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Bulk Cannabis Seeds Review. 

If you are new to cannabis growing and you want to dabble into a few cannabis seeds at a time or you want to grow a huge marijuana plot, then bulk seeds are a wonderful way to start. 

At Cannabis Seeds Store we have a massive range of bulk seeds with offers on 100 cannabis seeds bulk packs which can start from as little as £100! Which means your marijuana seeds would be a £1 a seed, now that is a bargain.  

In this blog I am going to give you some reviews, growing tips and photos of bulk cannabis seeds which, you can buy from us at Cannabis Seeds Store.  

Auto Amnesia Cannabis Seeds by Cannabis Seeds Store.  

Auto Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds create a cerebral, psycho-active cannabis plant which will grow and mature in 12 weeks or less from seed all the way through to harvest. 

Auto Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds structure is a smaller version of the full-size Amnesia, the familiar Christmas tree pattern developing multiple branches all of which are covered in sparkling, frosty buds. 

The effect of Auto Amnesia Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a soaring, cerebral high which will take you on a thrilling, euphorically satisfying trip. 

Reviews of Auto Amnesia Cannabis Seeds.  

Amnesia of great value, its resin and immense power does not demand much from the producer, organic soil water pots minimum of 20 litres is a great option for a good root system you can let it do what it does best does not require heroic bottles of nutrias with its Christmas tree format its branches are long by sight but it brings a great reward in shoots following from floors to the main glue I got a more robust plant in its original format, with LST I was also more satisfied by a deeper view if the problem is not height let it go in its tree format high power in light your yields will be higher.  

amnesia that came with an earthy flavour with distinct notes of diesel grown under the same conditions something that makes me happy Its high and potent levels of THC are notable in the pictures of large giraffes with a fat head (laughs) it is its greatest proof of a powerful automatic sativa really the height to who says that the time and short for high power I invite to try it. 

I got an exceptionally good yield. The nugs look gorgeous! The smell is grassy BUT I believe that to be because it has not been cured yet AND I was unable to keep my grow tent temps low. I tried hard for low 70s but sometimes it got up near 80!! I was not thrilled about it, but I tried. I harvested at mostly cloudy trichomes, with more on the clear side than amber. I was looking to keep the sativa high as much as I could. I did succeed in that! After smoking, I feel more like working on something then sitting and relaxing! Exactly what I was going for. A continually active high. 

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Auto Big Bud Cannabis Seeds by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Auto Big Bud is an Auto flowering cannabis strain with BIG yields and has a sweet fruity skunk taste and strong physical stone. 

Auto Big Bud cannabis seeds grow tall for an Auto, reaching heights between 60 and 95 centimetres and is ideal for Sea of Green method. 

The plants develop bushy and squat, with the buds growing tight and compact. THC levels have been measured to be in the medium range 

This hardy Auto flowering cannabis strain is easy to grow and produces exceptional yields, making it a must try for beginners. 

Reviews of Auto Big Bud Cannabis Seeds.  

I guess this could very well be smoked during the day, but I only smoke in the evening. The effect on the mood is uplifting; it makes you feel peaceful and happy. This is a classical relaxation strain, not usable for medicinal purposes because of the mellow body effect. For treating depression or anxiety. 

Two weeks of curing I am surprised how far the taste has already developed. It is earthy and musty with a fresh undertone. The effect is a nice balance of head high and body stone. Not overwhelming, but quite pleasant. 

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Auto Girl Scout Cookies by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Auto Girl Scout Cookies Feminised cannabis seeds are easy to grow, with the same characteristics as its legendary parent, it gives moderate yields of beautiful smelling flowers. 

Auto Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds gives a lovely balanced body high with a cerebral buzz, great for creativity.  

Auto Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a legendary Californian strain from the cookie’s family, renowned for its sweet taste and aroma which has been crossed with Ruderalis genetics to produce this Auto strain. 

Review of Auto Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds.  

The effect is heavy for an auto, heavy like a classic cookie strain, the saliva side is the most present so you will be happy and talkative, very talkative and after a long talk you will need to put your bum on a sofa and relaxed without moving a toe, a nice high to stone progression in the effect, you will not even notice the changes in the effect. 

The grow was pretty easy to manage, she responded well to my light bending , she get a nice shape with the secondaries that were able to receive a lot of light and I appreciate that kind of shape , the height were not specially high which allowed me to hide the plant around my garden without much efforts so I imagine that I can be a good strain to grow inside as the stretch is easy to manage and the natural shape is perfect for the newbies as it reward you well without practicing positive stress like topping or LST. 

A strain I will be smoking before going to bed. It took 5 minutes to feel the effects of my high. Got warm and fuzzy quickly. I feel it more in my head and chest. Feels great.  

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Stardawg Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Stardawg Feminised Cannabis Seeds are thought to be named after the bright coating of crystals that cover its buds like the stars of the night sky. 

Stardawg Cannabis Seeds is one of our best sellers at Cannabis Seeds Store, with the best value that money can buy.  

Stardawg Cannabis Seeds is a hardcore cannabis strain which is loved by all types of weed growers, the best thing about Stardawg is that its THC levels which are up to 21%.  

Stardawg Cannabis Seeds can you give you a huge uplifting feeling, and this weed seed is normally a sativa strain however some seed banks offer Stardawg in Indica.  

This cannabis strain can have great medicinal purposes to treat nausea, increase hunger levels and makes your body feel deeply relaxed which can help with pain. 

I have some great reviews on Stardawg cannabis seeds which you can buy from us at Cannabis Seeds Store. 

This was an awesome strain to smoke, harvest was good. I got very Indica type growing phenotype on this one. Easy to grow, very recommendable for beginners. Because of her phenotype the LST-training did not do so much as with other plants I have grown so far. She is a real stinker though, good think it is smells good. Diesel deliciousness complemented with hint of citrus. High is nice, since for sativa leaning high it does not cause any sort of anxiety even when smoked a lot. 

Excellent bud, simply good solid pot heavily on the sativa side but enough Indica qualities to really help pain. Topically it is a killer for inflammation does an excellent job on arthritis. We really like it. 

Stardawg is the bee's knees! they performed well and took it to new heights for this guy. they have a piney diesel smell which mellowed out quite bit but is coming back in the cure. I recommend this plant to newbies and professionals alike. You cannot go wrong with this strain. The flowers are very dense and after I shocked them with a stalk split a few days before the harvest a golden glow of resin came from everywhere. the purple that came out was a total surprise. I have seen them pink before but never this striking. 

Stardawg was my first pack of cannabis seeds and will not be my last. The chemmy, diesel, funk she brings is just awesome, and she always packs on the trichomes, glittering like stars. First it hits you in the head with a nice cerebral rush that comes on fast, and evolves into a chill, relaxed, high. 

My first fast buds grow ever Loved growing her she was easy she took a lot of stress very well got moved at the beginning of flower spent 15 days under a blue cfl and still finished a monster she's a nice mix of body and head high I would say good for both day and night more daytime if you like a strong Indica like me, taste reminds me of girl scout cookies but less sweet more earthy and piney/fuel buds are very resinous oily got some nice colours in flush buds are all nice no popcorn literally the smallest bud was a bit bigger than a Malteser very happy with this strain would recommend to anybody nice. 

She was a dream as no problems de leaf them all 3 times over fed them a couple of times, they were hungry as hell feeding every 3 days this a strong smoke bedtime weed for me not a day smoke. I smoke a lot of Stardawg the reason for growing it my favourite weed so I know what it should taste smell like and if I could get these clones again, I would jump at the chance of growing again. 

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Auto Blueberry by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Auto Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds is a beautiful, inbred cross of a Lowryder #2 male an original Blueberry mother 

 The resulting plant is a vigorous, potent, auto-flowering strain with excellent side branching 

 Although some of the blue hues from the mother have been lost in the cross, Automatic Blueberry Feminised Cannabis Seeds retains its mother's fruity taste. 

The plant has solid buds with resin that are immensely powerful. Most plants highlight blue and purple colours like its parent Blueberry. This Indica Dominant strain has a short growing cycle 10 weeks. 

Auto Blueberry Cannabis Seeds has sweet and fruity aroma and taste of Blueberry. The effect is flowing, bringing an enjoyment. It is enough powerful and long-lasting. 

Reviews of Auto Blueberry Cannabis Seeds.  

This is some amazing stuff, What a beautiful strain. She grew a bit differently too what I expected in the sense I had 3 completely different phenotypes. She handled her nutrients with ease and the biggest plant of the 3 really surprised me in amount, dense little nuggets, and a nice top cola. A good all round, Night/Day time smoke. Tastes sweet and fruity, very sugary. Would Highly recommend this strain. 

I love the variety; it is an easy growing but careful with the fertilizing. The taste is sweet with citrus notes, and it is perfect for the night. 

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Auto Northern Lights by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Northern Light Automatic Cannabis Seeds is the automatic version of the Northern Light that is one of the most famous indica dominant strains in the world.  

This is a perfect mix of new and old schools. The plant contains 80% indica and 20% ruderalis genetics. 

The strain is ideal for indoor cultivation as well as for outdoor growing in different climate conditions.  

The plant demonstrates energetic growth, and the harvest comes in only 9-10 weeks from germination and brings the amazing yield of 500 - 550 gr/m2 indoors and 170 - 220 gr/plant outdoors.  

The plant has a quite big height for auto flowering strain. It reaches to 90-120 cm tall.  

The strain inherits the properties of classic Northern Light. The smoke brings a nice, sweet taste and an enjoyable physical effect. It is also a good medical remedy. 

Reviews of Auto Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds.  

These 4 gives me a great yield with great buds. Nice deep brown hair on it, looks good. 
Very happy and satisfied with it! Taste is good with a sweet undertone. For me it is more an evening smoke. 

This was the easiest strain to grow, no complications at all. was watering for last two weeks. Although its zero sativa very uplifting effect no couch lock, soft taste and fruity, though it is still in curing process. 

My favourite thing about this strain, would be the smell it puts out in the jars, it is unbelievably fruity and creamy smelling, some of the best smelling buds I have had in a while, the smoke is exceptionally smooth and citrusy, with a little bit of earthy/pine after taste, exceptionally good strong head high, just what I like to feel after smoking. 

It was a pleasure to grow this beautiful plant. Extremely easy to grow without any problems. The buds are looking awesome, and they are dens. The taste and smell it is useless to talk. They are extraordinarily good. The effect is felt after the first two smoke. 
I feel like it is indica 65% and 35% sativa. 
I will clearly grow this kind of strain in the future. 

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White Widow Cannabis Seeds by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

White Widow Cannabis Seeds is the most potent cannabis on Earth and is named for the abundance of trichomes, giving the plant a whitish tint. It is also one of the more powerful strains of marijuana (alongside AK-47 and Afghan Kush) with an extremely high 20%-25% THC content. 

 White Widow feminised Cannabis Seeds are (60%/40%) indica/sativa cross-strain and is best suited to indoor cannabis cultivation. Our feminised cannabis seeds grow as high as 35-80 cm with the yield up to 450 gr per m2.  

It is suggested to flower (12-hour light) this marijuana variety for 8 weeks, but 10 weeks will really give you the crystals you are after. Try to turn the lights off altogether the final 2 weeks of the flowering cycle- or at least down to 8 hours.  

This keeps the flowers from re-growth and stresses the plant into giving up its last drop of goodness as crystal to protect the flower! The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to see them at all. White Widow Cannabis Seeds original seeds produce plants that give you the taste of freshness laced with many fruits, because of the strength of the cannabis crystals - the only real taste goes hand in hand with the expectorant effects of the THC. 

 You better try it for yourself. 

Reviews of White Widow Cannabis Seeds.  

This widow is a grade A pain killer. 2 hits of this and all I feel is numb. Not too heavy on the head high but the body high lasts for hours. The buds are heavy and dense with a strong diesel fuel aroma. The taste is wild with a strange rum and berry flavour. Reminds me of a cranberry mixed drink with a shot of jet fuel. She put off a great yield for being a small plant and stacked up nice. She was hungry for p and k. Highly recommend growing some of these. No doubt stands up to the classic widow reputation. 

The buds where surprisingly small on this girl but there were plenty of small nugs. I had issues starting her off because the soil was too hot for her. This strain absolutely loves light and would have stretched a lot more had the soil been less hot during its seedling stage. 

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Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

The well-known Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds is the energetic indica dominant plant that contain 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics.  

The plant has a great production of dense compact buds coated with a glistening resin.  

Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds can grow up tall therefore it is recommended to control the height especially indoors. The plant also suits for outdoors growing in temperate, warm, dry, and Mediterranean climates and for greenhouses.  

The smoke offers a scent of spicy Kush, cedar, and sour fruit while the taste provides notes of citrus, exotic woods, and spices. The strong pure high is very narcotic. It brings a long-lasting body effect. Trainwreck is a "must have" for each sativa lover. 

Reviews of Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds.  

A nice smoke and energetic effect, so I am happy with the product. 

Super resilient strain never had issues with feeding. Buds are Sativa-dominant, not airy, but spongy. Smell is peppery with hints of floral. 

A citrus smell is up front. When I open a jar, it immediately fills the room and smells like I have stumbled on a secret Ganja patch in the middle of an orange farm, it is overpowering and unmistakably incriminating. The taste is smooth but extraordinarily strong, sweet, and almost tangy with citrus, and a mild earthiness like hash afterwards. It is genuinely nice. 

With all these incredible bulk seeds to choose from and we have plenty more on our online cannabis seeds shop you will be blown away with the prices with our bulk seeds at Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Thanks for reading and stay lifted.