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California Snow Auto Feminised cannabis seed is the rarest and most daring strain created Fast Buds.

  • Californian Snow Auto Feminised cannabis seed is a cross between an American Old School Hot California strain and a Canadian Ruderalis
  •  The mature plant is thickly dusted with snow when at peak flowering That's why it's named Californian Snow, the buds are so covered with resin they appear to be snowy like the summit of a snow-covered mountain

California Snow Auto Taste
As for flavours, it's a really sweet strain, like a delectable slice of cake. It offers a range of sweet sensations with a bitter aftertaste, and citrus notes reminiscent of lime. It's like an apple pie with sour cream, truly impressive.

California Snow Auto Effect
When first consumed, it fully seizes the moment, then blasts forward into time, with the effects only lasting a half hour. It's like going downhill on your board full speed - quick and fleeting but unforgettable. Its effects are instantaneous - a thud on the body and a sweet cloud of candy in the brain. A paradise come true for those who want to see the snow. 

California Snow Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds

  • Gender: Feminised
  • Genes: sativa/indica
  • Genetics: USA, Californian autoflowering
  • Flowering: 8 weeks from germination
  • Harvest US: up to 1.2 pounds per light 
  • Harvest EU: 400-550g/m2 50-250 g/plant 
  • Height US: up to 40 inches 
  • Height EU: 80 - 130cm 
  • THC: Very high 
  • CBD: 1% 
  • Autoflowering: Yes
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