Dr Krippling Pickled Diesel Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds For Sale

Pickled Diesel Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dr Krippling.

  • Genetics: Sour Diesel, Afghani and Hawaii
  • Lineage: 40% Indica 60% Sativa
  • Origins: Mexican and Afghani Landraces
  • Flowering Time: 11-12 Weeks
  • Height: 110-160cm approximately
  • Yields per m2: 500g
  • THC Content: 20-25%
  • CBD Content: under 1%

Pickled Diesel Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Dr Krippling.

Pickled Diesel Auto is a strain that caters to those with a refined taste, but it requires patience and can grow very tall and unruly. Pickled Diesel Auto buds have a delightful spicy flavor with a distinct diesel aroma and a sharp hint of citrus. With a THC content of up to 25%, Pickled Diesel used to be one of the most sought-after cannabis strains on the streets. Dr Krippling Pickled Diesel Auto is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that offers deep insight and a sense of wisdom, allowing for open-mindedness. It is a great social strain, perfect for fun and laughter, but with a potent kick of 20-25% THC. Pickled Diesel Auto should not be underestimated, as its psychedelic high can be quite cerebral.

Pickled Diesel can make you feel a bit wired, so it may be better to smoke it during the day and avoid it as a nightcap. Pickled Diesel Auto can bring immense joy to its user and has a calming effect on busy minds, promoting focus. Those struggling with writer's block or seeking creativity in an unconventional design project can find inspiration while smoking Pickled Diesel Auto. It is worth noting that sativa-dominant strains are better for managing stress and reducing irrational thoughts. Around 60% of Pickled Diesel's genetics come from the Sativa regions of Mexico, while the other 40% comes from the Indica hash-producing region of Afghanistan.

Pickled Diesel Autocan grow quite tall, reaching about 150cm in height. Its buds have a unique appearance, with semi-dense buds and long, protruding hues. Yields are expected to be higher than average, and the plants can be managed through techniques like super cropping and topping, but they will still finish taller than other strains. Pickled Diesel Auto is more suitable for experienced growers looking for a challenge, with the patience to see the extra weeks through in order to obtain top-quality buds.

About Dr Krippling.

Marijuana has been on this planet earth long before mankind inhabited it. Team Krippling are merely doing what we have been wired / designed by nature to do. With help from the elements, and through evolution, Mother Earth created plants aeons before bothering with us. As with all animal populations on earth, we are here to survive and procreate, but we all have a subliminal analogous purpose to transport, disperse and preserve seeds and plants to ensure genetic survival for the future. All plants are miracles, especially cannabis, and there are many overlooked and suppressed benefits to be unearthed / realised in the near future.

Team Krippling are blissful servants to this plant with breeding/proofing stations in a few countries throughout Europe*, working on hundreds of different strains from all over the world. Many of Team Krippling’s breeders have techniques and knowledge from generations of farming, and as much as we share genetics, techniques and co-operate with other seedbanks and breeders, we are committed to seeking our own champion „Hercules“ ganja mother and father strains, by popping hundreds of pips weekly, if not every other day, from select original breeders / seedbanks, as well as being on the lookout for a super performer from brand new strains and seedbanks.

These monstrous genetics are a result of Team Krippling’s passion and commitment to these plants, combined with various growing/breeding techniques, from up to date hydroponics breeding/proofing stations, to good old fashioned soil and plain water. You name the technique or growing medium and one of our breeders is using it. You name the nutrient and one of our breeders is more than likely using / testing(ed) it. Each breeder works with what they know best, and no toxic chemicals are used on any of the plants used to produce the actual seeds ( male or female ), further ensuring we only bring out powerful strains that are stable, and suitable for all grow techniques. A key ingredient in producing our potent strains is loving care and devotion to the science. Dr Krippling is very proud to introduce these crazy new genetics, which produce outrageous yields, smells, tastes and effects.

The main genetic make up of each strain is provided, although some of the genetics, which give our strains the stability and Krippling effects we were after, will remain secret with us.

Team Krippling is constantly fine tuning and seeking super strong genetics to present high quality strains for the planet. After much more research, time and energy has been lovingly and happily spent by all at Team Krippling, our catalogoue should only get bigger and better


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