Critical Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm

Critical Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm.

  • THC: 25%.
  • CBD: 2.1%
  • Gender: Regular seeds.
  • Type: Critical Kush is suitable for growing Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouse
  • Genetics: Contains 100% Indica genes
  • High: Gives a ’Heavy stoned’ effect
  • Flowering: Critical Kush flowers in about 50 - 60 days.
  • Height: Grows to about 50 - 100 cm plants.
  • Yield: Critical Kush yield is about 600 gm/m2.
  • Prizes: Critical Kush won the first prize at the Cannabis Cup.
  • Medical: High in CBD.
  • Climate : Critical Kush is suitable for Hot and Temperate climates.

Critical Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm.

Barneys Farm now offers their popular strain, Critical Kush, in a regular form for those seeking the ultimate mother plant. This hybrid is a combination of two renowned genetics, Critical Mass and OG Kush, resulting in a powerful and robust Indica plant that produces large and potent flowers. It only takes 7 to 8 weeks for it to flower indoors, and its medium height requires extra support for its heavy side branches. Critical Kush has a distinct Kush flavor and yields dense and weighty flowers.

To properly store these seeds, it is best to keep them in a cool and dark airtight container, labeled and dated, preferably in a refrigerator. When germinating, the paper towel method is a popular choice, where the seeds are placed between damp paper towels in a warm and dark area.

The ideal temperature for germination ranges from 70°F to 90°F, as temperatures below or above can hinder or damage the process. Low temperatures can delay or halt germination, while high temperatures can result in poor growth and dry out the seedlings.

Cannabis Seeds Reviews | Barney's Farm.

"Very good strain - can't say enough about it - suggest if soil is medium use at least 10 gallon pots - many cola branches some larger than the main cola, good plant for beginners and advanced growers"
"Nice plant that can be trained for SCROG. Huge yield with a longer Veg period and I could see them doing well in a SOG switching clones to flowering as soon as they root as these girls get big. Nice fruit, watch out for the humidity level if you want dense duds keep it under 50%".

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Critical Kush Regular Cannabis Seeds | Barney's Farm.

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