American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

  • Classification: 70% Indica
  • Genealogy: Afghani Skunk & Jamaican/Hawaiian Sativas
  • Type of Seed: Regular.
  • Height: 100-125 cm
  • Grow locations: Indoor or Greenhouse.
  • Flowering Time: 45- 50 Days.
  • Yield: Large.


American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

American Dream Regular is a hybrid strain that combines 75% indica and 25% sativa genetics, resulting in a fast-flowering plant with a high yield potential. Its aroma of earthy skunk is complemented by hints of tropical island scents. This strain offers a euphoric and social high without causing couch lock. It is a fusion of Afghani, Jamaican, and Hawaiian genetics, making it a premium choice for both discerning and commercial growers.

The term "American dream" was first coined by historian James Truslow Adams, who envisioned a better, richer, and fuller life for everyone in the United States. Sensi Seeds has developed this cannabis strain as a tribute to that dream, utilizing a wide range of genetics that have been refined over the years to achieve continuous progress.

The growth pattern of American Dream Regular is characteristic of an indica-dominant hybrid, with 75% indica and 25% sativa. It is a cross between an Afghan skunk strain and tropical sativas from Jamaica and Hawaii. This strain impresses even the most discerning growers with its strength, yield, and stability. The plants are compact and grow evenly, with above-average height gain. It is important to note that these are regular cannabis seeds, meaning they produce both male and female plants.

With proper care and cultivation techniques, American Dream Regular can produce a bountiful yield, with fist-sized buds covered in pistils and resin. Its structure is typically indica, but the sativa influence can be seen in its light-green leaves during the early stages of flowering (7-8 weeks). This strain thrives best indoors under artificial lighting, but can also do well outdoors as long as the summers are warm. It has the potential to yield up to 1 kg per plant, and advanced cultivation methods like SOG or SCROG can further enhance its results.

The effect, flavor, and aroma of American Dream Regular are highly sought after. Its initial effect is a pleasant lightness that slowly spreads throughout the body, leaving the smoker feeling happier and more sociable. Unlike other indica-dominant strains, it does not cause couch lock, making it suitable for daytime and evening use. Its powerful skunk scent is accompanied by a distinct pine aroma, and its flavor is enhanced with fresh, fruity notes.

About Sensi Seeds.

Choosing Sensi Seeds means securing cannabis genetics that have been carefully cultivated and bred by experts to ensure quality and consistency. Sensi Seeds strains are the optimum choice for medicinal use, as shown by the decision of the Dutch Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis to use them for the medicinal marijuana supplied to pharmacists throughout the Netherlands.

American Dream Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

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