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Cannabis Seeds - Stardawg Feminised Cannabis Seed Review

Stardawg feminised cannabis seeds from Fast Buds (AKA stardog) is an astonishing Autoflowering cannabis strain which is producing some excellent cannabis strains. Stardawg feminised cannabis seeds are available  in 1, 3, 5, & 10 Packs.

Stardawg feminised cannabis seeds is a Indica / Sativa cannabis strain which is very effective for overall body pain relief, can be helpful in the treatment of insomnia and with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks from seed your harvest will be ready in no time at all.

Star Dawg is a pretty hardcore strain due to its pungency and potency. It smells of strong chemicals, with high notes of skunk, diesel, and citrus and has an average THC level of around 21%. Star Dawg will give you a huge boost in energy and mood due to its predominantly sativa lineage and is therefore best recommended for morning use.

Star Dawg is no common strain, and its effects are something else, too! Star Dawg cannabis seedsis a unique, elite strain bred to take the best of the best traits from Chemdawg and combine them with some of our favorite elements from Tres Dawg to bring something new and exciting to the ever-growing market.

As a result of clever breeding and compounding desired traits in the flowers, Star Dawg cannabis seeds is a pungent and delicious bud to enjoy. Let’s face it, with such famous ancestors it was always going to be a great strain!

With THC levels at around 16-25%, Star Dawg is undoubtedly a strong contender; with dank qualities taken from its lineage, this 90% sativa-dominant hybrid is one of our favorites.

Star Dawg cannabis seeds Strain Aroma, Flavor, Appearance.

Star Dawg cannabis seeds is undoubtedly a beautiful bud to look at, and any growers out there will love the velvety texture, but its potency runs across effects as well as smell and taste. With an earthy pine aroma present in many of the Chemdawg family, Star Dawg stands out with those sour undertones and hints of diesel.

Star Dawg typically flowers anywhere between 63-73 days, and for those growing outdoors, the early-mid October time is best. Regardless of where you choose to grow Star Dawg, however, it won’t grow to massive heights that can be seen with certain strains, so at a medium height, this is a good one to work with!mStar Dawg is the ultimate party favor strain, and will soon have you and your friends in uproars of laughter and chatting the hours away. We love this strain for its ability to promote sociability and activity without affecting day-to-day life, making it ideal for patients.

The effects of Star Dawg are pretty long lasting, so be cautious of going overboard, because a reasonable amount can keep effect for up to three hours!

Yields are killer too - 600 gr/m2 inside! With numbers like those, you'd have to be crazy not to give Stardawg Automatic a try! It is one of our best sellers here at Cannabis Seeds Store so buy Stardawg feminised seeds from us today