BCN Critical XXL Fast Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Seed Stockers

BCN Critical XXL Fast Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Seed Stockers.

  • Genetics: Kritical Bilbo X Critical Mass Fast
  • Sativa/Indica: Indica/Sativa Hybrid
  • Growing Environment: Indoor
  • Flowering Time: 56 days
  • Yield: XXL
  • THC Levels: Very High
  • Flavour: Candy
  • Effects: Happy Chill

BCN Critical XXL Fast Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Seed Stockers.

The BCN Critical XXL Fast strain typically takes approximately 56 days to flower. Its fast genetics indicate that the plant should be fully mature after 8 weeks of flowering, producing potent hybrid buds with a strong "Critical" high.

BCN Critical XXL Fast consistently yields above average and is easy to cultivate. The plants are of medium height and the sticky buds boast a sweet flavor. This strain is a well-known favorite, known for its heavy yields and high-quality smoke with a fast flowering time. In outdoor growing conditions, it is typically ready for harvest in September in the Northern Hemisphere.

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About Seed Stockers.

The process of growing a strong, healthy, and valuable plant from a small cannabis seed can seem like a magical experience. Cannabis can be cultivated in various ways, such as outdoors in the wild, in a garden, on a balcony, or in an indoor tent or grow room. Many people, with great success, choose to grow cannabis at home, which Seedstockers believes is the most cost-effective way to have a dependable supply for recreational or medical use. Homegrown cannabis often has higher quality compared to other sources, which is why Seedstockers offers a wide range of cannabis genetics to cater to all types of growers.

In 2017, Seedstockers was founded in Barcelona by a team of experienced and quality-focused cannabis professionals. They initially focused on using classic and proven genetics, resulting in popular and highly praised strains like BCN Critical XXL, AK420, and BCN Power Plant. In 2018, they also introduced award-winning seeds from exceptional USA genetics, including Gorilla, Cookies, and Gelato strains. This success is due to the team's passion and dedication, as well as their collection of elite mother plants gathered in Spain since the 1990s and early 2000s. They have also incorporated new genetics from USA/Californian breeders, known for their strong flavors, high yields, and potent effects. This has made Seedstockers one of the fastest-growing cannabis seed suppliers in the last decade.

Their best-performing genetics can be found in the Seedstockers Superior cannabis seed collection, which continues to expand each year with only the finest new genetics. With thousands of repeat customers and regular awards at international cannabis fairs and cups, Seedstockers has firmly established itself in the industry. No matter where or how someone chooses to grow their cannabis, Seedstockers has the perfect seeds for them, whether it's classic genetics, indica or sativa seeds, or the latest strains from Europe and the USA. Enjoy the process of growing with Seedstockers!

BCN Critical XXL Fast Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Seed Stockers.

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