Cannabis Seeds - The Best Indica To Smoke And Grow.

Cannabis Seeds - The Best Indica To Smoke And Grow.

Indica strains is a subspecies of cannabis seeds which grows into tall, full-bodied plants and produces dense, bulbous buds. Indica cannabis seeds strains do well when grown either indoors or outdoors and are generally easy to grow.

 If you’re a cannabis seeds grower, there could be no better way to start the year than by searching for the best Indica strains. This list comprises some of the most popular Indica varieties, handpicked by us according to the preferences of our customers. These cannabis seeds have the best Discount Cannabis Seeds consumer reviews and the most positive feedback from growers. 


Purple Punch Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Purple Punch cannabis seeds buds look amazing: neon green, with hues of dark grapes and bright orange pistils. The flavors and effects are just as beautiful: immediately after you inhale this smoke that smells of berries and spicy cookies, anything that might have bothered you gets purged, and your whole being is filled with euphoria induced by 25% THC. You can still function, but it’s best to just relax, eat a ton of snacks, and eventually doze off in front of the TV.

Purple Punch weed seeds is a feminised photoperiod cannabis strain that’s been a staple in North American dispensaries as a fruity, Indica dominant cross between Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG  two Californian powerhouses with Indica dominant and Sativa-dominant genetics, respectively. This has led to a sensational cannabis strain that delivers excellent results in a very short time!

Purple Punch cannabis seeds is first parent is the famous Granddaddy Purple, or more simply GDP, that was bred by Ken Estes in 2003. This Indica got even more interesting with the addition of Larry OG genes, making the resulting cross equally potent but with a very easy and mellow high. With a lineage like this, Purple Punch weed seeds is a must for every Indica lover.

Purple Punch weed seeds provides a deep, relaxing couch-lock effect that stimulates the appetite, numbs various aches and pains, and makes you very happy and drowsy. Thanks to its anti-anxiety properties, it’s also a great sleep aid.

Purple Punch cannabis seeds is becoming increasingly easy to find pleasant-tasting cannabis strains due to advances in breeding technology. Purple Punch weed seeds is in a league of its own when it comes to smell and flavor. Purple Punch cannabis seeds bright purple buds have a sweet taste of well-spiced apple pie with blueberries, or tends to remind one of cookies. Due to a great number of different terpenes, the flavor can be very complex and becomes only richer as the buds cure.

This potent Indica has very rich cannabinoid content besides its 25% THC (a lot even by today’s standards), Purple Punch weed seeds also carries a hefty 2% CBD probably the reason for such a pleasing and mellow stone.

Glookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Glookies cannabis seeds from Barney’s Farm is an Indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain with an all-star genetic lineage. Any strain resulting from a cross between Gorilla Glue and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is destined to be a hit! Glookies cannabis seeds delivers an abundance of pungent, resin-covered, medical-grade cannabis that makes life instantly seem brighter. A minimum high of 4 hours will take you through a journey from warm head-based euphoria to a tingly full-body buzz.


Glookies weed seeds is a feminised photoperiod cannabis strain developed by Barney’s Farm. Stemming from two infamous American varieties, Glookies weed seeds gets not only a quirky name, but also a perfect combination of their effects. This is what makes Glookies weed seeds is a favorite among both medical and recreational users.

Glookies weed seeds effects start with an incredibly cerebral head rush that can fill anyone with joy and love of life. As the session progresses, the body buzz overtakes this and relaxes every muscle in your body. This combination makes for ideal nights creating art, listening to music, or simply chatting with friends. Trust us, you’ll feel inspired!

Barney’s Farm is famous for making extremely potent strains, and Glookies weed seeds is no exception. Its THC content clocks in at 25% – more than enough to stay high for many hours.

As is to be expected, Glookies weed seeds has a complex nutty smell and tastes of diesel and lime thanks to its wonderfully aromatic parents. The freshness of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies really shines through as well, leading to buds with excellent visual appeal.

Shiskaberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Shiskaberry cannabis seeds is a feminised cannabis strain with the potential for growing monstrous yields between 500-600 g/m² or 1500-2000 g/plant! Shiskaberry weed seeds needs just 7-8 weeks to bring bucket-loads of 26% THC-loaded buds to life. Expect a harvest brimming with pungent berry aromas and earthy tastes with effects that’ll leave you sighing with relief after a long hard day.

Shiskaberry weed seeds is one of a kind, holding a pure 100% Indica lineage under its belt and all the right genetics for a tasty, berry explosion. Leave it up to the breeders at Barney’s Farm to cross two simple classics, Blueberry and Afghan landrace, to achieve this perfect combo of legendary origin.

One for the die-hard Indica lovers, Shiskaberry weed seeds effects are what is to be expected from a pure Indica strain. Prepare for a strong, long-lasting body buzz that leaves you relaxed and calm for hours on end. Shiskaberry weed seeds is ideal for beginners who want to get a true feel for Indica effects, or for the experienced smoker who just wants a mellow chill pill at the end of a long day.

Shiskaberry weed seeds THC and CBD levels usually test at around 20-26% THC and 0.4% CBD for a fun, yet handlable potency.

Straight to the point and dominated by berry terpenes, these aromas are strong and pungent for a refreshingly sweet wild forest-like scent. As for flavors Shiskaberry weed seeds are strong, earthy, and spicy with more hints of berries to delight the tastebuds in a timeless terpene profile.

LSD Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Already a classic, LSD cannabis seeds remains to this day one of the top bestsellers among Indica strains. Everyone loves its rich earthy taste and hard-hitting stone that sends your body floating on a cloud and your mind visiting other dimensions.

Naming a weed plant LSD weed seeds was a bold move, but this High Times Cannabis Cup winner really makes some users hear and see things that aren’t there. LSD cannabis seeds also an unusually hardy plant that many first-timers have tried to kill, but couldn’t.

LSD weed seeds was created by crossing Original Skunk #1 and an Afghani Indica, and LSD cannabis seeds carries all the features you would normally associate with this lineage: vigorous growth, compact plant structure, short flowering period, and most importantly, a heavy-handed yet pleasant Indica type stone.

LSD weed seeds will guide you through a full spectrum of pleasant feelings that are dominated by the profound relaxation of both body and mind. It’s not only the suggestive name but also the unique cannabinoid profile of this weed that causes some people to see a world distorted by the imagination.

25% THC is a level that many modern growers have experienced first-hand. However, for a classic strain, it’s just short of a miracle potency-wise, LSD weed seeds was way ahead of its time.

The terpene profile of LSD weed seeds is incredibly complex yet balanced. The aroma and taste are quite earthy and musky while very pungent, with hints of a Skunky flavor and herbal scent. Meanwhile, the taste is reminiscent of an earthy chestnut, with the stench of sweet and sour lemon.

LSD weed seeds is a true Indica in this respect. After only 60-65 days of flowering, you’ll find your buds fully mature, not to mention huge, dense, and sticky.

Critical Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney's Farm.

Critical Kush cannabis seeds is a winning combination of huge yields and champion-level potency. It’s also a pure Indica rather rare in this day and age where everything is hybridized. You’ll appreciate Critical Kush cannabis seeds smooth earthiness and its equally smooth stone, which will put an ear-to-ear grin on your face and make your couch seem like the happiest place on earth. A bowl of snacks and the remote next to your bong will complete this picture of a perfect evening after a long day.

The lineage of Critical Kush weed seeds isn’t markedly different from many of the most popular varieties on the market today. Her parents are Critical Mass and OG Kush, and their immediate predecessors include Skunk #1, Afghani, Hindu Kush, and an unknown strain from Northern California. The resulting mix of genes, however, is anything but ordinary.

Critical Kush weed seeds buds provide a classic Indica stone effect, which can help to get rid of fatigue, insomnia, or stress. All you have to do is sink into the sofa and relax.

Critical Kush weed seeds boasts an incredible THC level of 25% to provide a long-lasting effect. Plus, although this strain wasn’t bred for high CBD content, Critical Kush cannabis seeds also turned out to be very rich in this therapeutic cannabinoid at 1.8%.

Though it doesn’t have a delicious-sounding name to lure users in with a promise of some sweet treat, Critical Kush cannabis seeds contains many tasty terpenes that give the smell notes of earth, herb, and fuel. Meanwhile, the flavor is intensely piney, with an aftertaste of lemons and tangerines.

Critical Kush cannabis seeds  has a relatively small size when cultivated indoors, reaching just 100cm (3.3 ft). When harvest time comes, the top of the plant becomes purple, and resinous buds covered in crystals begin to appear. The plant has a strong smell during the flowering period, so carbon filters will be a real help for indoor.

Eleven Roses Early Version Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Delicious Seeds.

Eleven Roses cannabis seeds is a high-quality feminised cannabis strain, described by the breeders of Delicious Seeds as their best work yet. Eleven Roses cannabis seeds  aromas and flavors are second to none thanks to her enviable genetics. With a very high THC rating, she’s a powerful strain and can easily induce sedation. As a result, this is definitely one you’ll want to save for the evenings or your days off.

Eleven Roses cannabis seeds family tree combines the award-winning Sugar Black Rose with Appalachian Kush, meaning that you see high yields without having to babysit your plants. With a family tree like this, the strain has to be good Eleven Roses weed seeds looks great, smells lovely, and tastes even better.

The THC rating of Eleven Roses weed seeds usually hovers around the mid-20s, making it a very powerful feminised cannabis variety. As a result, most users except for the most experienced will likely feel her effects hit hard and strong. Eleven Roses cannabis seeds  induces a very deep sense of relaxation and can even be used medicinally to help those who may suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

As a 100% Indica strain, this is perfect for treating insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Enjoy it when you begin feeling overwhelmed to banish negative thoughts. Although Eleven Roses cannabis seeds doesn't contain any CBD, it's excellent for rest and recuperation. Once its high THC levels wash over you, you'll seem glued to the couch.

Speaking of Eleven Roses’ weed seeds THC level, it taps out just shy of 25%, so take it slowly. This strain tends to hit quick and hard, so make sure to take pauses between tokes.

The terpene profile is responsible for its heavenly smell and unique flavors. You can anticipate a sweet, earthy taste with a slight metallic aftertaste. You may also notice a fruit-like initial taste that gently melts away.

If you’re a grower looking for the best Indica cannabis seeds strains to cultivate this list has you covered shop today with us at Discount Cannabis Seeds.