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If you want the sweetest weed money can buy for the cheapest prices at Cannabis Seeds Store you can buy one of the top 5 cannabis seeds banks in the world who are Sweet Seeds.  

If you are new to cannabis seeds growing and you are searching for the ultimate marijuana, then look no further than Sweet Seeds.  

Our customers at Cannabis Seeds Store go wild for Sweet Seeds marijuana and in this blog, you will see why!  

Sweet Seeds is a Connoisseur-Grade Feminised Seeds, after conquering Spain with their cannabis seeds, they moved to conquer the whole of Europe. They listen to both the cultivator and the public together, enabling them to combine seeds to offer unique packages at affordable prices at Cannabis Seeds Store. 

The Sweet Seeds’ seeds are selected, and after a meticulous inspection, only the best seeds are packed. It always looks forward to enriching our genetic collection.  

The genetics is fully adapted for both the requirements of the crop outside and inside with artificial lights. Easy to grow strains, productive and aromatic. Seeds Sweet Seeds have a femininity that is around 99.7%.  

Sweet seeds are packaged in 3 forms: 3, 5 and 10 seeds. The packages contain the seeds in a hard tube, transparent and fully airtight, allowing customers to see the look of them. At Cannabis Seeds Store we always have incredible offers on, and Sweet Seeds is available to buy from us today.  

Famous strains of Sweet Seeds are Auto-flowering versions with purple flowers. The auto-flowering strains bloom automatically approximately 20 days after germination. The F1 Fast Version strains are photoperiod dependent F1 hybrids with a very quickly blooming. 

Dark Devil Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Dark Devil Auto is an auto flowering variety that is based on Big Devil XL Auto and an exotic auto flowering purple genetics.  

The purple genetics provides a faster blooming cycle that is 8.5 weeks from germination. The plant has lots of side branches, a big central cola, and a great resin production.  

About 80% of plants demonstrates purple flowers. The harvest is 400-600 g/m2 indoors and 50-200 g/plant outdoors. The purple genetics also adds new sweet and fruity odours with citrus notes. 

Reviews of Dark Devil Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

The sativa effects give a buzz, you can feel a body high but still able to focus, would say it is day smoke - by that I mean I have been enjoying smoking it during the day while I work from home, still able to keep focus well without forgetting what I am doing every 5 seconds. 

I can only thank the sweet seeds, which are sensational genetics, far exceeded my expectations. It was a dream that had for many years to start a cultivation with these genetics. The smell is extremely sweet and fruity, well resonated, and strong. 
The flavour and buzz are just like I remember from before.... flavour is a verry berry dankness that you expect it to be from the terps. I am saying it is a Blackberry OG derivative. The effect is a very heavy body stone that will put a grin on your face and bring about an early nap if you over Toke it. 

The buds developed quickly and were coated in glistening trichomes. She was a very sticky plant. 
The plant maintained a sweet odour throughout her flowering and reminded me of skittles candy. 
Very sweet and fruity. Interesting enough throughout the cure I have noticed more dank undertones too.  

The smoke is wonderful. I would say it is a true 60/40 Sativa Hybrid. good for enjoying my day. while being physically 
and mentally relaxed. Yet not totally being knocked out. 

An absolute wonderful plant to observe and have the pleasure to study. Started showing deep dark purple colours from the 7th week, initially in the stem and then, like a dark plague, the colours spread up in the tip of the buds and sugar leaves and some of the fan leaves. 
Best strain I could have chosen for my first time. Exceptionally smooth smoke and super tasty. The strain grows extremely fast, very satisfying to watch grow. For me, the high first hit into the head then came down through the body, relaxing the muscles. The taste is incredibly unique, and I highly recommend this cool strain️. 

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Red Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Auto flowering strain. Hybridization between one of the most appreciated strains from our catalogue, the amazing Green Poison and an exotic purple flowered auto flowering strain, descending from Pakistani Kush ancestors.  

Red Poison Auto grows with the appearance of an Indica-Sativa hybrid. It shows great hybrid vigour from the first stages of growth. The plants develop a strong main stem and long flexible side branches. 

 This strain produces thick dense buds covered with aromatic resin. 

 Taste and aroma are both very pleasant and intense. Sweet and fruity with a soft Skunk background. 

Reviews of Red Poison Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

The perfect strain for any time of the day. The buds of the Red Poison Auto are too pretty to consume with their amazing range of dark red and violet hues. The aroma is a sweet mixture of fruit flavours and skunk musk that bring with it balanced hybrid effects that relax the body and blanket your head in a cloud of euphoria. 

OMG I am totally enamoured with this strain! The smells of grapes and berries! Truly a stunner and good flavour! Buds were a little airy, but the colour and trichomes more than make up for this! 

The buds have a beautiful smell - berries and diesel, reminiscent of shoe polish. Taste is much like the smell - fruity berries and gas. Very enjoyable. A nice cerebral high at first and then settles gently into your muscles and bones. 

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 Bloody Skunk Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Bloody Skunk Auto  100% auto flowering plant is the result of combination Sweet Skunk Auto and Red Poison Auto. The plant produces the purple colours and looks like classic Skunk.  

It has lots of side brunches, big flowers, and a thick central cola. The buds are completely covered in fragrant resin. The strain offers intense sweet and Skunk smells, that bring a highly pleasure. 

Reviews of Bloody Skunk Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Genuinely nice stable growth throughout its life cycle. Incredible smelling buds, with amazing bad appeal! 10/10 an enjoyable grow. 
Just chopped her down it took an extra week but well worth the wait. The hints of fruits, berries, and strong skunk aroma. All her buds were covered heavily in trichrome. Extremely easy to grow. 

Smoke was excellent even after only a 2-week cure, she was exceptionally smooth and extra tasty on the exhale. I would call it as a daytime smoke but would be great anytime. Took them at about 5% amber. She had a bit of everything from a headband type high to start then spilling through you like a waterfall to your chest and arms. Progressing slowly down to your legs ending with a nice bit of a body high after about 1.5-2 hours. Bonus was the Bloody Skunk hash oil I made with the trimmings which once again put things over the top. 

Amazing strain. Great singular bud structure would make perfect choice of sea of green. Thickest yet fluffiest bud of the three grown. The smells were surprising. Smelled of dark mint chocolate and cranberries/acai Berrys. Taste was similar but more earthy and coffee like. 

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Cream Mandarine  Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Tall, stemmed auto flowering strain. This high yielding 4th generation auto flowering strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between selected specimens of Cream Mandarine Auto and a Super Tai’98 elite clone.  

The genetic coming from the Super Tai’98 elite clone contributes with interesting Sativa characteristics to this hybrid, such as bigger size, but also subtle aromatic and spicy tones with hints of wood and nuts.  

The so much appreciated Cream Mandarine Auto genetic contributes with traits from the Indica side, such as high flower and resin production, but also sweet and fresh aromas with tones of citric fruits of the mandarin orange type. 

Reviews of Cream Mandarine Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

The smell on this flower is SO ADDICTING. I get slapped in the face with a sharp tropical orangey nose. The cure is only a week in, and the flavour is great, although I plan on curing for several weeks yet to really pull this delicious flavour. So far, I am getting that mandarin and creamy flavour. 
The effect is very sativa-like and energetic, with happiness overcoming my mood. I love this smoke for daytime ForeSure. I will be growing this strain again.  

Extremely gassy smell & caked with crystals! 10/10 recommend getting this strain in your garden! 
Never had a better Auto flower strain ever already bought a 3 pack more of this strain. 

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Sweet Gelato Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

5th generation auto flowering strain. Auto flowering version of one of the most powerful and famous American lines, coming from the San Francisco Bay (California): Gelato (Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies “Thin Mint”) is one of the most appreciated exponents of the Cookies family, featuring excellent aroma and high production of THC.  

To introduce the auto flowering genes in Sweet Gelato Auto we used our Killer Kush Auto which was itself developed with OG Kush genetics.  

The result is an auto flowering genetic featuring sweet and fruity aroma with a strong Kush presence, including earthy and woody tones leaning to dried fruit (hazelnuts) and soft touches of mint and citrus.  

This plant develops dense buds with high production of big-sized trichomes. 

Reviews of Sweet Gelato Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

Genuinely nice and extremely fast grow, I did not expect for it to get to flowering on the third week already, I was too late with trainings this time)) anyway buds after harvest are incredibly beautiful and snowy, smell the best, remind me a special unforgettable flavour remembered from early 90s)) better for evening to taste. 
The high is at first very euphoric and talkative and after a little while I get you sticked to whatever you are sitting. Enormously powerful high even after only 5 days of drying... smell is outrageous extremely sweet and creamy fantastic. 

Oh dear, seriously the nicest strain I ever growth: sticky, smelly, sweet, strong. I hope you will try her because it would be an awesome surprise. 

So, I was overly impressed with the yield for my first grow, everything went almost perfect even with the couple mistakes I made. I had no diseases or pests at all, which also helped. During the Flower and cure, the smells coming from this plant is OVERLY sweet, lemon, citrus, it smells amazing. the taste so far is great also, cannot want to taste it in a couple of weeks. 

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+ Speed Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

+Speed Auto hybrid is the result of crossing an auto flowering Critical Mass genetic line from the Sweet Seeds R&D Department, chosen for its fast flowering and pleasant intense aroma, with a selected strain of amazingly fast flowering, our Speed Devil #2 Auto.This auto flowering strain has been developed through the search for the genetic traits responsible for amazingly fast flowering. The result is a strain that is ready to harvest only 7 weeks after germination. 

 It produces thick buds covered with aromatic resin. Sweet and fruity aromas with hints of yeast and cheese. 

Reviews of +Speed Auto Cannabis Seeds.  

I got zero diseases, I broke the basic stem of one of my plants and after taping it healed immediately. This plant was so strong that It got taller than the other even with that amount of stress. 
Very strong strain and extremely fast (10 weeks from seed to harvest). 
My light schedule was 18-6 till the end and I did not find any problem with the grow. 
As for the buds, they are big and thick, very sticky with a lot of aromatic resin. 
It was an excellent choice for my first grow, and I am incredibly happy for my achievement. 

Incredible strain! Although I made lot of mistakes this strain grow fast and extraordinarily strong. Beautiful smell, extremely easy to grow, thank you Sweet Seeds.  

This is a fabulous strain for a beginner, having never grown autos before and only photo's the simplicity of this strain is to place the seed in good soil and water with gentle nutes and it will do its thing for you. Do not overthink it with this strain, I overcompensated with training this plant because of that. This plant just needs some basic LST at week 3 and again each week and really thrives on its own. So, if you are new to growing it is a nice easy decision for a sweet-smelling yield. 56 Days in total could have harvested sooner but wanted a heavier buzz. 

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Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

These plants, with red flowers and ultrafast flowering, are a photoperiod-dependent, feminised version of one of the most famous varieties in the US “Super Strong” Cookies family – Tropicanna Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies x Tangie).  

It is the cross of an elite, selected Tropicanna Cookies clone, with a red flower phenotype, and our highly regarded, red flower, auto flowering strain Red Poison Auto.  

The plants are very productive and resinous, with THC levels of up to 24% and extremely high terpene levels.  

The buds have an excellent aroma and taste; they are overly sweet, intense, and dense, with tones of mango, earthy, wooden hints, and a subtle Skunk background. 

Reviews of Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

Tropicanna Poison is decent yielder for purple strain. She smells amazing, berry Ish/fruity and bit earthy. Buds are dark purple to crimson red coloured. 

The smell of the buds is overly sweet and spicy, like exotically spicy. She tastes particularly good in my vaporiser and the effect is strong and Indica like as expected. The buds hit hard. This has become one of my night-time favourites. 

You can smoke this any time of day. Genuinely nice stuff. The colour is very vibrant when you grind it.  

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Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

Our first red-flowered photoperiod-dependent strain. This is the resulting hybrid from the cross between our Red Poison Auto and a photoperiod-dependent elite clone of Tangie (California Orange x Skunk hybrid) from a rare and unusual, purple-flowered phenotype, with a sensational intense mandarine taste and aroma.  

This strain develops resinous and productive buds with beautiful red flowers that are ready to harvest in just 7-8 weeks.  

The aroma of Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version is the most exquisite among all the red-flowered strains in the market, featuring a powerful sweet and mandarine citrus aroma with fresh hints of blue cypress.  

An ideal plant for top quality highly aromatic extractions with a gorgeous appearance for the reddish and rosy tones of its resin. 

Reviews of Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version Feminised Cannabis Seeds. 

This is truly an incredible strain. This is by far my favourite pheno so far (I have two seedlings right now). It is gorgeous and everything I wanted. Beautiful fall colours. You can tell that it is a purple pheno early in flowering.  

This plant has a very sativa structure, grew amazingly fast, is an average feeder, responded incredibly well to LST and HST. I accidentally split the main stalk of her during training and she recovered very quickly. She has mostly green leaves, with beautiful purple pistils.  

Trimming is a breeze, for anyone not green-purple colour-blind. She had huge Christmas tree shaped buds prone to fox tailing. Super strong stems helped support these massive colas, and she did not have as good lighting as her sister, but her yield was comparable.  

Her smoke is super smooth and chlorophyll free, I am smoking on her while the rest cure. She smelled citrusy during flower, now she is developed a very distinctive orange smell and taste. It is not lemon or lime it is fresh oranges. Compared to my green pheno which did not display this terpene profile. Her colours and smell make her by far one of the most outstanding plants I have ever seen! 100% recommend this strain to anyone just make sure to get several seeds to ensure you get a purple pheno. 

 The effect is a 50 and 50 now, after about 12 days of drying. 
A relaxing effect but not to stop you from moving if smoked in the morning, but also mental. 
I would define it as a "meditation" smoke, where body and mind travel hand in hand with an effect that lasts about 2 hours. 
I have no negative effects, but I am a heavy smoker. Those who have tried it with me accuse a slight dryness in the mouth.  

The taste is also particularly good. It´s far away from the typical street-weed that smells only like haze or skunk. 
It is like some rasped mandarines or oranges skunk taste, remarkably interesting and a nice alternative to the standard stuff. 
 The effect when smoking is just what expected from a 50/50 hybrid. 
Some stoned and some high. 
 At first the high dominates and provides an energetic rush with some creativity. You really don´t want so to sit around, you want to move and get things done the first hour. 
After about an hour the stoned becomes more dominant and wants you to relax and enjoy some good music or reading a book, but without getting tired. 
This strain is one everyone should try. It matures very quickly with small fruitful buds throughout. It turns purple at an early age and is covered is frosty trichomes. The strongest fruity aroma I have ever had on any strain. Strong hints of fresh tangerines. 

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Gorilla Girl Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

This strain is the resulting hybrid from the cross between two of the most famous and powerful genetics coming from the USA: Gorilla Glue X Girl Scout Cookies.  

The GSC specimen used for this cross comes from the phenotype known as “Thin Mint.” An Indica-Sativa hybrid with Sativa predominance.  

Gorilla Girl is a strain with an immensely powerful effect, featuring extremely high THC levels that can reach to between 20% and 31% in optimum growing conditions. 

 Some specimens can even exceed these levels. The resin production of this strain is copious, covering all the flower calyxes with aromatic trichomes. The buds are very resinous and compact.  

Gorilla Girl features intense taste and aroma, with cypress tones and a touch of wood, complemented with hints of earth and citrus. The plants look like balanced Indica-Sativa hybrids, very productive and vigorous, with long and flexible side branches. 

Reviews of Gorilla Girl Feminised Cannabis Seeds.  

I LOVE THIS STRAIN!!it is really an all arounder in aspects of growth rate its ability to thrive with super cropping and topping ALOT. The buds tend to be individual dense nuggets all the way down the seams making some cool long branches of buds that on average were a foot long or more. The potency is extraordinarily strong a bedtime strain lol not for the newbie. I made some dry ice hash with the trim and it was so sticky immediately I was able to form solid compact prices without any form of heat it is like playdough and very blond. I smoked some a little bit ago and its very tasty full terps. 

When the THC begins to metabolize in your brain, a powerful wave of Sativa energy rushes right into the dome. You think this newfound creativity will help power you through your daily tasks, but the powerful mountain Kush takes over after 15-20 minutes, grounding you into the same spot you took your first puff. Gorilla Girl not only produces one of the most desirable sensations with its Sativa dominant genetics, can reach upwards of 30% THC and grows almost odourless until ripened. 

Gorilla Girl is a very resilient plant. Training/mainlining this plant was extremely easy. I even flipped her before she reached the edge of the pots and she still branched out tremendously. Frostiest buds to date that I have ever grown myself. Extremely potent saliva smoke that brings on a huge sense of calmness and psychedelic euphoria. Buds are very dense with a 90% flower morphology or easier to say bud to sugar leaf ratio. 9/10. Solid Genetics. 

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With all these cannabis strains available at Cannabis Seeds Store plus many more Sweet Seeds strains you can continue your cannabis journey with a loved cannabis seed bank with us.  

Happy Shopping.