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Fast Buds Bruce Banner Auto Feminised cannabis seeds are a Sativa dominant strain with THC levels at 25%, this is a highly productive strain.

  • Genetics: Bruce Banner (OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel) x Ruderalis.
  • Seed Type: Auto Feminised.
  • Indica/Sativa Mix: Mostly Sativa (65% Sativa, 35% Indica).
  • Growing Conditions: Indoor/Outdoor.
  • THC Levels: Up to 25%.
  • Flowering: 10 – 11 Weeks.
  • Yield: 450-600gr/m2.
  • Height: 110 – 150 cm.
  • Taste:  Berry, Sweet, Diesel.

With Bruce Banner Auto, you can expect up to 600gr/m2 and a fierce trichome production covering the buds and all over.

This results in a beautiful hybrid with a slight Sativa dominance and a whopping 25% THC that leaves you in a motivated, calm, and stress-free vibe for hours and hours. 

Bruce Banner Auto grows between 110-150cm and takes 10-11 weeks from seed to harvest, developing multiple flowering sites that boast bright green buds and a terpene blend of sweet, berries, and diesel.

Bruce Banner Auto will produce light-green stacked flowers and chunky calyxes with dark brown hairs all over and a few almost lime-green leaves coming out of them, this strain stands out for the impressive resin production that creates a layer so thick, that leaves the buds looking like they’re completely white.

Bruce Banner Auto is an amazing strain for those looking for exceptional aromas thanks to the delicate, yet pungent smell of fresh forest berries mixed with notorious diesel terps and a touch of sweetness that will happily surprise even the most experienced terp-hunters.

Bruce Banner Auto gives the perfect effect for those who want to stop overthinking minor problems that don’t let you focus and get your stuff done or for those who don’t want to deal with stress in general.

After taking the first hit you’ll instantly feel a happier state of mind, even if you’re already happy, and feel relaxed for hours on end while boosting creativity, ideal for alleviating anxiety, pain, or just get rid of negativity and get your stuff done.

Bruce Banner Auto grows tall and bushy, developing thin-fingered and relatively large fan leaves coming out of everywhere, and a tall main cola that can reach up to 150cm in height surrounded by several side branches.

Thanks to the meticulous selection and breeding, this variety exhibits the best of both worlds; An overall tall variety with long and homogeneous side branches that get enveloped in buds by harvest and a compact structure that makes it possible for everyone to grow it, despite its height.

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