Cannabis Seeds The Best Berry Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Cannabis Seeds The Best Berry Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store.

What is more refreshing than a juicy berry cannabis seeds strain after a long hard day? That subtle sweetness with a tang of bitterness to pull it all together there’s not much that can compete with that!


What makes berry cannabis seeds strains of weed so appetizing and how can cannabis even smell like berries to begin with?

 Keep reading this blog to find out all there is to know about cannabis seeds strains and which berry cannabis strains come out on top.

How do Berry cannabis seeds strains smell like actual berries?

All cannabis strains get their unique aromas from the terpenes they develop during flowering. The most common terpenes found in cannabis plants include myrcene, pinene, limonene, linalool, humulene and terpinolene.

These terpenes often band together to create a smell and taste reminiscent of something we’re familiar with, such as strawberries or cheese.

The berry flavour can be made up of many combinations of terpenes to create a berry sweetness or bitterness unique to each berry weed strain. Linalool and limonene are very common in berry weed strains, as the fruity sweetness of limonene complements the herbal bitterness of linalool.

However, each strain's berry-like flavor can spur from any variety of terpenes. Sometimes, nature just works her magic!

Some popular effects associated with terpenes commonly found in berry cannabis include:

  • Limonene - Antidepressant, mood upliftment, stress relief.
  • Linalool - Pain relief, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, released muscle tension.
  • Pinene - Increased energy, stress relief, pain reduction, improved focus.
  • Myrcene - General relaxation, sedation, pain relief, anti-anxiety.

Let us take a look at Cannabis Seeds Store best berry strains. 

Blueberry OG Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

What better way to start off this list of berry weed than with Blueberry OG cannabis seeds by Barney’s Farm? A cross between the famous Blueberry and OG Kush, you’ll get your berry fix in no time with one quick swoop of blueberry-citrusy scent and hints of musky pine.

Matching its potent flavor comes a high THC content of up to 24%, paired nicely with up to 1.2% CBD.

You won’t be disappointed when she sweeps you off your feet in a 70% Indica-dominant sedation, leaving you fully relaxed, giggly, and euphoric.

Growing fast and vigorous, with great resistance to mold, mildew and pests. The height is 100cm and it usually finishes flowering in just 56-62 days indoors, or by the middle of October.

It performs well both indoors and outdoors. When given enough root space, the grower will be rewarded with an excellent yield that can go up to 1000g/plant outdoors or in hydro or 600-700g/m2 when grown in SoG.

It's easy to grow, finishing early and highly potent, Blueberry OG cannabis seeds is great strain for experienced growers and beginners alike.

The aromas of Blueberry OG cannabis seeds are a citrusy mix of lemon and orange. The flavors are rich and musky with blueberry, citrus and hints of pine.

The effects that you can expect are strong and long lasting, influenced by her Sativa genes, uplifting and cerebral, euphoric and giggly, leaving you fully relaxed and sedated afterwards.

Blackberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Fast Buds.

Are you ready to become one with your sofa? Well, then Blackberry Auto cannabis seeds by FastBuds is the couch-locking, Indica-dominant berry weed for you!

With up to 23% THC and a plethora of medicinal properties from pain relief to nausea reduction, every puff of this citrus-berry aromatic blend will do just the trick.

The perfect evening strain for your everyday sweet tooth, she sure is a showstopper. If you’re a classic Indica lover, look no further.

Due to her heavy Indica genetics, Blackberry Auto grows short and stocky – usually no more than 110 cm (3’7”), making her a good choice for both indoors and outdoor setups.

Blackberry Auto cannabis seeds will provide decent yields of trichome-covered buds that give out sweet and berry-like aromas.

The Blackberry Kush in the genetics gives Blackberry Auto cannabis seeds her lovely red, violet, or lilac-colored flowers, making her a great addition to any garden. Here’s some more info to help you grow this strain:

Sweet Zombie Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Expert Seeds.

Snuggle up in front of the TV or with a good book because Sweet Zombie cannabis seeds by Expert Seeds is ready to zombify your mind in a wonderfully lulled state of euphoric bliss.

As a 95% Indica-dominant berry weed strain with over 23% THC, you’ve just met your Indica lover maker.

As for the flavor palette, the name of this feminized cannabis variety speaks for itself: Sweet Zombie cannabis seeds tastes like a sweet candy flavored with blackberry and plum.

Thanks to its hash aroma with notes of berries and fascinating sweetness, you’ll be up for one of the most unforgettable cannabis experiences available.

Expert Seeds has created a real bomb of a cannabis strain in the form of Sweet Zombie cannabis seeds. The genetic mix of Black Domina and Zombie Virus makes for a strong stone that’s highly effective against stress, body aches, and anxiety.

Wedding Cake Feminised Cannabis Seeds by| Big Head Seeds.

Topping the bar with 25% THC and a scrumptious creamy berry flavour, Wedding Cake cannabis seeds by Big Head Seeds is worth the song and dance.

Have the time of your life with her sweet euphoric high that’ll make it a night to remember, and savor every minute of her Indica-dominant full-body relaxation that never seems to end.

You’ll feel like the belle of the ball with each puff of this special berry weed.

Wedding Cake cannabis seeds is as sweet as she sounds, she has a terpene profile that is full of berries and cream which makes for an incredibly pleasant experience.

Her high THC content of up to 25% will have waves of euphoria washing over you alongside a relaxing body high that goes on and on.

Sweetberry Cough Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Garden of Green.

Sweetberry Cough Auto cannabis seeds is all flavour with the genetics to allow for a complex terpene profile, including lots of berry with hints of spice and sweetness and a little dash of butter.

This autoflowering cannabis variety produces effects that just about every type of cannabis consumer will enjoy.

While it’s an 80% Indica strain, the high tends to be a mix of both Indica and Sativa properties. This tends to start in the head with a cerebral high, but then delivers a more complete sense of relaxation and happiness.

Sweetberry Cough Auto cannabis seeds is also very popular with medicinal users suffering from insomnia, muscle spasms, stress and anxiety.




There’s nothing quite as timeless as the flavour of berries not to mention cannabis that tastes and smells like them! Take your pick of one of the cannabis seeds from this blog and start your berry journery with Cannabis Seeds Store.