Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

  • Classification: 95% Indica
  • Genealogy: Multiple Afghani Cultivators
  • Type of Seed: Regular
  • Height: Average.
  • Grow locations: Indoor.
  • Flowering Time: 45-50 Days.
  • Yield: Large.

Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

Afghani #1 Regular is not influenced by current trends. It is a reliable cannabis strain that has been favored by growers for many years due to its suitability for producing hashish. Even inexperienced growers can anticipate an abundance of dense, resin-covered buds. Afghani #1 Regular is the epitome of an indica strain: robust, fast-growing, and abundant in buds. Small doses are sufficient for a deeply relaxing effect, making it a suitable choice for novice growers.

However, experienced growers should not be discouraged from trying this strain. If you desire a resinous strain with high yields, look no further. Although the name suggests it is related to India, the best examples of this dark, ultra-resinous strain can be found in the mountains of Afghanistan. Fans refer to these strains as Afghanica or Hash Plant, and they are the foundation of high-quality hashish (Charas). Fortunately, there is no need to travel halfway across the world to obtain it. You can simply order a few Afghani #1 Regular cannabis seeds from Sensi Seeds.

The growth pattern of Afghani #1 Regular is determined by the best parent plants of our Afghan strains, resulting in consistent examples of the indica genotype every time. Growers seeking a fast-growing indoor strain with high yields and impressive resin production will appreciate these seeds. Whether you prefer reliable harvests from seed or pure indica mother plants for cloning, Afghani #1 Regular is the ideal solution! Expect sturdy, medium-sized plants with robust branches and lush foliage. Allow them at least eight weeks to grow and a further seven to nine weeks for the flowering phase. Growth is limited, which is characteristic of indica strains.

Your plants will approximately double in size. As the resinous buds and pistils gradually change from white to orange, it is time to harvest. The entire main stem of the plant will transform into a single, resin-covered flower cluster. It is recommended to also pluck the smaller buds on the lower parts of the plant to increase yield. You can anticipate large, dense, and weighty buds that will maintain their weight after drying. For even greater yields, you may want to try the Sea of Green (SOG) method. Although Afghani #1 Regular is straightforward to grow, keep in mind that it is meant for indoor cultivation. These plants will thrive in a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers.

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Afghani #1 Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

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