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With a wide range of fantastic auto flowering cannabis seeds you will not be disappointed when buying your weed seeds from Cannabis Seeds Store.  

If you love growing auto flowering cannabis seeds, then Fast Buds cannabis seed bank has the marijuana strains for you.  

Fast Buds was founded in 2010. The company has presence in the States and Europe.  

Try Fast Buds has years of experience, productive work and close cooperation with some of the best CANNABIS SEEDS growers.  

The basic goal is to produce the most trendy and great genetics that California can offer and introduce to growers in auto flower form without compromising quality for the sake of quantity. 

 Fast Buds carefully selects the auto flowering genetics that it considers to be the most promising in existence. The company offers and continues to innovate products.  

Fast Buds product line offers exotic-looking strains. Fast Buds maintains the industry connections in California so that it can bring you the best that the Golden State can offer in auto flowering form! 

No auto flowering cannabis grower will be able to say no to Fast Buds.  

In this blog you will have some incredible cannabis seeds that you can buy from Cannabis Seeds Store today. 

Let us look at Fast Buds cannabis strains.  

Gorilla Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Gorilla Glue Auto is a super light variety with an incredibly high THC level of 24%. It has excellent champion genetics and produces many strong buds covered with bright orange hairs. 

 It is recommended to use pots up to 11-13 gallons (40-50 litres) for the best growth outdoor or bulbs of 600 to 1000 watts per m2, if growing indoors.  

As a result, the plant gives a very sticky "glue", large fat buds with the pine, sour lemon, and diesel aroma after about 9 weeks.  

This trichome queen is the biggest and most potent strain from Fast Buds. 

 The effects of fun, positivity and euphoria increases progressively and mix of sativa and indica gives relaxation. 

Wow, what a pleasure to grow. Absolutely no problems at all, the 3 plants I grew were all identical. 
Solid genetics, good sticky buds, and a good bit of trim too (if you are into hash making / edibles!) 

The quality, something like a green fruit, the pistils from beginning to end were more dark orange tones, something brown although not ripe. they are friendly glues for those who needed a great power of light and have been reduced to a minimum this girl has sticky crystals, her show is to enjoy something cured to get caught in the abietate and for those who want high concentration this strain will really make it happen I hope to see its therapeutic power I need something that lasts more than a high, I already thought of a dessert is already in my plans the effects should sound like a stone a high. 

Buds are very frosty and sticky too, everything is in jars and smells nicer by the day! I smoke a lot of flower, so I can use this in the day and still get about but it does make me feel a bit lethargic, so for less frequent users I would say this is more of an evening smoke as it's quite heavy, which is surprising as a wasn't able to let them go as long as I planned due to some troubles I had, but its fast hitting and quite frankly I can't complain at all, each plant grew slightly different despite being of the same strain, so the buds look and smell and even taste different from each plant.. so, every time I make a joint it is like smoking something else, it does not have the usual gorilla glue aroma and taste but is still unique and is a lovely smoke.  

Gorilla is ready!!! 
The buds are beautiful, crunchy, and fragrant, the main colas have remained compact and hard, while the lower ones are more expensive. 
The colour is a nice bright green and the trichomes, if illuminated with a light, shine very much. 

The smoke is smooth! It slips well in the mouth and does not so much oppress the lungs 
In the mouth, the taste becomes even sweeter with citrate notes, like sour, and leaves in the mouth an excellent aftertaste, very fruity.  

The high is powerful and long lasting, after just three pitches you immediately feel it rise to the eyes. 
It is well balanced if smoked at home it transports you to a state of complete relaxation, while if you smoke outside it is intoxicating and leaves you almost active for the day, great! 

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Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Without a doubt, Girl Scout Cookies are one of the most popular auto strains. It takes 8-9 weeks for the flowers to become covered with snow-white trichomes and orange pistils.  

The plant does not require exceptional care because of the Ruderalis genes. It grows well indoors and out. You should use carbon filters because of the strong smell and some extra nutrients to increase the yield. The recommended pH level should be 6.5. The plant can reach 60-100 cm. 

 Its taste has sweet chocolate, candy, and mint notes. Sweet tooth will be delighted. GSK gives a feeling of happiness, creative effect and relieves neuropathy, chronic pain, muscle spasms and PTSD.  

Reviews of Girl Scout Cookies Auto Cannabis Seeds

This GIRL SCOUT came out a such a dense bud with a lovely pungent smell one of my favourites.  

It is great strain and even better genetics; I would grow again and recommend for newbies. The smell is lovely with great trichome production. I really did not expect this girl to take so well to LST and defoliation. 

 Looks like I dusted it with powdered sugar. The smell is minty sweet. Great floral/earthy taste with the mint and sweetness apparent on the back end. The buzz hits quick. Initial kick of energy for about ten minutes. Then great relaxation but not total couch lock. Really nice. This is my go-to smoke. 

One of the most beautiful and fragrant plants I have ever planted. it is my favourite so far. congratulations Fast buds for this incredible strain.  

Absolutely excellent strain! Genuinely nice to grow, ideal height and beautiful buds with delicious taste and aroma. Love it! 
Fast and sticky. They dry smoke is not too harsh. Strong head/eye buzz, hits quick. A good body stone but no couch lock. Extreme cotton mouth and red eyes. We did overindulge a little though. This is going to be a great party weed. We will see Independence Day. 
These buds are very sugary, hard and the smell of candy I. Wish you could just smell them. Plant grew normal, no troubles with her. A great strain with a great smell. 
taste 9/10.
high 9/10.
growth 10/10.
density 9/10.
yield 9/10.

The GSC of Fast buds has developed incredibly beautiful, tasty inflorescences and for creative use but after 4:20 both feels and the mental effect but the physical one is also very influential. She reacted a little slowly to toppings, but she is still exceptionally beautiful. 

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LSD-25 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

LSD-25 is an indica dominant strain from the Fast Buds lineage with a powerful sour-earthy aroma and instant "stone body" effect. 

 The smell of diesel fuel and wood varnish is so strong during flowering, so it is recommended to use carbon filters. With heavy smoking, psychedelic and visual effects are possible. In moderate doses, the variety is good for creativity and inspiration. The effects last a long time.  

For medical uses, it is suitable for insomnia and stomach disorders. The THC level is above 21%. LSD-25 is easy to grow and does not require exceptional care, except for regular watering. 

 Perfect for novice growers. The buds are purple and pink. All growing methods are suitable for this strain.  

The variety grows within 8-9 weeks and reaches 70-120 cm in height. The yield reaches 400-500gr / m2. 

Reviews of LSD-25 Auto Cannabis Seeds

Wow this is amazing medicine for us! Thank you so much Fast, buds. She grew extremely easy and strong. Wonderful smells the whole time. Extremely excited to grow this one again. 
This is one of my number 1 strains, I am so happy with how this came out! Think Diesel, think Ribena and think buzz! This is the business! Beautiful to smoke, I find it a great evening smoke, I feel creative and talkative, such a unique smell and taste, my friend loves it! 
This strain is exceptionally beautiful: she has some jaw dropping colours, great resin production and a smell that will stink all the neighbourhood, but the striction of the buds it is not the best, a bit airy.  

Indica dominant weed. Body high combined with some clear head high. Has been cured for 2 weeks, smell is the exact same as the blackberry I grew in my first grow. Very airy buds, small calyxes, midnight purple buds with lots of sugar. Taste is fruity at first and you feel that classic kushy taste in exhale.  

A nice strain. Around 70/30 indica effects, a heavy hitter from the start starting out with heady sativa effects which mellow into wonderful relaxation. Strong flavours of diesel and exotic fruits. Easy on lungs and throat. The colours came out towards end of cycle and after dried the ground buds had beautiful purples and pinks. 
The colour is lovely: No need to explain it is just something that nice the purple colour I just love it! 
 This strain can make high yield if you professionally train and handle so focus on only one or more plants with a strong lamp to get the maximum. 
 Smell: She was one of the stinkiest strain also that I have ever grown extraordinarily strong that kind of "Indica smell". 

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Zkittlez Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Zkittlez Auto is a popular auto flowering hybrid of Zkittlez with increased yield and growth. It has 23% THC. The strain will be good for relaxing on the couch or for meeting friends, because it balances well between the effects of sativa and indica.  

The variety needs a lot of watering and responds well to fertilizers, but the production of resin is huge. The main cola almost reaches the size of American footballs and has a unique triangular appearance.  

The variety likes fertilizers and abundant watering. It is recommended to use carbon filters because of the strong smell during flowering. Zkittlez Auto grows compact no more than 1 m in height. This is an excellent choice for any growers.  

The strain grows well indoor and outdoor and yields up to 300 grams after 9 weeks. 

Reviews of Zkittlez Auto cannabis seeds.

The buds are amazing, one of the zkittlez became a darker green and the other became crazy purple, it is strange they look like different phenos but either way they both look amazing. First time growing this one. 
A wonderful hybrid. I would call this an indica for sativa lovers - a great balance of a cerebral high mixed with a body buzz, without feeling couch locked. Even when growing this outdoors, the taste and smell is extremely pungent. I wish I grew more! This plant survived heat stress, and a very turbulent summer ranging from non-stop rain, high humidity, and extremely hot days. Highly recommended for outdoor growers. 

 If the wonderful, juicy sweet, delicious smell is any indication, I am in for a real stoner's treat with her! Her 16 colas are thick, dense nuggets covered in frosty, sticky trichomes. It is like opening a big bag of Skittles.  

Genuinely nice buds. Smell beautiful! Will grow these again in future and give them the proper attention that they deserve. Fantastic balance between Indica and Sativa. Great all-rounder weed 
excellent plant very resistant to changes, good production, and dense buds full of resin, pleasant, sweet smell.  

Smell and taste are spectacular even without any curing. Very spicy and sweet. The effect is quite strong, both on the head and the body. Great balance and it is long lasting. It is very uplifting and relaxing, and I can sleep like a baby in the arms of her mother. 
It was a very fast-growing strain I loved the smell it gave off in flower I have it curing now and cannot wait to smoke some and make some nice rosin on the pure pressure rosin press. Very sticky and nice dense buds. 
All I can say is that the buds are rock hard, and are so full of trichomes, when you look more inside of the buds there are so much trichomes it almost looks like glue.  

Cannabis Seeds Review

Blackberry Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Blackberry is one of the best auto flowering strains in their genetics, with a sweet berry taste. This is the cross of Blackberry and Purple Pakistani Kush with the qualities of Canadian ruderalis and Sativa. 

 It blooms perfectly, covered with "snow" buds. It has a fruity and cloying aroma, with earthy notes. It is good for those who have insomnia, spasms, and pain in muscles, worry and stress.  

After smoking you will feel a relaxation of every muscle and will sleep like a baby. The plant is small and superficially resembles indica. This strain is abundantly covered with resin. It is all about Pakistani genetics.  

Blackberry shows lilac and red colours during growing. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing, but indoor cultivation is more recommend.  

Ideal for growing outdoor in warm climates with stable temperatures. Expect result in 8 weeks, with proper care and at least 18 hours of light per day.  

Dried Blackberry has a dark purple colour, and a sweet fruity aroma.  

Reviews of Blackberry Auto cannabis seeds

The strain is incredibly beautiful, when it starts flowering it starts becoming lilac and darker fading to black. Has an incredibly special unusual for me smell. easy to grow. 

I loved growing the plant, she was easy and took well to intense training and 12:12 during the flowering phase. She is a good grow-along, if you have room for a small plant that you want to grow next to a bigger plant, as I did. The colours wow, this plant surely is a big joy to your eyes and nose. My pheno started fading her leaves to a dark purple early on. Looked very pretty. She was my strongest and most pleasant-smelling plant so far. Genuinely nice berry smell, in the tent and in the grinder. Nice and amazing to see something so beautiful come from nature.  

The MOST purple strain I have ever seen! Dark almost black with orange and white pistils. Super gorgeous. 
he product I did get from her is top shelf though, some of the most beautiful buds I have ever seen. The buds were dense and full of trichomes making them sticky and allowing for a slow dry and cure, about 4 weeks, which is almost perfect to bring out it is full flavour and smell. Blackberry smells and tastes just as the name suggests, sweet and berry flavoured. Amazing. Once you smell it and taste it is like, of course, that what I was expecting. Mmmmmmmm. Then, it hits you! 

The amazing colour of these buds are reason enough to give this strain a try. And even after only one day drying, they are getting even a more dark, rich looking purple.  

Cannabis Seeds Review

Blue Dream’Matic Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Blue Dreammatic is based on Tangie Matic and Blue Dream Auto flowering genetics. This is a 75% sativa dominant hybrid released in 2017.  

It is a high-yielding bushy strain with large and long resin buds. In optimal conditions, the harvest comes in 9-11 weeks from seedlings and yields can be 300g/plant. 

 Due to heavy yields, the strain is good for commercial growers. It is advised to selectively defoliate to improve the all-round airflow and trim the main stem to control the height.  

Blue Dreammatic has light relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting effects, making it perfect for a day smoking. The strain has a mixed fruit and citrus aroma, with a soft earthy smell. 

Reviews of Blue Dream’Matic Auto cannabis seeds

This strain is a piece of joy, both for your mouth & brain! I have had various phenotypes, but all were easy to grow and ended up with quite the same yield. This run was a quick one, I am always impressed with Fast Buds strains about their growth speeds. 
Very euphoric high. Very level, equally parts head and body. Particularly good medicine, and to this point, my best product thus far. Super sugar coated, great taste, great smell. 
The buds themselves are extremely hard and crystalized, with a nice frosty density and moderate amount of sugary leaf material.

The buds are fragrant but not overpoweringly so, with strong blueberry notes followed by some fruity, herbal, citrus. When smoked and vaporized, the strain is quite potent with a very energetic, happy effect. I would classify it as a daytime strain. I am incredibly pleased with every aspect of the plant/genetics, so I highly recommend this strain! 

Overly impressed with Blue. Strong diesel and fruits smell, and big yield. Incredibly happy. Smoke wises its good day stuff, keeps your head clear 
Wow and wow. The size of the buds for this strain are amazing. From their flower start their ends they have performed well. Trained, untrained, in tight spaces and spread out, these want to build long, fat, smelly colas and they do. Separating bud from stem after the cure will be hard as they are so dense and formed up. They are the stickiest bud I have grown to date in my growing career and have also contributed to this personal best record so far of 40oz this run of 4 auto strains. 

Excellent high with level energy & plenty of mind effect. Smells like blueberry yogurt, tastes like blueberry hash & lemon juice. Every bud on this plant was top quality. 
Her buds are covered in a glistening blanket of trichomes and smell of warm earthy citrus that bring the smiles all day long.  
 The high is a hard hitter, instantly sending me an uplifting rush of relaxation and euphoria. 
 I have enjoyed this lightly (just a few hits) during the day with a fantastic, uplifting, energetic high that puts me in a playful and creative mood! 

Cannabis Seeds Review

Green Crack Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Green Crack is an auto flowering strain with a strong energy high. It is famous for its high productivity and easy growth. The variety has many fans among fruit flavour lovers. Spicy floral and mango notes create a unique taste.  

The 20% THC content gives an energetic and stimulating effect. It is also an excellent choice for social activity, creative uplift, and concentration. Suitable for medical use in bad cases of Crohn's disease, depression, and stress.  

The plant reaches a height of 60-90 cm and has bushy branches with buds that are covered with snow-white crystals. It needs 8-9 weeks from sowing to harvest.   

Reviews of Green Crack Auto cannabis seeds

Such a frosty girl with a soft fruity smell. The smoke is smooth and light, exceedingly difficult for me to describe the flavour. Floral and fruity, but not sweet. 
Great strain that feels just as described by Fast Buds. It is not the easiest to grow and becomes bushy however this I call the Cuban smoke of cannabis and is worth the effort. It is extremely smooth and has such a consistent smoke I will be back! This will be one of the most unique strains you have ever grown! 
This is some of the tastiest weed I have ever tried! I do not even really like mango flavour. But this stuff is sweet, and delicious! The effect is what I describe as 'comfy'. It just puts me into an immediate good mood, making it hard to wipe the smile from my face. All around, I am more than pleased with my first ever harvest! So glad I went with Green Crack Auto! 
My favourite strain so far, very impressive genetics and what a great harvest!!! 
It is a strain with not high heat resistance, that is the only negative I have to say. 
Huge Sativa structure with green and purple resinous buds all over from top to toe! 

The high from this Green Crack strain hits you quite fast and gets your mind going. It may be a hybrid, but this has a serious Sativa dominant high. It packs a euphoric sense of energy that comes from nowhere. If you are having a long night and are looking for the strain that will keep you awake this is the one for you! The drive to eat food is increase with this strain as your energy levels increase. Green Crack provides one of the best uplifting highs. 

Cannabis Seeds Review

Cream Cookies Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Cream Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid of Girl Scout cookies Auto flower with Sativa highs. The strain does not require exceptional care during growth and produces a large yield.  

Strain with up to 23% THC and low-CBD is good for day smoke, but be careful not to overdo it, because of the indica-like effects that capture your mind. It is the perfect kind of weed meant to smoke with friends or with someone close in beautiful places.  

Cream Cookies seeds with a growing cycle of 8 to 11 weeks produce an excellent yield in outdoor and indoor cultivation. To ensure your strain has the best flavour you will need to flush well.  

Flushing will also bring out colourful buds is unlike anything you have ever seen. CC consumes a lot of nutes and water. Under normal conditions with healthy nutrition and some LST, and defoliation it will bring you abundant harvest of fat, resinous buds, showered in sugary terpenes. 

 You will never forget the perfect combo of cookies and cream! 

Reviews of Cream Cookies Auto cannabis seeds

It grew amazing fast vigorous growth and amazing resistance to bugs as well as it takes very well to low stress training and even high stress training 10 out of 10 seeds germinated super-fast no issues overly excited for another run.  

Exceptionally clean smooth smoke. Because the nutrients were depleted when chopped but could also be due to the flavours this genetic is made up of. 
This beauty has multiple smells that make it hard to pinpoint one. The ones that stand out the most to me is a sweet cream, with mixed berries. She has the most exquisite combination of cream and vanilla flavours. 
Amazing blue/purplish colours to all the buds that were in the top level of the canopy. 
Consistent sized buds throughout. 
The intermediate buds remained quite dense after drying but all the canopy buds dried ROCK HARD. 
It had good trichome production, leaving each bud with a nice glossy shine. 
Each bud produced a few pistols but nothing significant. 

Genuinely nice smooth smoke. I am split between saying slightly more of a Indica type body high with a pleasant head high to start. This is a great anytime smoke that does not leave you lethargic. The smell was creamy and reminiscent of slightly over baked cookies which was very amusing. The plants grew to 36 inches which is a bit tall for my grow set up. They would truly have appreciated having more room to spread out. I stripped a good 2/3+ of the lower leaves and bud sites over the course of the grow to ensure the upper buds bulked up nicely. 

Amazing! This must be one of the best autos available! From ease of growing to the dank, sweet, and strong rich cookie taste, this is a 10/10 and will have a place in every auto grow I do. 
 She grows in a way that lets lots of light through the canopy giving big wide buds along each cola. The smell is a rich baked biscuit aroma fully living up to its heritage. 
 The smoke is deep and sweet and not one for the beginner due to its heavy-handed effects. Chocolate and real cookie sweet baked flavours shine strongly with each hit. 
 The effects are perfect for anytime with happiness and giggles a definite along with a nice body relaxation that does not lock you down unless you overdo it! 

With all these fantastic strains by Fast Buds available to buy today Cannabis Seeds Store have the cheapest prices online which you will not be disappointed with.  

With top quality cannabis seeds by Fast Buds for every auto flowering marijuana grower, look no further than Fast Buds and buy yours today.  

Thanks for reading.