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About Jack Herer

  • Jack Herer, sometimes called the "Emperor of Hemp", was an American cannabis activist and the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book which has been used in efforts to decriminalize and legalize cannabis and to expand the use of hemp for industrial use
  • Herer also founded and served as the director of the organization Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP).

About Sensi Seeds Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

  • Sensi Seeds Jack Herer is the he cream of the crops and perhaps the most exquisite ganja you will ever encounter; this strain ranks as the most awarded variety in the history of harvest festivals
  • Nine awards and counting would be the pinnacle of recognition for any strain, yet Jack Herer manages to go a step further and bears the distinction of being distributed under prescription by Dutch pharmacies as a recognised variety of medicinal-grade cannabis.
  • If you read about Jack Herer, you’ll soon find out why “Nothing compares to Jack Herer”

Strength of Sensi Seeds Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

  • The trait common to all Jack Herer phenotypes is a dazzling double-edged potency, a stratospheric cerebral high underpinned by a breathtaking body-buzz with seismic power
  • Smokers should be prepared to feel the earth shake beneath their feet which can be a very pleasant feeling when your head is firmly in the clouds

Review & Rating of Sensi Seeds Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds

  • Heavy-hitting like an Indica, but with the smoke becoming thinner and manageable like a Sativa when it gets deep in the lungs
  • Amazing taste of basil, the sedating effects of Jack Herer are quite good and it has a very nice potency
  • You can fall right to sleep or relax right away

Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds 

  • Classification: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
  • Genealogy: Indica/Sativa hybrid
  • Type of Seed: Regular
  • Height: High
  • Grow locations: Indoor
  • Flowering Time: 50 - 70 Days
  • Yield: Large

Choosing Sensi Seeds means securing cannabis genetics that have been carefully cultivated and bred by experts to ensure quality and consistency. Sensi Seeds strains are the optimum choice for medicinal use, as shown by the decision of the Dutch Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis to use them for the medicinal marijuana supplied to pharmacists throughout the Netherlands.

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