Green Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sweet Seeds

Green Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sweet Seeds.

  • Genetics: Ruderalis x Unknown Mostly Indica Hybrid
  • Lineage: 65-75% Indica
  • Origins: Afghanistan and Columbia
  • Seed to Harvest Time: 8-10 Weeks
  • Yields per m2: 500-600g
  • THC Content: 20-25%
  • CBD Content: under 1%

Green Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sweet Seeds.

Green Poison Auto by Sweet Seeds is an Automatic Cannabis Strain that comes in Feminised Seed Packs. It is a highly potent strain with a high yield, making it a great choice for even beginner growers. The buds produced by Green Poison Auto are compact, light green in color, and have a THC percentage of 20-25%. Its terpenes give off a sweet, fruity, and floral aroma with an earthy and herbal taste that is reminiscent of Afghani Skunk.

This Indica dominant strain is perfect for relaxation and stress relief, making it a popular choice for those seeking inspiration or deep thoughts. However, its high Indica content can also cause a strong body stone effect, which may make it hard to move due to its couch-locking effect. Despite this, Green Poison Auto does contain some Sativa genetics, preventing it from putting users in a coma, but still providing a strong body high. It is a great strain for those looking for deep relaxation, sleep aid, muscle relaxation, stress relief, and even for improving thought processes. Sativa strains may be more suitable for social and motivational purposes, while Indica strains like Green Poison Auto are better suited for introspection.

This strain has a mixture of genetics from both Indica and Sativa regions, primarily from Afghanistan, South India, Asia, and South America. It typically grows to a height of under 100cm and produces large, Indica-style buds that are resilient and easy to grow. Its fast growth and high yield make it a great choice for commercial growers in various growing environments. It is recommended to wait until 60-80% of the trichomes have turned brown before harvesting, as there may be slight variations in finish times.

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Green Poison Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds | Sweet Seeds.

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