Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds
  • Climate: Sunny / Mediterranean
  • Height: Average
  • Flowering time: 45 - 55 days
  • Yield: Heavy Yield
  • Indica/Sativa: 95% Indica

Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds 

  • The number one choice for Indica lovers who value robust plants with quick, vigorous flowering and huge, dense buds.
  • Sensi Seeds classic Afghani #1 seed strain has been Feminised to make it even easier for beginners and indoor medicinal cannabis growers with limited space.
  • Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Afghani #1 Feminised seeds are a simple path to success.
  • Afghani #1 Feminised seeds are created with the top Indica parents from our collection of special Afghan cultivars.
  • Sensi Seeds’ best hash plants have been distilled into a Feminised indoor seed variety that gives growers textbook examples of the ‘Afghanica’ genotype every time.

Growing Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • Expect sturdy, medium sized plants with thick lateral branches and profuse, dark green foliage.
  • For full-sized plants with optimal yield, Afghani #1 Feminised seeds should be vegetated for at least 8 to 10 weeks before flowering.
  • With a shorter growing period, plants can be kept to final height of under 100cm.
  • Height gain during flowering is in the normal Indica range, with plants roughly doubling their vegetated height over the blooming period. 
  • This strain finishes quickly, making closely spaced knots of mature bud 7 to 9 weeks after the onset of flowering.
  • Cannabis plants grown from Afghani #1 Feminised seeds usually give their best yield with a single main stem and unpruned branches.
  • Cannabis plants which are ‘topped’ to increase branching and budding sites should be given several extra weeks of growing time before flowering.
  • Afghani #1 Feminised buds are heavy in weight and big on flavour, with a highly potent Indica effect.
  • At the onset of flowering, hard oval calyxes begin to cluster at every node, filling the top of stem and branches with long white pistils.
  • Calyxes multiply and swell to medium size, staying dense as they build into solid buds. These buds build into bigger flower clusters and, by the time 60% to 75% of a plant’s pistils have turned from white to orange, the top section of its main stem should be a single, resin-drenched cola. 
  • Thanks to this strain’s density and weight, even the smaller, unconnected flower clusters in the lower sections of each plant will add up to a pleasing harvest when collected.
  • For the same reason, Afghani #1 Feminised buds stay heavy - keeping a good proportion of their weight when dry.
  • Large colas should retain most of their size, with little visible shrinkage during the drying and curing process.
  • When examining the dried buds of Afghani #1 Feminised, it’s obvious why the Afghan ancestors of this strain are known as hash plants!
  • A thick blanket of resin glands - the raw ingredient of hashish - completely covers the mature flower clusters as well as the single bladed ‘spear leaves’ that grow from them. 
  • During manicuring, scissors and fingers routinely become gummed up with dark deposits of sticky trichomes, reminiscent of the way fresh Indian ‘charas’ hashish is collected.
  • When properly dried and cured, lightly tapping a bud of Afghani #1 Feminised releases a tiny shower of yellow-brown powder.
  • These are resin glands in their dry form, which are collected for the sieved hashish of Afghanistan and Morocco.

Effects of Afghani #1 Feminised Cannabis Seeds

  • The rich taste of pure resin is a strong element in the bouquet of Afghani #1 Feminised, along with the sweet, earthy and spicy-incense flavours that are characteristic of Afghan Indicas.
  • Naturally, the buds produced by Afghani #1 Feminised have an extremely potent Indica effect - body centred, sensual and long lasting.
  • This strain makes a wonderful appetite stimulant and can be a great help for relaxation and sleep.
  • While inexperienced recreational smokers might find the Indica power of Afghani #1 Feminised to be soporific in large doses, Indica connoisseurs will enjoy the ride from beginning to end.

When you experience the magic of an original Afghan Indica, you’ll understand why this genotype is so important to modern cannabis cultivation.

Most of the top indoor hybrid strains inherit their compact growth, dense flower formation and outstanding resin production from Afghan hash plant ancestors.

Whatever your experience level, if you’re an indoor grower looking for a dark, fragrant Indica that’s quick to bloom, heavy and potent, order your Afghani #1 Feminised seeds now.

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