Cannabis Seeds Kush Strains Our Favourite - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Cannabis Seeds Kush Strains Our Favourite - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Kush is a word that’s highly popular across the cannabis industry. In fact, it’s one of the most widely used to describe top-shelf weed. But do you truly know the kush meaning or what’s the difference between cannabis seeds kush strains? If not, no worries, Cannabis Seeds Store have put together the ultimate guide to cannabis seeds kush including an in-depth guide to different types of kush strains.

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While you might think kush is just another way to compliment the highest quality weed, there’s much more to the word than you may know. Kush is more than just a descriptive term but an actual classification of cannabis seeds strains that originate from the Hindu Kush mountains. The Hindu Kush mountain range is located on the Afghanistan-Pakistan.


Kush cannabis seeds strains typically boast deep-green colas with eye-catching hints of purple, and vibrant amber or orange pistils. The kush bud structure is normally dense and quite hefty, and plants tend to pack on weight as they grow. 


Different types of kush cannabis seeds will deliver varying aromas and flavor depending on the exact genetics it comes from. Overall, cannabis kush strains tend to have a gassy, floral, pine, and earthy aroma that delivers a citrus, earthy, and fruity diesel like taste. 


Because kush cannabis seeds strains tend to be indica dominant kush effects follow suit. That means you can expect intense relaxing types of effects, that can be cerebrally introspective and uplifting for the mood, too. The soothing and comforting effects make many kush  cannabis seeds strains ideal for medical consumers.

Cannabis seeds kush strains have become so synonymous with top-notch cannabis that kush is now even used to describe any good weed. Which may have to do with the number of High Times cannabis cups kush strains have been awarded or how high-quality their genetics tend to be.

Before you begin cultivating indica kush cannabis seeds strains, there’s a few things you should know about how they grow. For one, like any true indica cannabis  seeds kush plants grow short and stocky. Meaning, they’re ideal for indoor environments that are limited on ceiling space.

One other factor to keep in mind is kush cannabis seeds strains can be quite pungent. So, you may want to maximize your odour mitigation practices or avoid growing outdoors if you think your neighbors will be offended by the loud aromas.

Due to their long-standing and stable genetics, kush strains tend to be quite hardy and resistant to common issues. Like cold temperatures, pests and molds.

This also makes cannabis kush cannabis seeds strains ideal for beginner growers. Overall, popular kush cannabis seeds strains are beloved by growers for their shorter than usual life cycles and maximized yields. Even better, kush cannabis seeds strains are highly notable for resin-coated, dense buds which make them ideal for making hash, oil or concentrates, too.

Our Top 5 Kush Cannabis Seeds. 

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds By Kera Seeds. 

OG Kush Cannabis seeds is probably one of the most renowned kush strains, or strains in general available on the market today.

The indica dominant hybrid delivers a lively, and uplifting euphoria along with its soothing and comforting effects. In fact, High Times itself has ranked OG Kush as the #1 strain of all time. OG Kush cannabis seeds easily reaches 19-22% THC making it a highly potent and pleasurable experience, all-around.

OG Kush cannabis seeds is one of the most talked about cannabis types in the US, with everyone from rappers to Hollywood stars mentioning their preference for 'Kush'.

What makes Kush cannabis seeds so interesting to smokers is its initial mental rush, which can be attributed to its predominant Indica characteristics, followed by the gentle muscular relaxation and almost numb body sensations brought along by its Sativa component.
OG Kush Feminised cannabis seeds can be grown fairly easily indoors if you have a good cannabis growing set up. These cannabis plants flower after 8-9 weeks indoors (or in October outside), and produce a medium level yield though the quality of the cannabis more than makes up for this.
OG Kush cannabis plants can grow to about 160 cm high, but are still well within the normal range for indoor farming.

Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds By Dutch Passion. 

Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds has been around for almost 20 years and for good reason. The cross of OG Kush x Afgani is an 80% indica dominant hybrid that’s optimal for nighttime use and sedation. The cannabis seeds kush strain is well-known for tranquilizing effects with THC content ranging from 16-19%.

Medical consumers are quite fond of Bubba Kush cannabis seeds for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety, while keeping the mind focused and alert.

With Bubba Kush Island Cannabis Seeds average height of 1 meter indoors, a fast 7.5 week flowering period and sour and fruity Kush tones, Bubba Island Kush is a special Kush addition to the Dutch Passion collection.
Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds leaves can turn dark during bloom giving her a real hash plant appearance with extremely resinous buds. Concentrate makers will love this strain because of it’s unique terpene profile, ideal for making hash, BHO, wax and shatter
Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds has an earthy Kush aroma but the sour and fruity tones are dominant. Bubba Kush Island Feminised Cannabis Seeds frosty buds are dense, compact and of premium potency.
The relaxing high of Bubba Kush Island Feminised Cannabis Seeds is satisfying and deeply enjoyable.
This fast Indica is perfect for growers looking for the best quality bud in the shortest time.

Hindu Kush Cannabis Seeds By Sensi Seeds. 

Hindu Kush Cannabis Seeds is one of the OG’s of strains today and is named for the original mountain range that all kushes came from. It’s one of the very few pure indicas available on the market today, and is highly sought after by medical consumers for its soothing and calming effects.

While Hindu Kush  cannabis seeds effects may be slow to set in, once they do expect to be couchlocked and fully relaxed.  Growing wise, and consuming wise, Hindu Kush cannabis seeds is also recognizable for its maximized resin production making it ideal for hash or concentrates.

Amazingly quick to flower, Hindu Kush Auto Feminised cannabis plant begins to bloom as soon as the first pairs of leaves are formed and the solid, resin coated buds are finished in just 45-50 days. This Auto Feminised cannabis plant offers the possibility of multiple harvests throughout the year in the same grow area.

Hindu Kush Auto cannabis plants stay short, well branched and bushy, making them perfect for discreet guerrilla gardening, or for squeezing in between other crops or larger cannabis plants. Indoors this Feminised Auto cannabis plant is great to grow in reduced spaces or small grow tents and are well suited to the SOG sea of Green method.

Master Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seed Organisation.

Master Kush Cannabis Seeds gained much of its notoriety as being a favorite strain of Snoop Dogg.

While it has elusive origins, it’s been around the block for quite some time and is one of the most notable indica dominant hybrids today. When looking at Master Kush vs OG Kush the two strains share many traits, including an uplifting and euphoric type of high. As the buzz goes on the kush effects become ultimately relaxing and quite sedating. Master Kush cannabis seeds usually produces 19-22% THC and is a multiple-time.

This California classic is among the top producing Indica dominant Kush breeds on the market today.

Master Kush Feminised  cannabis plant is short and compact in stature with a powerful and aggressive root base, Displaying deep green broad leaves which finish with purple, orange and red hues.
This Feminised cannabis plant produces large crown shaped colas coated in resin reflect the Hindu Kush and Original Skunk parentage. Master Kush cannabis seeds plant is grower friendly in 9 short weeks
Sharp pepper tones are followed by an earthy finish from this Feminised cannabis plant.
Strong cerebral effects are produced from Master Kush cannabis plant, then end with a euphoric relaxing body high.

Pineapple Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Pineapple Kush Cannabis Seeds is one of the newcomerss to the kush strain block but is just as high-quality as the rest.

The highly potent indica dominant hybrid comes from a cross of OG Pineapple x Master Kush for a delightful end-result.

With 19-22% THC and low levels of CBD, Pineapple Kush cannabis seeds is just as popular with medical consumers as its other kush strain counterparts. Its kush effects will relax the body, while producing an uplifting, creative and euphoric buzz that brings on the giggles and the munchies.

Whilst it is sometimes mistaken for Pineapple Express because both share a tropical taste reminiscent of pineapple. Pineapple Kush cannabis seeds  indica is a heavy blend of this strain, along with the high CBD:THC ratio that comes as a result of that.It is an excellent choice for customers who are looking for something to help with anxiety or other related problems, like migraines, PMS or general stress.

The strain has also been praised for having a positive effect on people who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or a reduced appetite. A well grown Pineapple Kush  cannabis seeds plant will reach a height of somewhere between seventy and one hundred and twenty centimeters if grown inside, plants will typically produce a yield of about half a kilogram per square meter if you are growing indoors or per plant (once dried) if you are growing outdoors.
These seeds have been Feminised, meaning that your plants will all flower, which will happen after seven or eight weeks under normal circumstances.

 Look no further than the quality of cannabis seeds kush strains. Different types of kush like the popular kush cannabis seeds strains we covered today are infamous for producing high-quality crops, maximized yields, and effects that are highly soothing for nighttime use. So, try your hand at adding some kush cannabis seeds and buy them at the cheapest cannabis seeds store online with us at Cannabis Seeds Store.