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Top Cannabis Seeds Cheese Strains. 

Here, Cannabis Seeds Store present the top Cannabis Seeds Cheese strains. Let us dive into the dank fondue and embrace the cheesiest Cheese on the market by Cannabis Seeds Store. 

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Big Buddha Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Big Buddha Seeds.  

Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Seeds is an indica dominant hybrid formed through the crossbreeding of Skunk #1, Cheese and Afghani genetics. Cheese Cannabis Seeds, after gaining traction as an impressive crop within the UK underground, quickly became one of the favourites, most distributed and popular strains within the country.  

A grower by the name of Big Buddha then crossed this strain with Afghani genetics Cannabis Seeds to produce a seed variety. This stinky strain has proven its worth over time and has gone on to conquer some awards in the form of a High Times Cannabis Cup within the indica category in 2006. 

The indica dominance within the genetic makeup of Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Seeds equate to a strain that offers a relaxing and stress relieving high. When lighting up this strain it will ignite feelings of happiness and may very well trigger the start to a deep sense of appetite and the munchies.  

Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Seeds makes a great sleep aid as the body high generated is quite euphoric and helps the mind and body to wind down and relax, combating insomnia and pain that may be keeping people awake and disrupting their sleep cycle and circadian rhythm.  

The Cannabis Seeds strain is quite well known to cause some serious dry mouth, so be sure to keep a few glasses of water or fruit juice close by, you do not have to battle the couch lock and walk to the kitchen. 

Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Seeds has some tasty flavour going on, the most noticeable being a rich taste bud pleasing cheese flavour, enriched by earthy and pungent tastes.  

The skunky Cannabis Seeds smells given off by burning and smoking this strain smells quite severe, be sure to use discretion if smoking in a place where cannabis is not exactly tolerated. 

Big Buddha Cheese Cannabis Seeds has a flowering time of around 8 to 9 weeks and can be grown effectively both indoors and outdoors. 

Blue Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds.  

Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds is a classic hybrid which comprises Blueberry genetics straight from Oregon and Cheese vibes which became known after the dankest Skunks were hybridized with each other.  

Whenever eating a cheesecake, one wishes for delicious blueberries to cover the delight. Whoever manifested the idea of blending Cheese and Blueberry Cannabis Seeds, was clearly a genius. Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds comprises 60% indica and 40% sativa genetics. It is common to see this strain on Amsterdam’s coffeeshop menus, it is quite a popular variety. 

The dominance of Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds lands on the indica side, although sativa vibes are also present. Imagine Buddhist monks, meditating with deep concentration, that is what Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds, Cannabis Seeds feels like after that toke.  

Obtaining spiritual connections on the metaphysical plane is not an uncommon experience with Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds. Of course, some may experience Blue Cheese as a more relaxing strain, which can be consumed with the beloved half, while Netflix and chill. 

Blueberry and cheese scents entangle the consumer with cool sensations. Pungent aromas deriving from the Skunk lineage also present themselves. The THC-levels Cannabis Seeds hover over the 19% mark, which entails that this cultivar is a potent one. One should not hesitate to make some edibles from Blue Cheese, whatever one is into, pies, cakes, brownies, this cultivar will deliver the culinary enhancement. 

Indoor growers shall receive around 450-500g/m² of Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds nugs, while outdoor Ganja gardeners will get 500-550 gr/plant.  

The yields are quite impressive for an indica dominant strain, although not the highest yielding one. One drawback with Blue Cheese Cannabis Seeds is the high leaf-to-bud ratio, the trimming will take slightly longer. The short flowering time of 7-8 weeks is great for eager growers. Outdoor Cannabis Seeds growers should harvest this cultivar during September. 

Sweet Cheese Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Sweet Seeds.  

Sweet Cheese Cannabis Seeds is a high-yielding and award-winning strain that has made its mark in the cannabis world, winning 1st in Tarragona in 2015, 1st in Menorca 2017, and 2nd in Miranda de Ebro in 2013. 

 There is a good reason Sweet Cheese Cannabis Seeds has seen so much success. This sativa-dominant Cannabis Seeds strain offers smokers a euphoric, energizing, long-lasting, and overall enjoyable psychoactive high.  

When lighting the tip of a joint or blunt filled with the cured flowers of Sweet Cheese Cannabis Seeds, smokers can expect the sensual tastes of spicy and mature cheese. 

Sweet Cheese Cannabis Seeds produces long-running colas that are encompassed by smaller flowers. When growing the Cannabis Seeds strain indoors within grow rooms or tents, expect to see big yields up to 600g/m². Outdoor plants cultivated within pots and garden beds will put out around 550g/plant and are ready for harvest in mid-September. 

Cheese Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Dinafem.  

Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds breathes new life into the Cheese Cannabis Seeds family. This next generation auto flowering hybrid is not merely a rushed cross of any Skunk and any ruderalis.  

Cheese Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds is the product of the fusion of a mega productive Critical+ Auto and an original old school Cheese clone. Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds was purposefully bred to rival contemporary photoperiod cannabis strains, not just other autos. 

Unlike most ruderalis, Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds will easily top 1m in height indoors and branch well. This larger structure allows for a greater payload of bud.  

Cultivated under artificial light yields of 25-60g per plant are to be expected. Outdoors in warmer climates, she can grow even taller climbing to 1.3m and produce somewhere in the region of 40-135g per plant. 

Organic soil cultivation is recommended to unlock the full signature Cheese Cannabis Seeds odour and full flavour. Although she is versatile and performs well in a coco and hydroponics too. 

A little fertiliser goes a long way with Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds. Take care to maintain optimal pH range for your chosen substrate and a steady low-medium dose of nutes.  

She can be sensitive to sudden fluctuations. Treat her well consistently for best results. While the aroma and flavour of Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds are unmistakably authentic Cheese. Her effects, on the other hand, are hugely different. 

Furthermore, Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds might be larger than the average auto hybrid, but still unsuitable for topping and or filming. The required recovery time is too long for any auto variety.  

Large containers, minimal pruning and as much light as possible are more likely to result in a heavier harvest. 

Greater CBD Cannabis Seeds content gives Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds a far more physical effect. Perfect stash for unwinding and of interest to medical marijuana growers. Her life cycle is just 10 weeks. Thats from seed to harvest total. Cheese Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds is an excellent choice for beginner growers, impatient Cheese Cannabis Seeds lovers and patients too. However, seasoned recreational Tokers might find her medium 9-12% THC levels a little too mild. 

Dairy Queen Cannabis Seeds by TGA Seeds.  

The heavy stank is evident upon sniffing this dank. Dairy Queen Cannabis Seeds tastes like chewy candy, sweet tarts, cherries, and cheese. It is a delicious cheesecake manifested in Ganja format.  

This hybrid is a mix between Cheese, Romulan, and Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds genetics. This 60% sativa and 40% indica strain induces groovy and funky vibes, transporting one’s mind to the ‘60s. 

Dairy Queen Cannabis Seeds produces super gooey buds. They are the stickiest of the unpleasant. This cultivar is short, but it grows wide. The medium yields are medium.  

Dairy Queen Cannabis Seeds thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. This weed is recognizable from miles away. If you are in the woods and get a whiff of a cheesecake Ganja smell, you are on the right path. 

Bubble Kush Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Big Buddha Seeds.  

Bubble Cheese Cannabis Seeds is a flavourful Cannabis Seeds strain that offers more than just a standard high. Each toke is laced with a colourful array of flavours that light up the taste buds. Tastes of blue cheese, mint, and flowers are at the forefront of the sensual mix. 

Bubble Cheese Cannabis Seeds came to be via the mixing of genetics from famous strains Bubble Gum Cheese and Bubba Kush Cannabis Seeds. The Cannabis Seeds strain is known to produce a relaxing high that brings about giggles and talkative states. For medical users, the strain is reported to help to combat cases of pain and stress. 

Bubble Cheese Cannabis Seeds features a flowering time of between 7-9 weeks, making it quite a rapid grower. The strain is not known for massive yields, but the quality of taste balances this trait. 

Pineapple Chunk Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Barney’s Farm.  

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds is an indica Cannabis Seeds strain of cannabis that was created by crossbreeding the parent strains Pineapple, Skunk #1, and Cheese Cannabis Seeds.  

This indica powerhouse is extremely high in THC and is ideal for a hardcore and mind blowing recreational high. This Cannabis Seeds strain can make any blunt or bong one that might just put you out for a nap. Living up to its potent reputation, Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds won the High Times Cannabis Cup and in doing so etched its name into the cannabis history books. 

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds really is not a strain to mess around with and is not recommended to novice smokers since it is on the stronger side of the spectrum.  

This Cannabis Seeds strain is best smoked when sat comfortably in a room with no plans that involve movement and activity. When toking a joint rolled using Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds smokers usually feel an extremely relaxing and euphoric sensation. 

This happy and slightly uplifting vibe caused by such a potent THC content also lends itself to medical applications when considering stress and pain. Be sure to have a glass over water ready when smoking this strain, it has a reputation for bringing on dry mouth. 

Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds is a small strain and will not reach noticeable heights, this characteristic makes it appeal to growers who are conducting stealthy grow operations, as well as those who are coping with lesser amounts of space in which to cultivate their crop.  

Whether grown indoors in a grow tent or out in the wood in a gorilla set up, Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds will not exceed 100 cm in height. 

The flowering time of pineapple chunk Cannabis Seeds is around 60 days, by the end of this period growers will be rewarded with buds' rich is resin that have a huge THC content of 25 percent. These flowers will also contain around 1.1 percent of CBD, giving them a small medical touch. 

If growing this strain outdoors, harvest time will arrive at the end of September. 

With all these fantastic cheese cannabis seeds available to buy at Cannabis Seeds Store. Shop now for the stinkest cheese cannabis seeds.