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With cannabis seeds growing one of the popular favourites during the year of the pandemic, what has stopped you from getting from green fingers? 

If you want a loved, quality cannabis seeds then Dr Krippling is the one for you.  

In this blog you will find the best cannabis seeds by Dr Krippling with the cheapest price tags on them all as at Cannabis Seeds Store, we are the cheapest online cannabis seeds store.  

Let us look at Dr Krippling Cannabis Seeds 

Dr. Krippling is a team of breeders and growers who keep techniques and knowledge of generations of farmers. It combines the latest technologies and the wonderful experience to breed the potent cannabis strains. 

Dr. Krippling provides stable genetics for all grow techniques and mediums. All seeds are tested. Dr. Krippling likes to experiment and bring to life the extraordinary marijuana genetics with inimitable yields, smells, tastes, and effects. 

The growing stations are in a few countries throughout Europe. 

Gelato Cookie D’oh-Hope Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Dr Krippling pulled together all his favourite auto flowering genetics to make this outstanding new member of his Triple G line. Referred to as GGG #3 for short, Gelato Cookie D'Oh-ope Automatic is a kick-ass Auto Fem that gets the job done in just 7 weeks from seed with impressive 80 gr/seed yields & THC levels.  

Reviews of Gelato Cookie D’oh-Hope Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

It was a super yield strain whit some good-looking Gelato nugs on it. The smell is strong and good mould resistant. It rains a lot when she was flowering but only 2 small nugs had some mould on it but 2 grams less is no big deal. The nugs are compact for an outdoor grow and the results are then of course better. So, I was surprised by this strain and the smell is hard in flowering time you can smell it when you walk by and of course super sticky. And you can grow two plants in one pot because I had no problems whit it sometimes the plants get problems because that reason but this one not. I recommend this one for all growers for a good start of the year. 

At harvest time she had produced tight, long, sticky, stinky, gorgeous buds smelling like sweet lemon candy. 
The smell by now is a sweet soapy citrus, lemon chewy candy with a slight baked undertone. Sweet and deep on the inhale staying lemony and dank and then slightly peppery on the exhale holding the sweetness. 
Effects are delayed and creep up on you wiping you out after a fat joint, an evening desert strain and works well to de-stress and/or minor pain relief. 
The smoke has strong Indica stinky smell. Not a daytime stuff, and not to relax it is more you feel uncomfortable. 

The Incredible Bulk Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower before it is 2 feet tall, or else it can be difficult to maintain indoors. 

 Almost impossible to hurt this plant – it can take a vast range of nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement.  

This plant mutates and adapts to its environment - one perfectly grown; the big plant can produce up to the same yield of twenty plants of normal size. 

 Boxing-glove sized buds are to be expected on perfect large plants grown in Hydroponics. 

Reviews of Incredible Bulk Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

Really easy, took a beating and had a few issues with having to move them but they bounced right back. 
Would recommend to new growers but can see the full potential for someone who has more experience. 
Massive yielding.  

Great smoke though. Really stinky, you feel nice and strong buzz. Harvested while was 50 milky 50 clear. Had some amber but only from damage while touching. Nugs are nice and dense, defoliation helped with trimming as well. I imagine this strain is for result and it will deliver for the man who knows what he is doing. 

Extraordinarily strong night stuff with a nice sweet citrus smell to it. Really does bulk out very nicely. Would love to try this again in a bigger grow and see its full potential. 

Gorilla Infested Gelato Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Gorilla Infested Gelato Automatic is a sweet & fruity strain with high THC levels that can finish in just 8 weeks from seed.  

Dr Krippling started off with Grand Theft Auto for speed and bulk, added in Gorilla Glue Auto for power & resin, then crossed that blend with Gelato Auto for stabilisation and flavour. 
Reviews of Gorilla Infested Gelato Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

She was able to bounce back no problem and even maintained a nice canopy and gave 4 main colas in the end. 

When smoking you still get a bit of pine taste on the inhale but on the exhale, it is more of a creamy sweetness to it. 
 The high is a nice balance of indica and sativa. You will still be able to get stuff done and it will not totally couch lock you, but you will still feel relaxed enough to chill. 
An interesting smoke and a very resilient plant to grow. She really surprised me. 

Incredible Bulk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Bred to be an incredibly quick and heavy-weight performer, this auto flowering plant does not disappoint. 
 It is all about the weight. And no wait. And no trouble. 
 Almost impossible to hurt this plant - it can take a vast range of ph. / nutrient fluctuations, withstands extremes in heat and moisture, and joyfully devours any CO2 enhancement. 

 This plant mutates and adapts to its environment - one perfectly grown; big plant can produce up to the same yield of up to twenty plants of normal size.  

Monstrous size plants and flowers are to be expected, especially if they get frustratingly hot and angry in a greenhouse during the height of summer. 

Reviews of Incredible Bulk Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

I love the Incredible Bulk Auto. I always get a large harvest of very high-quality buds. I will have to get some more seeds. This is the best auto for new growers looking for something that is EZ to grow. The better you get at growing IB the better the quality bud you get. Shes got an unstoppable aura too her.  

Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto is more than a mouthful, so the Dr Krippling gang just calls her GGG #1 - the first in their new line of Triple G Automatics.  

No matter what you call it, this Auto Fem is a real killer with up to 115 gr/seed yields in just 8 weeks total, comprised of towering colas that are heavy, hard & stiff thanks to a triple helping of THC crystals. 

Reviews of Girl Scout Cookie Glue Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

These high-quality flowers are just the thing for concentrates and oils if you prefer dabs to buds, but the potency quotient is top-notch no matter what.  

there's extraordinarily little fluff or popcorn - most of the weight is taken up by thick, solid colas that will bend these beauties to the ground without ample support. 

There is nothing not to like about these fully auto flowering cannabis seeds! 

Chocolate Orange Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

If automatic genetics are not curling your toes, give Chocolate Orange Auto Seeds by Dr Krippling a try!  

These beans do not sacrifice a thing in any department including flavour, taste, yield & effect. Best of all, you will only have to wait a mere 60 days to find out exactly how good they are. They are brilliant! 

Chocolate Orange Auto - Not Just for Christmas Anymore! 

Who can forget that famous UK confection, the Chocolate Orange? They are sometimes hard to find unless Yuletide is approaching, but once you get your hands on one, it will not last long!  

The creamy chocolate mixed with just the right about of orange zest is fabulous, delectable you might say. That is exactly how we would describe the lush flavour of Dr Kripplings Chocolate Orange Auto! 

Reviews of Chocolate Orange Auto Cannabis Seeds. 

Strictly like the current smell is citrus. And it was easy to grow. It was a beautiful canopy that I loved the LST technique. Now always with me. 
Cannabis Seeds review

With all these great cannabis seeds by Dr Krippling which will get your taste buds going! Why not shop at Cannabis Seeds Store for your cannabis seeds. 

Thank you for reading. 

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