Cannabis Seeds Top 10 High THC Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Cannabis Seeds Top 10 High THC Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store.

Every marijuana smoker knows about THC Cannabis Seeds. It’s the main psychoactive cannabinoid in the marijuana plant that many are looking for.  The main thing smokers, vapers, and dabbers enjoy about high THC Cannabis Seeds strains is those mind-blowing highs.

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High THC Cannabis Seeds strains can have you sitting on the couch lost in your own mind-bending thoughts. Or can have you giggling uncontrollably as you and your friends come up with high ideas. It all depends on the Cannabis Seeds strains you use.

For those growing strains high in THC from cannabis seeds, they can also contribute to high resin production. This can be great for those that want to make hash or just enjoy the super frosty look of their buds as they grow.

A Cannabis Seeds strain high in THC can also be beneficial for medicinal users. Sometimes conditions can be so bad that medicinal patients find they have to use a lot of marijuana. Hitting the bowl or joint several times in a very short space of time isn't always a good thing. It can contribute to some unhealthy side effects, such as damaging the lungs.  High THC Cannabis Seeds strains can help with this, as fewer tokes will need to be taken, but patients will still get the relief they need.

what cannabis seeds strains are best when one is looking for high amounts of THC?  For both medicinal and recreational use, these are the top ten strains high in THC in 2021 by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds - Anesia Seeds. 

Gorilla Glue is a strain that combines two things many smokers love - a high THC content and all the pain relief you need.

Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds averages a THC content of around 25%, which is higher than most. It will leave users with that calming high they’re looking for. Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis seeds is one of the stickiest and tastiest Sativa-dominant strains in the world. Gorilla Glue #4 Feminised is the kind of weed that literally gums up your fingers in big clumps when you’re trying to break it up.

Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds has a piny, spicy aroma and a taste of sandal wood and sweet cherry. When it is consumed it shows its enormous potency with a THC level of more than 30%. Gorilla Glue has very clear cerebral effects which lasts more than 4 hours and should only be consumed by experienced users. Gorilla Glue is incredibly resinous, a bane to all trimmers, it got its name from its tendency to clog scissors until they are stuck.

This shiny star produces a euphoric, focused and happy high and offers best results in a SCROG-grow.

Bruce Banner  #3 Cannabis Seeds - Big Head Seeds. 

Bruce Banner #3 Cannabis Seeds is a cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.  Even though it’s a balanced hybrid, it has average THC of 25% to 27%, so it packs a hulking, pain-killing punch.  The overall effect is a burst of that classic Sativa euphoria followed by a stretch of deep Indica relaxation. 

Taste-wise, you get a rich, satisfying base of Kush and Diesel, topped with the sweetness of strawberry.

Gelato Cannabis Seeds - Original Sensible Seeds Company.

Gelato Cannabis is  a cross between modern classic Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert.  Even though it’s slightly Indica-leaning, it has average THC of about 26% so it’s medically effective as well as tasty. The effect of Gelato cannabis seeds is potent but balanced.  It starts with a rush of uplifting energy which gets rid of both pain and stress and then transitions into a soothing body buzz. 

Taste-wise, it really is one for people with a sweet tooth, but it’s mostly fruity sweetness rather than candy sweetness and there are notes of earth and citrus for body and freshness.

Gelato Cannabis Seeds is another West Coast strain brought to the European market by Original Sensible Seeds. Hailing from the Bay Area in California, Gelato cannabis seeds is another genetic marvel with excellent parentage in both the Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies, in particular the Thin Mint phenotype. Gelato Feminised is a THC powerhouse and after admiring her dark purple hues contrasting against the fiery orange hairs from a sparkling resin coated nug, you should experience her heavy-handed blast of euphoria.

Newcomers should take care but those of us with a high tolerance will be loving wave after wave followed closely by a feeling of heavy physical relaxation. Many smokers are able to stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato during the day.
Yields of 550g per m2 are easily achievable when grown indoors whilst when grown outdoors over 750g per plant is possible.

Mimosa Cannabis Seeds - Barney's Farm.

Mimosa Cannabis Seeds will deliver a refreshing and potent start to any day. The lively sativa is well-known for exhilarating and energetic effects that are perfect for daytime use, or wake-and-bakes, too. The popular hybrid is also just as notorious for its high levels of THC.

This variety is easily capable of reaching up to 20-24% THC for a buzz that’ll get you through everyday aches, pains and stresses.

Mimosa cannabis seeds Feminised plant is packed with large frosted buds, rich in star studded cannabinoids and terpenes. Sativa lovers will adore this plant which produces a tropical lemony citrus taste with hints of berries. 
Mimosa Feminised is an ideal daytime weed producing a gradual burst of energy.

Runtz Bubble Cannabis Seeds - Tastebudz. 

The strain that’s sweet like the candy it's named for in flavor, is just as fulfilling in THC levels too. This variety typically contains 20-24% THC and is well-balanced in effects. Considering, it’s indica to sativa ratio is nearly equal at 55% and 45%. Its high potency will deliver a rush of euphoria, that’s ideal for night or day and always good for an elevated buzz.

Tastebudz Bubble Runtz Feminised cannabis Seeds are created from Runtz (Gelato x Zkittlez) which is celebrated for its incredibly fruity profile and a stable classic Bubblegum from Holland.

Bubble Runtz Feminised cannabis seeds is a medium tall cannabis plant, usually not too branchy (sometimes stretchy), producing compact, crystal coated, resin-drenched buds.

Do Si Dos Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Don Avalanche Seeds.

Do Si Dos cannabis seeds is rising in popularity as one of the best and strongest hybrids available on the market today. This knockout cannabis seeds strain is infamous for producing up to 25% THC for a potent experience, all-around.

Upon first inhale, you’ll feel the first hint of Dosidos’ clear-headed buzz that instantly uplifts moods.

As time goes on the high melts your body into a relaxing ‘stone’ with heavy sedating effects and couch-lock type symptoms.

Don Avalanche Seeds Don Do Si Dos Feminised cannabis seeds are a pungent and well-balanced strain whose effects seem to last longer than you expect.

Don Do Si Dos cannabis seeds psychoactive high transports you to an ideal stage for brainstorming or sparkling conversation. Don Do Si Dos cannabis seeds is not recommended for people with low THC tolerance.

Don Do Si Dos buds are typically smaller in size and appear in popcorn-like clusters with dense flowers, sprinkled with glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Garden of Green.

Even though it’s only slightly Indica-dominant, it has average THC of 25% to 28%.  GSC Cannabis Seeds is known for its energizing, creative, basically fun high, but it’s still mainly Indica, so this is followed by a period of deep relaxation for both body and mind.  Taste-wise, there is a base of sweet earth, but it's smoothed by creamy flavours.  This is topped by sweet spices which are balanced by mint for freshness.

Girl Scout Cookies Feminised has a delicious smooth clean pleasing aroma and it helps you unwind after a long busy day. Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds is a top strain for all occasions. Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds carries an extraordinarily strong blow and punch to the senses. This potent strain is especially for those of you who are hardcore tokers, as it is one of the most potent strains available on the market. Spectacular looking colourful buds, displaying beautiful robust and solid nuggets.

Wedding Cake Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Barney's Farm.

A balanced high, sweet, craveworthy flavors and high levels of THC? What more could you ask for. Wedding Cake cannabis Seeds is a triple-threat in potency, effects and flavors while easily producing 22-25% THC. As a cross of two classics, Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie we’d expect nothing less.

This cannabis seeds variety delivers a fast-acting high with an invigorating boost of energy that slowly soothes into a calm, relaxing body buzz. The hybrid is ideal for day or night, whenever you need a punch of potent benefits.

Barney’s Farm lab have chosen a more Indica dominant 80% Indica + 20% Sativa version for Wedding Cake Feminised.
Wedding Cake cannabis seeds strain is so named because it is absolutely smothered in THC crystals, like a well iced wedding cake, with subtle purple and pinks. 
Wedding Cake Feminised cannabis plant has a eight week flowering period.
Expect solid, huge yields of around 650gr indoor and up to 2kg outdoor from this strain.