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Cannabis Seeds - Cheese Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Cheese cannabis seeds are intense relaxation and uplift in mood. Even though this cannabis seeds strain is ostensibly 80% indica.


The overwhelming sensation is one of extraordinary sativa cannabis seeds influence. You will feel both happy and overall elated, improving your outlook on life massively, as well as just generally making your day better.

After a short while, the high will shift into pure euphoria that will persist for the remainder of the high, encouraging you to try and achieve your goals and just generally keep going.

By far the biggest impediment to this, however, will be the overwhelming sensation of pure hunger. You will feel the munchies possibly harder than you ever have before; it is a common joke that Cheese cannabis seeds is single handedly responsible for great cheese cannabis seeds sales in the UK there is nothing you will want more than a size able snack, preferably loaded with cheese.

Once you have sated your intense hunger, you will begin to feel a great body melt that makes you feel both intensely calm and relaxed at the same time. One of the best qualities of Cheese strains is its ability to so perfectly meld the feelings of both indica and sativa effects you will feel both incredibly relaxed in the body, yet somehow still so empowered in your mind.

All of this is reinforced by its incredible flavor, almost artificial in its cheesiness. This cheese strain is one that manages to combine the wonderful British pastime of consuming copious amounts of cheese and the intense desire to relax contentedly in front of the TV.

If you are a cheese lover and wanting some fantastic skinky cheese cannabis seeds then see our best cheese strains below.

Big Buddha Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds.

Big Buddha Cheese cannabis seeds is the winner of the HTCC in 2006, this indica dominant excellence is a tried and true super-cheesy strain.

When the stash jar filled with Big Buddha Cheese is opened, the world is instantaneously notified of the dank it comprises. This strain provides its consumers with chill-out highs, perfect for slowing down those stressed brainwaves. Mad munchies may present themselves.

It’s smart to cook a solid meal before inhaling Big Buddha Cheese, as this will allow the crisps, donuts, and sugar-filled delicacies to be avoided. 

Big Buddha Cheese has some tasty flavor going on, the most noticeable being a rich taste bud pleasing cheese flavour, enriched by earthy and pungent tastes. The skunky smells given off by burning and smoking this strain smells quite severe, be sure to use discretion if smoking in a place where cannabis isn’t exactly tolerated.

Big Buddha Cheese has a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks and can be grown effectively both indoors and outdoors.

Blue Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Blue Cheese cannabis seeds is a classic hybrid which comprises Blueberry genetics straight from Oregon and Cheese vibes which came to light after the dankest Skunks were hybridized with each other. Whenever eating a cheesecake, one wishes for delicious blueberries to cover the delight.

Whoever manifested the idea of blending Cheese and Blueberry, was clearly a genius.

Blue Cheese cannabis seeds comprises 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. It’s not uncommon to see this strain on Amsterdam’s coffeeshop menus, it’s quite a popular variety.

The dominance of Blue Cheese cannabis seeds lands on the indica side, although sativa vibes are also present.

Imagine Buddhist monks, meditating with deep concentration, that's what Blue Cheese feels like after that toke.

Obtaining spiritual connections on the metaphysical plane is not an uncommon experience with Blue Cheese.

Of course, some may experience Blue Cheese as a more relaxing strain, which can be consumed with the beloved half, while Netflix and chill.

Sweet Seeds Cannabis Seeds By Sweet Seeds.

Sweet Cheese cannabis seeds is a high-yielding and award-winning strain that has made its mark in the cannabis world, winning 1st in Tarragona in 2015, 1st in Menorca 2017, and 2nd in Miranda de Ebro in 2013. There is a good reason why Sweet Cheese has seen so much success.

This sativa-dominant strain offers smokers a euphoric, energizing, long-lasting, and overall enjoyable psychoactive high.

When lighting the tip of a joint or blunt filled with the cured flowers of Sweet Cheese, smokers can expect the sensual tastes of spicy and mature cheese.

Sweet Cheese cannabis seeds produces long-running colas that are encompassed by smaller flowers. When growing the strain indoors within grow rooms or tents, expect to see big yields up to 600g/m².

Outdoor plants cultivated within pots and garden beds will put out around 550g/plant and are ready for harvest in mid September.

Blueberry Cheese Feminised by Barney's Farm.

Blueberry Cheese cannabis seeds is producing euphoric and happy effects paired with the wonderful relaxation of a deep body high, Blueberry Cheese cannabis seeds is a delicious Cheese strain that’s sure to leave you both sleepy and starving  you’d better have some snacks to hand when the munchies kick in!

As for the aroma as you might expect the smells are, at first, skunky like an aged cheese, but you’ll soon notice different sweet and mild berry-like notes creeping in.

This is mirrored in its flavour too which is creamy and sweet, reminiscent of a blueberry cheesecake.

Exodus Cheese Cannabis Seeds By Green House Seeds.

Exodus Cheese cannabis seeds is a legend because for many years, it could only be obtained as clones and only in the UK.

This exclusive cheese-smelling phenotype of Skunk #1 was ridiculously pungent  knockout strong and its high was marked by a sensual buzz in your skin and muscles, but also by a very deep, thought-provoking meditation.

If you’ve ever longed for this one-of-a-kind experience, you’re in luck, because Green House Seeds has perfectly recreated this clone-only variety in seed form.

If anything, the effects of this strain are mellow, with even first-time users finding them unthreatening yet ultimately satisfying.

Exodus Cheese cannabis seeds is therefore a great way for new smokers to ease themselves into the world of super-potent cannabis.

After just one hit, you’ll be overwhelmed by the tingly feeling of relaxation that spreads all over the body as the high progresses, taking you to new heights of euphoric bliss.


Choose cheese cannabis seeds for your cheese board, which one will you choose?

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