Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds | 100 Bulk Seeds

Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds | 100 Seed Bulk Pack

  • Short flowering period: 50 - 50 day
  • Height: Compact plant
  • Outdoors: Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Indica: 95%
  • Yield: Large

Black Domina Feminised Cannabis Seeds has some genetics from some of the world’s very best Indicas. 

This includes famous variety’s such as Ortega, Hash Plant, Northern Lights and Afghani SA.

Once in the flowering stage the appearance is unmistakable, large central colas sparkle with resin and wide fingered leaves creating a bushy plant in structure.

Black Domina is a good medicinal strain of cannabis and is particularly useful if you suffer from migraines and nausea.

The effects of this variety are very strong and long lasting high.

Black Domina is not a very social strain as the high is incredibly powerful and hits you straight away.

Her taste is exquisite with smoky and spicy earthy undertones with hints of Hashish and Blackberry.

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