Zombie Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds

From the selection of one of Ripper Seeds first genetic search works,an old Lavender Kush clone was pollinated by their brilliant Amnesia.

  • From there a clone named “Sideral” was selected and pollinated with Bubba Kush to create Zombie Kush Feminised cannabis seed
  • Zombie Kush Feminised cannabis plant vegetative cycle should be generous if you want to develop the full potential of its Indica demeanour
  • With a low EC (Electrical Conductivity - Pure distilled water has no resistance and conducts virtually no electrical current) both in the vegetative and the flowering cycles you will get spectacular results
  • Its purplish colour scheme and the great quantity of trichomes that cover its large flowers makes Zombie Kush Feminised cannabis plant a key strain for Kush flavour lovers

Zombie Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Ripper Seeds

  • Vegetative: From 2 to 4 weeks
  • Genotype: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
  • Indoor flowering: 55/60 days
  • Outdoor flowering: Early October
  • Yield: Medium / High
  • Effect: Powerful / Durable
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