easy to grow in any grow medium and even first-time growers will get great results. Experienced auto Cannabis Seeds growers should note that this is one of our strongest auto varieties with THC levels of 23% and some of the heaviest yields that we have seen on an auto. 

what can I say this strain is absolutely amazing I'm going to end up with some nice smoke I'm positive because it's been a delight to grow never once had any issues with these amazing plants, apart from one plant grew abnormal and constantly threw out white hairs but I'm 99% sure that was due to it being in a hot spot in the corner of tent...she will become cannabutter that's all?  

Other than that, just a pure joy to sit back and learn how she grows, she didn't require large amounts of nutrients at all seemed like she progressed better when given less than required I'll be sure to grow again as they cause me not hassle just lovely pictures and smell. 

You can buy a 5 pack of Amnesia Auto Cannabis Seeds for as little as £10.95 so why wait, shop now at Cannabis Seeds Store!  


BCN XXL Critical Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds. 

One of our heaviest yielding auto varieties, BCN Critical Auto flower Cannabis Seeds is also a powerful smoke with THC levels of 22%+.  

These legendary genetics are reliable and consistently heavy producers of strong cannabis, it's a proven auto that you can trust to deliver. Indoors this variety takes around 75 days from seed to harvest and does well with 20 or 24 hours of daily light.  

The buds are bigger than usual with a sticky frosty coating and an aromatic smell, with hints of citrus. Very easy and uncomplicated to grow, with heavy harvests and an unbeatable smoke.  

I use this for "all purpose" smoking, morning, day, evening, night. doesn't matter, decent strain with a nice buzz 
I've been smoking this over a month (I started smoking finished buds before normal harvest) 

Great daytime strain, easy to grow, reliable strain, the planted seeds all look the same when grown, only difference in height. Depending on feed and lighting this strain can give you an enormous amount of thc. The grow caps gave an excellent full taste and heavy trichome covering.  
well, what can I say, the weed is stronger than I could imagine, this one didn't have such strong lemon smell and taste, but it tasted very good? This is more the night-time stuff, but very doable for daytime too. I tend to smoke it at different hours and always enjoy. 

You can buy BCN XXL Critical Auto Cannabis Seeds directly from us for just £9.95 for 5 seeds! 

AK420 Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

AK 420 auto Cannabis Seeds offers the home grower an ideal combination of quality and quantity. The prize-winning genetics originally come from AK47 and deliver proven consistency with THC levels of 22%+ as well as unusually heavy harvests. It's one of the easier autos Cannabis Seeds to grow, indoors she takes 20 or 24 hours of daily light and takes about 11 weeks from seed to harvest. 

 This variety produces dense buds with a fruity/fuel aroma and hint of citrus, it's a refreshing and stimulating variety with a blissful high and a long-lasting body stone. 

A strong cigarette indeed. I kept a part of a medium bud alone and dry it for 6 days. Herbs and citrus were the first taste in my mouth, exhaling gave me an earthy result. 
After the second puff I tried to taste more, but then electrical particles started to connect with each other beginning from my head and reaching my feet. 

Nice smoke, no negative effects, this was only a solo cup plant so was small and shared tent with other 9 monsters, but still provided 8g dry bud. Can't wait till rest is done. 

What an amazing strain.... the easy way too growing this... the smell... fantastic smell... full dominated of cinnamon!!! And this baby taste sooooooo...... FRUITY. 

You can buy AK420 Auto Cannabis Seeds at Cannabis Seeds Store for as little as £6.85 for a 3 seed pack! 

Sticky Fingers Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Perhaps the finest and most potent cannabis variety in the Seed Stockers collection. Cannabis Cup winning Sticky Monkey (Gorilla Glue genetics) was crossed with a special ‘Thin Mint’ Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds. The ‘Thin Mint’ GSC Cannabis Seeds phenotype hybridisation ensures extreme THC levels of up to 25%.  

The combination of Sticky Monkey with GSC Cannabis Seeds delivers one of the best modern hybrids we have seen. These USA genetics are easy to grow and show a blend of Indica/sativa genetics with some of the stickiest and most resinous buds you have seen. Concentrate lovers will find this to be one of the most productive varieties available.  

The high is devastatingly powerful, these buds are resin soaked and leave your fingers sticky as you break them open. Fresh fruity aromas combine with rich hash, sweet cookies and hints of mint/pine.  

This lady is HUGE I never expected her to get so big for the last 2 weeks she's been top heavy, hanging all over. I managed to keep her upright using plant tie, but she fell the other way! Branches have slowly been snapping off as them just too heavy. Today the top half of the stem went so I've taking her down. 

Beautiful buds lovely and sticky, can definitely see why she got her name. 

You can buy Sticky Fingers Auto Cannabis Seeds or Feminised Cannabis Seeds from Cannabis Seeds Store for £17.75 for 3 seeds! 

Royal Queen Seeds.  

cannabis seeds store

Royal Queen Seeds (RQS) is one of the fastest-growing cannabis seed companies in Europe. With the aim of bringing top-shelf genetics to hobby growers the world over, their dedicated breeders have created an incredible range of quality feminised, auto flowering, and CBD cannabis seeds. 

Special Kush #1 Cannabis Seeds.  

Special Kush 1 Cannabis Seeds is a feminised Indica dominant strain that contains 80% Indica and 20% sativa genetics. This is a new variation of old-school Kush with low price, quality smoke and decent yields.  

The flowering period takes only 7-8 weeks and the harvest comes in late September. The average crop is about 425-475 gr/m2 indoors and 500 - 550 gr/plant outdoors. The plant needs enough sun, water, feed and a warm climate such as in Italy or North Africa 

The plant has a medium size and grows up to 60-100cm in height during indoor cultivation. It has good stretching outside and reaches to 3m tall. The Cannabis Seeds develops tight frosty buds. 

The smoke brings a hash taste and a strong stone body high. 

Special Kush Cannabis Seeds is a great strain for beginners as well as expert growers! Super cheap strain with lots of potency and potential. 
This strain leaves you very sleepy and relaxed, and it would be one of my favourite Cannabis Seeds ever! 
If you are an Indica smoker and loves to get couch locked all day, or if you just want a nice strain to smoke on before bedtime then this is for you! 
The taste is that classic Kush-piney-lemon Ish smell to it, nothing crazy there but still very lovely smell! 

This strain has an amazing smell. It is a sort of a very sweet fruity smell, and I could just sit and sniff the buds directly all day. Just a fantastic smell. 
The buds are sticky and dense as shit, and although I had some problems over / underfeeding nutrients, the plant was relatively easy to grow. No dead plants and had an amazing harvest in term of quality. 
The taste has the same nuances as the smell, with an additional somewhat woody taste. 
The effect is a really nice relaxed smoke, perfect for an evening Toke. 

You can buy Special Kush #1 Cannabis Seeds for as little as £8.80 for 3 seeds!  

Special Queen #1 Cannabis Seeds. 

Special Queen 1 Cannabis Seeds is a balanced Indica-sativa cross Skunk and Power Bud. The plant has a medium size and grows up to 80-140cm tall indoors. It has a medium stretching during outdoor cultivation and reaches to 2-3 in height. 

 The Cannabis Seeds strain likes sunny warm climate but also suit for growing in more northern regions such as the Netherlands or Great Britain. 

The flowering period takes only 7-8 weeks and the plant produces good yields of 500-550gr/m2. It is recommended to take care about right feeding and provide all necessary nutrients, water and light to get the strong plant and the best results.  

The Cannabis Seeds strain is ideal for SOG and SCROG. It suits both for hydro and soil set ups. The smoke brings a classic body stone and uplifting high. 

For sure the best smoke I've grown yet. The smell and smoke tastes just like sweet tarts. It’s bizarre. It has an awesome head rush and then shortly lately it throws me into the couch. This strain was super easy to grow. It took as much nutrients as I could affordably use. 

One of the best Cannabis Seeds strains of RQS. Classic skunk. Incredible massive smell, Heavy high with strong body stoned. Easy to grow. High Yield. Beautiful buds. All you ask for of a great strain, Special Queen#1 Cannabis Seeds got it. Will serve beginners and experts. 

You can head over to online weed seed store and buy Special Queen Cannabis Seeds for just £9.95 for 3 seeds! 

Quick One Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Quick One Cannabis Seeds is a fast-growing auto flowering Cannabis Seeds strain with a short flowering cycle, decent yields and compact size. This is one of the first and one of the fastest varieties in the Royal Queen collection.  

The strain is based on the Canadian genetics and on the famous original Lowryder. The Williams Wonder, Northern Lights and Ruderalis Cannabis Seeds were crossed to create this strain. The result is Indica dominant plant that doesn't depend on light schedule and contains 10% sativa, 60% Indica and 30% ruderalis genetics. 

The plant develops a strong and compact structure. The height reaches to 50-60 cm, so the Cannabis Seeds strain is ideal for small spaces. It is harvested in 8 weeks after germination. Sometimes flowering takes one more week to get fully mature plant. 

I've been growing pot for the first time in my life and I never ever expected that kind of harvest. If I even came to harvest, I expected something like a little 5g dry weight or something. But just from the looks of it, it's going to be over 10g. I'm very impressed by how far I could push this plant. The plant just kept going and going. Very strong and durable genetics. For beginners, or for people who simply don't have a professional equipment and that are looking for a reliable and very resistant seed, go for the quick one. 

Since this was my first grow, I cannot compare it to others. So, what can I say other than that I am happy with the result of the grow? The grow was super easy. Didn't have any troubles with disease. 

You can buy Quick One Auto Cannabis Seeds for the small amount of £12.81 for 3 seeds.  

Royal Dwarf Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

Royal Dwarf Cannabis Seeds is a compact auto flowering Cannabis Seeds strain based on the outstanding Skunk genetics that was crossed to ruderalis. The Cannabis Seeds plant inherits the strong aroma and high resin production. 

This mostly sativa Cannabis Seeds strain contains 60% sativa, 10% Indica and 30% ruderalis. This small and easy to grow plant is excellent choice for any grower. The effect is very similar to well-known Skunk variety. The smoke brings a soft social and relaxing "body stone" high.  

The smoke is light, with an earthy-pine taste. It's super daily smoke, after I smoke a joint with coffee, I can continue to deal with my daily routines. That's what I wanted. 

I feel this super Sativa strain. Taste so good. Smells good. Recommend this strain to everyone. It's my first grow ever, so I'm happy with this harvest. 

Royal Dwarf Auto Cannabis Seeds is available from Cannabis Seeds Store from £12.81 for 3 seeds. 

Nirvana Seeds. 

cannabis seeds store

Nirvana history started at the end of the 1980s, when Nirvana's founder Mau was working in Positronic, the legendary Amsterdam grow shop. Inspired by this delightful plant Mau started to learn the trade so he could start his own cannabis seed business. He travelled all over the world in searching the best genetics. 

AK48 Regular Cannabis Seeds. 

AK 48 Cannabis Seeds is the most powerful Indica/sativa hybrid. It has such parents as Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican and Afghani. 

The flowering ends very fast and takes only 7-8 weeks. And the harvest brings average yields of 400-500 gr/m2 of solid, dense buds. 

The smoke provides well-balanced effect that tends to the sativa high and brings feeling of euphoria, relaxation and happiness. It also has medical use against depression, stress, insomnia. 

AK 48 Cannabis Seeds has lovely smell and taste of flowers with earthy, sweet notes. 

AK48 Cannabis Seeds was very fun to grow, had our ups and downs. Overall fantastic looking and smelling result.  the bud is dense and fruity! Loved this cannabis strain! 

Undying classic! acts instantly, have fun with friends and have time for creativity. Really easy strain to grow. 
You can buy AK48 Cannabis Seeds from us at Cannabis Seeds Store for £15.60 for 10 weed seeds! 

Sensi Seeds. 

Through years of experimentation and experience Sensi Seeds developed some of the most ground-breaking, powerful, and easy to grow hybrid cannabis plants the world has ever seen. When it comes to the production, safe and discrete shipment, and incredible variety no other seed bank can even come close to what Sensi Seeds can do. 

Mexican Sativa Regular Cannabis Seeds. 

Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds is a sativa dominant plant that contains 70% sativa genetics. The strain is based on the genetics of Oaxaca, Durban and Pakistani Hash Plant Cannabis Seeds. The result is exotic sativa plant with a good resistance and stability. 

The Cannabis Seeds plant develops long thin buds and smooth flavours. The flowering takes 8-10 weeks. The harvest brings a medium yield of top-quality buds. Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds is a great choice for any grower. 

The smoke provides delicate aroma of sandalwood and aniseed with fresh, pungent notes of resin. The effect brings a clear, uplifting Sativa high. 

I always grow regular seeds and this by far is the best!! Packing with flavour and punch you must try this for any regular grower out there!] 

Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds is the one!!! It’s very easy to grow and so delicious when smoked.  

You can buy Mexican Sativa Cannabis Seeds from us at Cannabis Seeds Store for just £20.20 for 10 seeds! 

Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds. 

Sensi Skunk Cannabis Seeds is easy to grow Indica dominant plant, that contains 80% Indica genetics. It is a good choice for grower with a limited budget and for beginners. The Skunk Cannabis Seeds fans will like it. The plant demonstrates a lot of classic Skunk Cannabis Seeds characteristics. 

 It develops potent branches, produces a big harvest and has a fast flowering. The size of plant is easy controlled. Sensi Skunk Cannabis Seeds suits both for indoors and outdoors cultivation in a warm, temperate climate.  

I would recommend this strain to anyone that wants an affordable and easy strain to grow. It was very resistant to everything I did with it and recovered quickly after extreme training. There were no problems with nutrient deficiencies or nutrient burns. Sensi skunk Cannabis Seeds handled every beginner mistake I made like a champ. Resistance to mould is impressive. 

Sensi skunk Cannabis Seeds has a nice citrusy smell to it. During harvesting I had to discard some buds that were affected by caterpillars. I stored them in a plastic bag and opened it the next day. It smelled exactly like lemons. Not just similar to lemons, it smelled just liked lemons. The high from sensi skunk Cannabis Seeds is very strong, one of my friends experienced amnesia after smoking it. 

Silky smooth funk is the best way to put this one. A hint of a subtle unnameable fruit with great mellow skunk tones. Doesn't reek but the smell is still sharp. Smokes great with a very heady 100% milky trichs. Will make you forget what you were doing very easily! 

Overall, it was a very good quality smoke very clean very smooth, happy uplifted alive, daytime smoke depending on your energy levels, really good pain reliever also. Can’t get much better than a smoke of sensi skunk especially when it’s organically grown. Had some close people rate it highly also. 

You can buy Sensi Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds for just £24.40 for 10 seed pack! 

I hope you enjoyed my blog on the cheapest cannabis seeds and you head over to our online seeds store where we won’t be beaten on price! 

Thanks for reading.