Black Domina Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds

Black Domina Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds. 

  • Classification: 95% Indica
  • Genealogy: Ortega, Hash Plant, Northern Lights and Afghani SA
  • THC: 15%
  • Type of Seed: Regular.
  • Height: Approximately 120cms.
  • Grow locations: Indoor, Outdoors but yield will be less.
  • Flowering Time: 50- 60 Days.
  • Yield: Large.


Black Domina Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

The Black Domina Regular is a fast-flowering hybrid with a crystal-coated appearance and a strong genetic lineage. This popular strain has been captivating cannabis enthusiasts worldwide for more than two decades. Its dark foliage and buds, along with its potent narcotic effect, make it desirable for commercial growers, connoisseurs, and beginners alike. Made up of 95% indica genes, the Black Domina Regular produces compact and dark plants with a prominent central cola.

Its aroma resembles black hashish with a hint of blackberry, which is the result of combining four legendary indica strains - Northern Lights, Ortega, hash plant, and Afghani SA.

The Northern Lights contributes to its exceptional resin production and narcotic effect, while the Ortega adds to its potency. The hash plant brings a shorter flowering time and high yield, and the Afghani SA ensures sturdy growth and resistance to mold and disease.

When grown, the Black Domina Regular exhibits a variety of phenotypes, but the indica characteristics remain dominant. Its striking dark color is the first noticeable feature, both in the leaves and buds, which are covered in a shiny layer of trichomes. These cannabis seeds produce compact plants with a solid central cola and can be harvested in just around 50 days. Although it thrives under artificial light, it can also be grown outdoors as long as the weather is suitable.

This strain responds well to advanced cultivation techniques such as Sea of Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), Supercropping, and Lollipopping. The Black Domina Regular is known for its potent and sedative effects, making it a popular choice for a relaxing evening. Its flavor is a blend of savory notes with hints of pepper, black hashish, and blackberry, which are also reflected in its aroma, along with earthy Afghan undertones.

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Black Domina Regular Cannabis Seeds | Sensi Seeds.

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