Auto Wedding Glue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds

Auto Wedding Glue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds.

  •  Taste Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla
  •  THC Up to 26%
  •  CBD < 1%
  •  Harvest EU Indoor 450 – 550 gr/m2
  •  Harvest US Indoor 1.5 – 1.8 oz/ft2
  •  Harvest EU Outdoor 60 – 160 gr/plant
  •  Harvest US Outdoor 2 – 5 oz/plant
  •  Size XL
  •  Height 70 – 120 cm
  •  Height US 28 – 47 inches
  •  Flowering 9 – 10 weeks
  •  Room Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Gender Feminized
  •  Genes Sativa 40%/Indica 60%
  •  Genetics Wedding Glue Auto
  •  Autoflowering Yes

Auto Wedding Glue Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds.

 A Indica-dominant hybrid that takes 63-70 days from seed to harvest, it’s a tall autoflower that can grow up to 120cm and produce around 550gr/m2. Thanks to the 26% THC, this strain offers a strong effect without much maintenance and buds so resinous that it looks like it’s covered with creamy white icing.

Expect a delicious terp mix of sweet vanilla and earthy aromas that comes along with a fairly strong head buzz that slowly transitions into a more relaxing corporal effect.

Auto Wedding Glue buds develop very dense and compact but, due to the thick trichome coating that gives them a milk-white color, it can be hard to see them in detail at first glance. With further inspection you’ll notice the beautiful light-green nugs with dark-green.

Despite the Indica dominancy,Auto Wedding Glue offers a balanced effect. The potent effect  Auto Wedding Glue starts off as a motivating and uplifting head buzz that gets you in a focused mindset and boosts creativity. As time passes the more Sativa-like effect transitions into a deep corporal relaxation that can alleviate muscle pain and promotes a calm state of mind.

This super-producer Auto Wedding Glue can yield up to 550gr/m2 in 9-10 weeks and grows on the taller side, develops a main cola that reaches 120cm while being surrounded by sturdy long side branches that grow close together and give it a compact appearance despite its height.

Due to the well-balanced mix, this variety develops a bushy foliage that can show a purple tint from early on and multiple flowering sites where the super frosty and dense ping pong-sized buds develop. It’s the perfect choice for extractors seeking first-class strains that offer unconventional yet captivating terpene profiles strains while delivering both in resin quality and quantity. 

Auto Wedding Glue is perfect for concentrates.  
Auto Wedding Glue an insane amount of resin makes it ideal for those seeking after the highest yields in plant extractions.
Super yielding auto. Auto Wedding Glue can produce up to 550gr/m2 in 70 days!
Auto Wedding Glue Amongst the strongest of 2021! A ridiculously potent autoflower with 26% THC.
Ideal terps for a sweet tooth. A delicious sweet vanilla taste that leaves your mouth-watering.
Perfectly balanced. A well-balanced effect suited for both day and nighttime use.


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