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Fast Buds G14 Auto Feminised cannabis seed is the most stable strain that is offered by our Fast Buds

  •  It's the successful outcome of work to design a strain that could be cultivated in all conditions
  •  With this variety, all efforts have been expended to improve the Lowryder lineage while preserving its finest qualities, especially with regards to its most prominent features, quick blooming times, compact form, and an overall discrete growth profile
  • G14 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds  variety is ideal for urban gardening and adapts well to cityscapes
  • G14 Feminised Cannabis Seeds is  great when grown in a container on a balcony, in a greenhouse, or in a grow closet. G14 is a survivor that will gratify you with awesome results

G14 Auto Taste
G14 has a rich sweet citrus woody aroma which is present throughout the growth of the plant.

G14 Auto Effect
It acts like an analgesic pill, reducing pain that exists post operatively, that is due to stress, and that's related to treatments for various serious conditions and diseases. Also, its effect draws one into a state of meditation that helps to heal the body, mind and spirit. On a physical level, it helps to relax the muscles and stabilizes the nervous system, thus serving as a weapon against stress. Yet it accomplishes this without inducing sleepiness, making it acceptable for day use

G14 Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Fast Buds

  • Gender: Feminised
  • Genes: mostly indica
  • Genetics: G13 HP autoflowering
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks from germination
  • Harvest US: up to 1.2 pounds per light 
  • Harvest EU: Indoor 400 - 550g/m2; Outdoor 70 - 250 g/plant 
  • Height US: up to 45 inches 
  • Height EU: 60-110 cm 
  • THC: Very high 
  • CBD: 0.9% 
  • Autoflowering: Yes 
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