Cannabis Seeds The Top RQS High THC Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store

Cannabis Seeds The Top RQS High THC Strains - Cannabis Seeds Store.

After a tough 2020/2021 at Cannabis Seeds Store we welcome our cannabis growers back to doing what you love best!

It's time to embrace a new year, new opportunities, and another successful growing season. If you're after enormous levels of THC and heavy yields, consider sowing Royal Queen Seeds cannabis seeds for 2022 genetics.

In this blog you will find Royal Queen Seeds top THC strains for 2022 which you can buy from Cannabis Seeds Store.

All of the strains featured below will quench your thirst for THC, leaving you elevated, motivated, and euphoric. The unifying thread of high potency runs through all of these varieties, but each offers something different. You’ll find sugary strains, massive yields, rapid growing times, and even some CBD strains to balance out your brain. Enjoy. 

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Royal Gorilla Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Royal Gorilla Cannabis seeds is the strain taking THC levels into uncharted territory, with some phenotypes reaching 30%+.

The original version of this potent strain is the result of dumb luck rather than dedicated breeding, but make no mistake, the finished product is Kong strong.

The accidental crossing of Chem's Sis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel genetics has unleashed a true cannabis cryptid far more powerful than previously known varieties. Even veteran stoners have been jellified within tokes.

Like the best hybrids, Royal Gorilla cannabis seeds targets the body and mind in equal measure, sending a cascade of euphoria and relaxation from head to toe.

Green Gelato Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Green Gelato by Royal Queen Seeds. Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, arguably two of the best from the Cookies line, fuse to create a very rich and luscious dessert strain.

Also known as “Larry Bird”, this slightly indica-dominant strain delivers up to 27% THC.

An exceptionally potent animal, Green Gelato blasts your mind with waves of creativity and new energy as your body turns to jelly from deep relaxation.

Green Gelato is an easy grower that responds well to plant training and races through flowering in approximately 8 weeks.

Royal Highness Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Royal Highness is an almost perfectly balanced CBD-rich strain. She is a sativa-dominant hybrid, although you would never tell by looking at her in the grow-op.

Created by bringing together Dance Hall and Respect, compact, branchy plants deliver dense nugs with around 14% THC and similar CBD content.

Royal Highness cannabis seeds is one of the rare strains capable of getting you sufficiently buzzed, but without untoward effects of any kind. This is perfect daytime cannabis with its easy, energetic high.

Blue Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

Blue Cheese cannabis seeds came to be from the union of Big Buddha Cheese and Blueberry. If you intend to grow this strain, expect a short flowering time of around 60 to 65 days.

Come harvest, you’ll already notice refined notes of berries and cheese. Think of it like a starter dish you’d be served at a restaurant. Large yields of up to 550g/plant outdoors and 550g/m² indoors sweeten the deal even further.

As the buds cure, the intense fruity yet cheesy scent only intensifies. An indica-dominant hybrid, users enjoy Blue Cheese cannabis seeds for the relaxing, almost narcotic effect it brings.

That said, you may want to cancel any plans you have after, as this will keep you glued to the couch with enough tokes.

Royal AK Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.

This strain Royal AK cannabis seeds comes with a powerful aromatic combo of berries, diesel, and spice. While it may not sound very enticing to the uninitiated, its unique scent only grows more appealing as time goes on.

Taste-wise, Royal AK cannabis seeds continues to stand out in an odd but good way. After a few tokes, you’ll recognise hints of sugar backed up with some pine.

As for the high, this sativa-dominant hybrid will first hit you with a cerebral buzz, but then you’ll be met with a nice body high that creeps in slowly but surely.