San Fernando Valley x Purps Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice

San Fernando Valley x Purps Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice.

  • Genetics: San Fernando Valley x Purps
  • Sex: Feminised
  • Type: 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
  • THC Levels: 22 – 26%
  • CBD Levels: -
  • Indoor Yield: 600 – 700 gr/m2
  • Indoor Flowering Time: 8 – 9 Weeks
  • Outdoor Yield: 650gr per plant
  • Outdoor Harvest: Beginning of October.

San Fernando Valley x Purps Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice.


Discover the perfect fusion of two iconic strains in one exceptional plant - San Fernando Valley x Purps. We have been involved in the growth of Purps since the beginning, a highly sought-after strain that has remained exclusive and hidden for some time. Today, we proudly reintroduce it, confident that its unique flavor remains one of the most exclusive in the industry. San Fernando Valley x Purps combines the legendary Purps with the sweet and potent San Fernando Valley, resulting in a strain that leaves a lasting impression. This combination produces a deliciously flavorful strain that promises an unparalleled sensory experience.

Growing San Fernando Valley x Purps is a treat for the eyes, as it offers the possibility of three stunning colors - light purple, delicate pink, and pristine white. While the genetics are predominantly sativa, the plant's growth pattern leans towards a hybrid indica, ensuring a strong and robust structure. As for its effects,San Fernando Valley x Purps provides a classic indica high, inducing a feeling of relaxation and calm. What sets San Fernando Valley x Purps apart is not only its vibrant colors, but also the variety of flavors each variant offers. Each hue has its own distinct and mouth-watering flavor, making every encounter with San Fernando Valley x Purps a unique and enjoyable experience.

For enthusiasts and collectors, SFV Purps is a must-have addition to your collection. Don't miss the chance to indulge in the exclusivity and exceptional qualities of San Fernando Valley x Purps in the world of cannabis. Secure your place in the legacy of this legendary strain and elevate your cannabis journey with San Fernando Valley x Purps.


About Growers Choice.

Our journey began in 1996 when we first started growing our beloved plant as a simple hobby. With the help of a reputable breeder, we learned various techniques and methods for blending strains and selecting the best ones. This led to our passion for the plant growing even stronger. Over the years, we conducted numerous experiments and gained a wealth of knowledge on growing and breeding. Eventually, we took the next step and started feminizing our plants.

As our skills improved, we were approached by larger seed companies to produce seeds for them, which we did for several years. In 2011, we decided to focus on creating our own unique strains and gaining recognition for our work. This led to the birth of Growerschoice. Our team expanded to include enthusiastic growers with professional backgrounds in horticulture and extensive experience. Together, we continue to develop the strains that we proudly offer today. Currently, Growerschoice is one of the fastest growing seed companies in Europe and we strive to bring smiles to the faces of growers worldwide with our top-quality genetics.

San Fernando Valley x Purps Feminised Cannabis Seeds - Growers Choice.